Report on Visit to Israel

Report on Visit to Israel (3)

Thursday, October 31

In the early morning of the next day, Anael took us to a lake inside the Hula National Park that is located to the north of the Sea of Galilee. This area had been swamped for many years, and a project had been running for decades to reclaim land from the swamp. However, it turned out to be that the reclaimed land was useless for a farm for these several years, and they decided to introduce water again. This lake is the first one that has been recovered. At present, this lake is famous because every year migrating birds such as cranes and pelicans are staying near this lake, and in the early morning you can watch the birds flying in groups.

We got up at 4:00 am in the morning, and arrived at the lake before the sunrise. There is an island over the lake, about 1 km from the place we parked our car. A countless number of birds were chirping on the island. We could hear the sound of their chirping.

Since Hagit and Bill could perform the divine IN for a human being and for humanity, we joined together to do it. As soon as we finished it, thousands of birds started to fly simultaneously. It was really amazing. Although Anael have been here many times to watch the birds flying, she was saying "This is the first time for me to watch such enormous number of birds starting to fly at the same time."

Migrating birds starting to fly simultaneously
The black objects over there are the migrating birds.

After thousands of the birds started to fly, there were many small groups that started to fly later. Driking a hot tea, we enjoyed watching the birds loosing the concept of time for a while. The sun rose over the mountains of the east side.

The first rising sun I saw in Israel

After the breakfast, Anael took us to the River Jordan that is flowing in the northern area of the Sea of Galilee. We drove over an unpaved road to get to a bridge over the River Jordan.

Flow of the River Jordan

The flow of the Jordan River that I saw for the first time was very powerful and energetic. As I brought spring water from Mt. Fuji in a PET bottle, I released it into the River Jordan, and took the water from the river into the bottle to bring back to Japan. The water was a little cloudy with a brown color. The photo below shows the scenery overlooked from the top of the bank of the Jordan River.

Jordan River flowing in a valley

You will see that both sides of the River Jordan are very steep banks. Near the edge of the water, it is abundant in green plants.

Then, we went to the point at the southern part of the Sea of Galilee where the River Jordan is flowing out of the lake. It is called Yardenit and managed by the Kinneret Kibbutz. The signboard says "CLOSE TO WHERE JESUS WAS BAPTISED." This place becomes a kind of spot for sightseeing, and you can pay to rent a white robe to bathe yourself under the water.

It is said that this place is near to where
Jesus Christ got baptised by John the Baptist.

As you see from the photo, you can go under the water of the River Jordan safely by walking down the steps. I got an impression that the water here is a little stagnant.

We were treated by the president of this Kinneret Kibbutz at the restaurant inside this Kibbutz. Unfortunately he couldn't show up here, but he listened to my presentation yesterday.

While we were having lunch, Hagit, engaged in the world peace movement, was asking something to a person of this Kibbutz. Inside this premise, there had been built a peace pole for many years, but now nobody of this Kibbutz knows what a peace pole is, and so the peace pole was hidden behind a building not being noticed at all by people. Then, an idea struck Hagit, and she decided to meet a representative of the Kibbutz and to ask her "We would like to have this peace pole moved to a place where more and more people can see it." Amazingly enough, her wish was fulfilled immediately, and the peace pole was taken from where it had been for years and planted to a new location completely within 15 minutes.

She was overjoyed with it, and we took a group photograph before the newly located peace pole.

The peace pole left alone
behind a building
of Yardenit
The peace pole after moved to a place
where many people can see it
The man behind me is the one
who moved the peace pole.

By the way, to plant a peace pole is one of the world peace movements started in Japan, and on each surface an universal world peace prayer "May Peace Prevail On Earth" is written in different languages. On the surfaces of this peace pole at Yardenit, the prayer was written in English, Arabic, Hebrew and Spanish.

In the evening of this day, we visited the Tiberius campus of the Reidman International College again. The photo below shows the Sea of Galilee as seen from the Tiberius campus. The mountains over there are those of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The Sea of Galilee as seen from the Tiberius campus

Because they have not enough rain in Israel recently, the level of the Sea of Galilee is very low right now. The water used to cover this side of the land in the photo below. However, as the level has fell so much, there appears a space like a sand beach. Much part of it has been already covered by green plants.

When you look up from the sand beach to the campus, you will see the scene shown in the photo below. There is a stairway, and the water used to reach the middle of the stairway. Right now, when you walk down the stairway, you will see a stretch of sand shore.

The Tiberius campus that is seen from
the sand shore of the Sea of Galilee

As you may know from the photo below, this space by the waterside is relatively wide.

A stretch of sand shore that appeared
by the Sea of Galilee

It seems to be the best to hold "the Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to the Water of all over the World" on July 25, 2003, on this sand shore. Sally is willing to offer this site for the ceremony.

As you stand by the lakeshore of the Sea of Galilee and look to the lake in front of you, you will get views shown in the following photos. I will show you a series of photos taken consecutively. The first photo was taken to the direction to the north from the campus. You will see many green plants growing on the sand shore and making communities.

The Sea of Galilee as seen from the sand
shore of the Tiberius campus (1)

It is panning to the right consecutively. You can observe small waves, but because this is a lake, it will be due to the winds over the lake. The vibration of the lake is very calm and gentle.

The Sea of Galilee as seen from the sand
shore of the Tiberius campus (2)

The Sea of Galilee as seen from the sand
shore of the Tiberius campus (3)

The Sea of Galilee as seen from the sand
shore of the Tiberius campus (4)

When the sun is setting, the slope of the mountains over there becomes orrange by the illumination from the setting sun and it is so beautiful.

The Sea of Galilee as seen from the sand
shore of the Tiberius campus (5)

The Sea of Galilee as seen from the sand
shore of the Tiberius campus (6)

At the furthest point of the lake in the photo below, the water is flowing out of the lake. This point is the place called Yardenit as I explained already.

The Sea of Galilee as seen from the sand
shore of the Tiberius campus (7)

Now, you could have an image of the place where we are planning to hold the Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to all the Water of the World on July 25, 2003. It will be Friday actually, and so it will be a Sabbath from the time of sunset for the Jewish people. Accordingly, we are thinking that it is better to have the ceremony in the morning time.

I was offered another opportunity to give a presentation on the Project of Love and Thanks to Water at 7:00 pm at the living room of Anael's B & B. I connected my laptop computer to a display for a desktop computer that I borrowed from Anael, and showed the slides to the people.

Presentation at Anael's B & B (1)

Anael is regularly holding workshops and lectures at her B & B. Anael herself is a powerful healer. When James Twyman visited Israel, he also stayed at her B & B. In addition, a friend of mine in Hawaii, Dawn Furgason stayed there very recently, and we found there are many connections among us.

Presentation at Anael's B & B (2)

It was the second time for Sally, Hagit, Anael and Bill to listen to my presentation, but all of them listened to my talk eagerly. Other people who came here were also concerned with water very deeply. A Father of a Catholic church in Nazareth, where Jesus was raised, came to listen to the presentation.

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