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Report on Lecture/Ceremony on July 24, 2005

Report on the 3rd World Day to Send Love and Thanks to Water (July 24, 2005)

We started this Project on July 1, 2002, and we have determined July 25 as "World Day of Love and Thanks to Water".

This year, because of the day of the week, we chose Sunday, July 24, instead of July 25, and held both Masaru Emoto's lecture and Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water in Liechtenstein on this day. Below, I will present the report to you.

Today, the 24th is the day for Dr. Emoto’ annual seminar and Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to the World's Water. This is the third year for this tradition. We held the event at a community center in a town of Essien in Lichtenstein, the same place as last year.

The seminar started off with a short introduction by Rasmus from Hado Life Europe and Hirotsugu Hazaka, the president of IHM. The translator was Monica.

An introduction by Rasmus
An introduction by IHM president,
Mr. Hazaka

Following last year, this seminar and ceremony is the 2nd time to be held here, but compared to last year, everything seemed to be going in more orderly and planned fashion.

Then came the percussion performance by 19 years old Joss. He is still young but Dr. Emoto himself guarantees his talent as a musician. He used a drum that looks like a large cymbal to produce beautiful sound of water from a bowl full of water.

performance by Joss

And finally, Dr. Emoto’s seminar started. The content was focused on the relationship between water and prayers in order to relate that to the ceremony that was to be held that evening. He talked about how water can change with people’s prayers and consciousness using examples of episodes from Fujiwara dam prayer, the Grand Declaration at Lake Biwa by Mr. Nobuo Shioya, the Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to the World's Water’s previous sessions, and the video that showed the effect of prayers to water by children. It was a very impressive presentation.

Dr. Emoto at the seminar
Standing ovation in the end

The seminar wrapped itself up with Dr. Emoto’s talk about his EMOTO Project, a project to provide 650 million free copies of water crystal photography book to children in the world. People in Switzerland and Lichtenstein’s reaction are usually hard (because of their hard water?) but this time the seminar ended in a natural standing ovation.

Q & A

There was a Q and A session afterwards where many different questions were raised. There was a Japanese person there that asked a question in Japanese. His name is Kouichirou Suga, and was actually at Dr. Emoto’s seminar three years ago at Berlin as well. I was there at that Berlin seminar as well so I remember him well. He came all the way to Lichtenstein from Germany this time to participate.

After the seminar, Dr. Emoto moved on to book signing as usual. As Dr. Emoto signs, Mrs. Emoto stamps the Love and Thanks stamp in the book. They work in such a great harmony together.

Dr. Emoto’s book signing
Book sales

A lot of books were sold at the book selling booth. Sarah helped out in selling the books there. She came from Melbourne in Australia. By the way, Lichtenstein uses both Swiss Fran and Euro. For this reason, we had to show the price for both currencies and have enough change for both currencies as well.

Then we packed all that we need for the evening’s ceremony in a few cars and moved on to the venue for the ceremony.

At 7 in the evening, the 3rd Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to the World's Water started at Bongert Place, located within a Catholic church.

As the same as last year, I took the role of a mc there and Monica translated that into German. Joss performed at the beginning of the ceremony. As the atmosphere settled in sacredness, Dr. Emoto started to speak. “I would like to continue this Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to the World’s Water from Lichtenstein and continue sending the message to the world. I hope we can all work together for that.” He said. Then I explained the purpose and the process of this ceremony.

Dr. Emoto’s talk

This year, with Dr. Emoto’s suggestion, we called out to the people around the globe through the internet to send us sacred water. As a result, about 40 different types of sacred water from around the world were sent to Hado Life Europe. With the help of the people there, we poured all these water from all over the world into one single bowl. As it was last year, I asked Ruth Joy to read out the names of the water.

Pouring together water from different parts of the world

There was one thing that I was very surprised about this year. There were about 100 participants there and almost all of them have brought their own water with them. Each person shared what and where that water came from with the audience before pouring it in the bowl.

Pouring water that people brought into one bowl

What struck me the most there was how proud, confident, and happy people looked when they were sharing stories about their water. I felt that this ceremony has started to be accepted by the people. We were very happy to know that.

After pouring all the water together, we all stood around the water in a circle. Ruth walked us through a meditation there. We were filled with calm warmth as our hearts became one.

Meditation with Ruth Joy
Bringing the power of words, love, thanks,
and respect to water

And then a prayer of love, thanks, and respect to water in different languages, Dr. Emoto started off in English

Water, We Love You.
Water, We Thank You.
Water, We Respect You.

We repeated line by line for three times. Then with the participants’ help we said the same words in German, French, Italian, Dutch and other languages. In the end, Mr. Hazaka said the words in Japanese.

By saying these words, the water has received our prayers. Takashige Kizu from IHM general institute collected some of that water to take crystal photograph of the water later. And some of this mix of sacred water that has received all our prayers was poured into a water fountain nearby with the hands of Dr. and Mrs. Emoto.

Takashige Kizu collecting the water
Dr. and Mrs. Emoto pouring the
water into the water fountain

The sacred water from different parts of the world with our prayers of love, thanks, and respect will flow throughout the country of Lichtenstein this way.

And finally a grand finale. We walked towards the Rhein River. Following the tradition from last year, Rasmus from Hado Life Europe poured the water into the Rhein River.

Water with all our prayers are poured into the river by Rasmus

Rhein River has its source in the Swiss Alps and flows into Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany, near French boarder, Holland, then to the North Sea. It is one of the most famous and biggest rivers in Europe.

With this river, the water with our prayer of love, thanks, and respect will flow to different countries and different areas of Europe. And it will finally flow into the ocean and merge with the rest of water in the world. So with the flow of water, our Hado of love, thanks, and respect will spread throughout the world’s water and will help in ascending the Hado of the whole world.

To all the people that have supported the Project of Love and Thanks to Water by sending the sacred water to Hado Life Europe, by praying to water with love and thanks from your respective areas, by organizing a similar ceremony around the world, and by just having interest in this project, I show my deep appreciation. Thank you very much.

Yasuyuki Nemoto
Project of Love and Thanks to Water

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