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Report on Nov 25, 2002

I would like to report to you on "Ceremony to Send our Love and Thanks to Water" held on Nove 24/24.

This time, a HADO Symposium was to be held in Augusburg, Germany, and I heard from Konrad, who is one of its organizers, that they were going to have a meditation to send Love and Thanks to Water at the end of the symposium. And before, I was planning to have a "Ceremony to Send our Love and Thanks to Water" synchronizing the HADO Symposium in Germany.

However, at the end of my presentation on our Project on Oct 30 at the Tiberius campus of the Reidman International College for Complementary Medicine, Massika Nitza, who is in charge of the Tiberias campus, asked me, "We are facing a problem. We haven't had rain for a long time. What could we do for rain in Israel?"

So, I mentioned our plan on November 24/25 and said "On November 24, in Augsburg, Germany, there will be a HADO Symposium, and Masaru Emoto is invited as a main speaker. This time corresponds to November 25 in Japan. So, we have been planning to send our Love and Thanks to water mutually between Germany and Japan. How about adding Israel to this ceremony. We would like to send our Love and Thanks from Germany, Japan and all other places in the world for rain in Israel. What do you think about this plan?"

Nitza and Sally, Director of the College, Josef Bauer and Konrad Halbig, the organizers of the HADO Symposium, agreed this plan completely. So, we decided to carry out this plan.

According to a report from Hiromasa Emoto, the second son of Masaru Emoto, what happened during the "Meditation to Water" in the HADO Symposium held on Nov 24, in Augusburg, Germany is as follows.

First, a German musician sang a song with guitar on the stage. The title of the song was "Thank you, water". Part of the words of the song is actually written in Japanese, such as "AI-NI-ARIGATOU". Next, by the lead of Masaru Emoto, all the people in the hall joining together dedicated their sincere prayer to water. What Masaru told to the people was like this.

As she had heard that there is an event of "Prayer for Water", Sally Reidman, Director of the Reidman International College in Israel, wanted to come here, but unfortunately it was not realized. Right now, Israel is suffering seriously from lack of rain. So, let us pray together especially for rain in Israel.

And then, Hiromasa said that they repeated the following Koto-Tama three times together.

Clouds were created over the Jordan River in Israel, and rain came from the clouds to the ground. We appreciated it very much.

Please read "Masaru's Travel Journal of "Circulation" with Love and Thanks" on the home page, since he himself is writing about this event.

Masaru Emoto leading the Prayer
for Rain in the HADO Symposium

I received the following e-mail from Konrad, one of the organizers of the HADO Symposium.

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 09:48:42 +0100
From: Konrad Halbig
To: Sally Reidman, Yasuyuki NEMOTO > Subject: Re: Fw: Hado Symposium

Dear Sally,
Dear Yasu,

The Hado Symposium was fantastic. We had 800 people from all over Europe and four spiritual leaders (Emoto, Jasmuheen, Roy Martina and Baerbel Mohr) did a very great job.

Before the meditation began, Mr. Emoto explained on a map from Israel where the Jordan river is, he also had photos from the Jordan river and from a lake. He explained his project July 2003 and also to do a water symposium there and then he explained that you need rain and all together made a wonderful meditation.

I want to say thank you for joining this meditation in this wonderful energy.


There appeared 800 persons in the hall, full of the seating capacity of the hall, and the Symposium was really successful.

"Prayer to Water" was held at the end of the Symposium. It was between 6 and 7 pm on Sunday, Nov 24 in the German Standard Time, and it corresponds to be between 7 and 8 pm on the same day in the Israeli Standard Time.

I received the following e-mail from Sally of the Reidman Internatinal College at 10 pm of the day in Israel, that is 9 pm in Germany and two hours after the "Prayer to Water".

