Report on Visit to Israel

Report on Visit to Israel (5)

Saturday, November

Today is a weekend, and Victor Barr, whom I got acquainted with through an exchange of e-mails, kindly proposed to take us to the Dead Sea and the caves at Qumran with other Israeli people. We met at our hotel. He is living in a suburb of Jerusalem, and his job is a professional guide. His speciality is around the Dead Sea and the desert of the southern Israel.

At Jerusalem
From the right as you face it, Victor Barr, Ruhama and me

Ruhama is a spiritual psychiatrist and attracted by the Sea of Galilee. When I told her about our Project, she was impressed very much. Also, a former physicist Uri and a healer and channeller Eti joined us to go to the Dead Sea and Qumran.

The photo below shows the Dead Sea. The water is blue and beautiful. The water in the Dead Sea is almost saturated with salt and, thus, only a very limited number of species can survive in the Dead Sea. In this sense, the name Dead Sea is appropriate.

Yet, when I was standing by the Dead Sea watching the beautiful water, I felt as if so much vivid activities are going on under the water in the worlds of higher dimensions. I felt somehow that this part of land on this planet is playing an essential role in keeping the earthly world together. In this physical world, the Dead Sea is only composed of water and salt, but strangely enough it appeared to me that it is connected to the other dimension.

By the shore of the Dead Sea

The Sea of Galilee is in a sense quite humane, and I really understand that the lake is a symbol of our heart in this phenomenal world. However, I felt a vibration from the Dead Sea that does not belong to this world. It was too beautiful to be of this world.

We enjoyed floating on the salt water of the Dead Sea, spreading the mud on each other's body. Then Victor took us to the caves of Qumran. Climbing such rocky and steep slope as seen in the photo below, we went into one of the caves.

Steep slope to the caves in Qumran

We entered two caves. One is masculine, and the other feminine. All of us sat inside the cave quietly, and meditated freely with each person's style. The photo below was taken while I was inside a small lateral cave inside the cave. Victor said that the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in big jugs buried in this lateral cave.

In the cave of Qumran where
the Dead Sea Scrolls were found

You can see the Dead Sea from the cave of Qumran. Those who lived here two thousand years ago as the Essenes should have been also looking at this scene. I feel it very mysterious.

Looking over the Dead Sea from a cave of Qumran

In the evening, I was given an opportunity to give a presentation about the Project of Love and Thanks to Water at a house of a young man called Issac in Jerusalem. Betty worked hard to realize this gathering.

Betty Schachter

I heard that Isaac failed in diving when he was very young and became paralytic since then. Although he is bedridden right now, his character and personality is so brilliant and he is holding a meditation once a week in his room. Various people in the area of metaphysics are visiting his room and giving lectures and workshops. I heard that Dorothy Maclean gave her workshop at his room several days before.

Isaac, the host of my presentation

I was really impressed by him, and I understood that he is working beautifully as a lightworker to emit Love and Light to the people around. As I gave "Message from Water" to him as a gift, he was very much pleased.

At 7:00 pm, the presentation started. I think about 20 people came here. It seems to me that many people are coming Isaac's room regularly. A person at the biggest bookstore in metaphysics in Jerusalem came to listen to the presentation.

Presentation at Isaac's home (1)

I connected the VIDEO output from my laptop computer to the TV, and showed the slides to the screen. People were so open and friendly, and even they sang the melody of "Moldau" very natually when I showed them the crystal photograph of water that had listened to "Moldau".

Presentation at Isaac's home (2)

They actively asked me questions at the end of presentation. After the presentation, I could talk with several people. I was really impressed by a lady who said that she could finally understand what her grandmother had been doing when she learned about "Message from Water". Her grandmother had been healing people at a distance using water filled in a dish. Water is a mirror that reflects human mind.

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