Messages to You

Request to YOU

  • If you could agree with the purpose of this project, would you please tell about this project to as many people as possible?

  • We are planning to make a flyer for you to deliver and send via fax. Later, we will upload it to our home page. Please feel free to use it.

  • If you are planning any open event or ceremony with the same purpose of our project, please tell us about it. If you could send us a summary of your plan, we would like to make an announcement on this home page. Please use this site effectively.

Reports from YOU

We would like to put reports about your event and ceremony that you have performed in this home page. Please send us the following information via e-mail. It doesn't matter how small or how big the event was.

  1. Place of the event. Name of country, prefecture, city, so on. Whether it was home or work place. Name of river or lake and so on.

  2. Name of the representative of your group and the number of people involved. If you want to be anonymous, please tell us so.

  3. E-mail address and home page address (if any) of the representative. If you don't want them to open to the public, please tell us so clearly. Either will do. However, we may want to communicate with you, it is preferable to tell us those information.

  4. Photographs of the event. It is desirable to send us a digital file taken by a digital camera as an attachment to the e-mail. If it is impossible, then please send us your photo to the address below via snail mail. We will scan it, and put it on the home page. As for the size of the photo, we might change it according to the design of our home page.

  5. Reports with length of 5 to 10 lines. The content will be the report of the event itself and/or your feeling to water, etc.

Sponsors Wanted

We are inviting sponsors for this project. The purposes of this project are as follows, including those in a planning phase.

  1. To tell the importance and significance of giving Love and Thanks to water to as many people as possible. Simultaneously, we extend the network of Water-Love-Thanks to all over the world.

  2. To urge the people of the world to recognize that the act of giving Love and Thanks to water is a natural practice.

  3. To announce the schedules of prayers and ceremonies concerning water at various places of the world on this home page, and to connect them with each other.

  4. To make a database about the information on the water of the world.

  5. To build a virtual institute on the Internet that collects the data on the interaction between water and human consciousness, or in a wider sense, on the interaction between matter and consciousness.

  6. To raise the collective consciousness of humanity to the point where it is recognized as a common sense that human consciousness changes the matter and that human consciousness creates the world.

  7. To contribute to the realization of world peace through these activities

If you agree these purposes of this project and would like to be a sponsor personally or as an organization, please let us know.

People Wanted

Currently, this home page is written in Japanese and English, but we would like to describe it in other languages such as German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. Also, we are looking for a person who can do a native check in English. Although it may be a volunteer work at this time, if you can help us, please tell us about you.

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