From: "Sally Reidman"
To: "Yasuyuki NEMOTO" <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Pray for the success in the HADO Symposium
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 22:12:49 +0200

Dear Yasu,

Thank you for your prayers.
It seems like just having strong intention works.
It has been raining in Israel since yesterday on & off; especially in the North. It started around 20:00 yesterday night after a long, long, long, long time of no rain. (19:00 German time)


It has not been raining for a long time, but according to Sally's e-mail, it started to rain on Nov 24, just one day before the HADO Symposium in Germany. It seems that the wish of the people had been answered by heaven. I was very happy to read Sally's e-mail and felt a lot of joy.

After I transferred Sally's e-mail to Josef, one of the organizers of the HADO Symposium, I received a reply from him.

From: Josef Bauer
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 03:18:07 EST
Subject: Re: Pray for the success in the HADO Symposium
To: Yasuyuki Nemoto

Dear Yasu,

Thank You for this wonderful news. I came just back in my office and saw this good news and I have tears of Joy in my eyes now. You will get all informations from our first Hado Symposium from Dr. Emoto.

We are really happy about the Symposium and we feel really happy with the people in Israel about the rain.

Thanks God. Love and Thanks.

Have a nice evening


As I read that Josef had been also filled with joy, I was delighted very much.

We did a Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to all the water on Earth at noon of Monday, Nov 25, at our office of the I.H.M. Co., Ltd. We had two guests from outside this time, so we asked them to join our Ceremony.

Prayer to Water with Love and Thanks on Nov 25 at our office

This time, we sent out our HADO (=vibration) of Love and Thanks to two places, transcending the barrier of time and space. Two places are the place of "Prayer to Water" in the HADO Symposium in Germany and the place by the Sea of Galilee in Israel where Sally and Nitza, and the students of the Reidman International College are holding a ceremony for rain in Israel. We sent an energy to support them that will make manifest the intention of German and Israeli people.

As for the Ceremony held on 4 pm on Nov 25 at the lake shore of the Sea of Galilee in Israel, I will quote an e-mail from Sally below.

From: Sally Reidman
To: Yasuyuki Nemoto
Cc: Nitzah Massika
Subject: November 25th Ceremony for Rain for Kinneret
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 00:22:50 +0200

Dear Yasu,

What a Beautiful ceremony we had.

The invitation you wrote was sent out to many people & I know that many in Israel & abroad joined in this ceremony. It took place simultaneously at Reidman College in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and at the Kinneret.

At the Kinneret we were about 50 people including Anael, Bill & Uri who were all at your presentation at Anael's house. Pictures were taken & need to be developed tomorrow. But, you won't see any rain on these pictures. It was a beautiful, clear, sun-shining day today.

Only now I arrived home.
Here is a description of the event in Nitzah's words...

Nitzah says:

I want to thank you all for the Love and Support.
The ceremony to send Love and Thanks to Water & Prayer for Rain was highly successful.
We started at 16:00. The light reflecting on the Golan Heights and against the Sea of Galilee was beautifu lto see. Inspirational.
The ceremony started with songs of prayer and then we all faced the sea and meditated.
We opened our hearts to send love to the sea and the sky and hope for rain and peace in Israel.
We knew that at the same time we were praying there were many more people in Tel-Aviv, Haifa and all over the world opening their hearts with us together. Especially in this difficult time we were opening our hearts even more and more.

The meditation was guided by Dgnit Kalev.
I could feel strong love and peaceful enery within myself. Afterwards we played more songs and had a spontaneous concert.
Suddenly a guitar, harmonica & digideroo appeared. Three students improvised to the joy of all the people. We ended at around 17:00 with a traditional Israeli folk dance celebrating water.

Love and Thanks to Water and to you.

Nitza Massika
Manager, Kinneret Branch
Reidman College

After I read this e-mail from Sally, I could assure myself that the Love and Thanks to Water from the people all over the world was really transmitted to the people in Israel.

We cannot see the vibration itself with our physical eyes, but I think the vibration of Love and Thanks emitted from the people will surely reach the other party.

It is really wonderful that we can send our Love and Thanks to each other beyond the difference of race and nationality through water as a medium, and I was moved very much that I could feel this through this event.

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