Report on Visit to Israel

Report on Visit to Israel (2)

Wednesday, October 30

Anael and Sally took us to a tour to go around the Sea of Galilee. I heard it later, but it is said that the Sea of Galilee is the heart chakra of Israel because its shape is similar to the shape of a human heart.

You will understand it when you see the aerial photo below. You will also know that the River Jordan is flowing into the Sea of Galilee at its North part. At the South part of the lake, the River Jordan is flowing out of the lake and merging with the Dead Sea finally. The level of the Sea of Galilee is about -200 meter, and that of the Dead Sea about -400 meter.

Aerial Photograph of Israel
from EarthRISE (

First, we visited the Church of Beatitudes. This church stands on a hill that overlooks the Sea of Galilee. Around here, Jesus Christ preached the famous "Sermon on the Mount" that begins "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".

The Church of Beatitudes

His Holiness, Roman Pope John Paul II, visited this church on March 24, 2000. The photographs were hung on the wall.

His Holiness, Roman Pope John Paul II,
visiting the Church of Beatitudes

You can look down the Sea of Galilee from this church. The land around here is really filled with a calm and peaceful vibration. This may be because the land has a very special magnetic field or because Jesus Christ walked here 2,000 years ago. Or it may be both. I felt that it is really deserved to be called "Holy Land".

The Sea of Galilee overlooked
from the Church of Beatitudes

Anael took us to a sacred place of Judaism called "Mikva", where people bathe themselves in water. As you see in the photo below, there is a small square house made from stone. Water is filled inside this house. You will go down the steps, and sink your body completely below the water. By doing so, it is said, you can release all the old energy and be ready to take in a new energy.

Sacred bathing place of Judaism called "Mikva"

The water inside was actually flowing slowly. So, it is not so dirty as you first think, although the water is not clear at all. In addition, many fish with a size of about 3 cm were swimming in a school. We need to make up our mind, but finally all of us immersed our body completely under the water to cleanse it. First women went into the water, then men did. After got out of the water and wiped my body, I really felt that my whole body had been cleansed. I felt refreshed.

Inside "Mikva"

Then, Anael took us a small waterfall. Water is springing out near the lakeshore of the Sea of Galilee so abundantly, and it makes a waterfall. All of us wore a bathing suit, and enjoyed being under the waterfall like small children.

A small waterfall near the lakeshore
of the Sea of Galilee

The water from this waterfall is making a gentle flow drawn into the Sea of Galilee. This is really peaceful scenery.

Flow of water from the waterfall
to the Sea of Galilee

We walked to the Sea of Galilee following this flow of water stepping on the stones in the flow. We could see the whole area of the Sea of Galilee in front of us. If you could feel the vastness of the Sea of Galilee from the following three photos, I would be very happy. I took the photos panning from the left to the right.

Sea of Galilee (1)

Jesus Christ walked on water 2,000 years ago. It was actually on this lake, the Sea of Galilee. It was on this lake that He performed a miracle to calm a storm. It was by this lake that He made the brothers, Peter and Andreas, his disciples. They were fishermen of this lake. At another time, 5,000 people gathered around Him while He was preaching. There were only five lobes of bread and two fish there, but it is said that He could multiply them and that all the people there could have satisfied their appetite. It happened also by the lakeshore of the Sea of Galilee.

The mountains in the photo below are located on the East bank of the River Jordan, and they are actually the territory of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Sea of Galilee (2)

The photo below was taken to the direction of the South. The Jordan River is flowing out of the Sea of Galilee at the furthest point of the lake shown in the photo, and merging into the Dead Sea.

Sea of Galilee (3)

The photo below shows the surface of the Sea of Galilee. Small fish were swimming, but unfortunately they don't appear in the photo.

The surface of the Sea of Galilee

I immersed my body into the water of the Sea of Galilee completely, and swam slowly. There were no cloud at all, and the water felt warm under the bright sunshine. It was so calm and peaceful scene. I felt a very gentle feeling as if I were embraced in amniotic fluid in a mother's womb.

After we absorbed the vibration of the Sea of Galilee as much as possible, we headed to the north by car, and drove to the Golan Heights near the border to Lebanon and Syria. There were areas with deep valleys, and we visited part of the national park there watching an eagle flying along a valley. In the afternoon, we went to the Kibbutz where Hanan is living and enjoyed late lunch. The food materials such as vegitables and chicken were keeping their natural taste and the seasoning was also great. It was so delicious.

After the lunch we went to the Tiberius campus of the Reidman International College. The campus is located 5 km to the south of Tiberius, the biggest town by the Sea of Galilee. The town of Tiberius has many hotels and shops, and I had an impression that it is a little untidy. However, the area around the Tiberius campus is really nice, surrounded by gentle nature. Inside the campus, lawn is planted neatly, and an arch of rose flowers is built there. Care is taken in every corner.

Tiberius campus of the Reidman International College (1)

At 4:00 pm in a small hall of the Tiberius campus, I was given an opportunity to give a presentation on the Project of Love and Thanks to Water. Dorothy and Rosy attended this presentation, too. Hagit, an activist of world peace movement joined us, too. I had thought that three people might come to join from outside, but contrary to my expectations, about 15 people showed up to listen to my presentation.

Tiberius campus of the Reidman International College (2)

It seems that such people as a candidate for the next mayor of this area of the Sea of Galilee, a person who is in charge of the administration of water of the Sea of Galilee, and a representative of a nearby Kibbutz came to the presentation. Hanan, who knows very well about the local people here, made a contact with them extensively.

Presentation at the Tiberius campus of
the Reidman International College

I did my presentation connecting my laptop computer to a video projector and projecting the slides made by Power Point to a big screen. Since the resolution of the projector was not high, the quality of the images was moderate. However, to the most people who came from outside, the crystal photographs of water in "Message from Water" were what they saw for the first time in their life, and they were really impacted by the images.

Group photograph after the presentation
From the right to the left as you face it, Anael (running B & B
near the Sea of Galilee), Bill (a healer who came from the UK),
Rosy (a friend of Dorothy's), Hagit (an activist of world peace
movement in Israel), Avinoam (one of Sally's staff),
Sally (director of the Reidman International College),
Dorothy (one of the founders of the Findhorn), and me.

At the end of the presentation, Massika Nitza, who is in charge of the Tiberias campus, asked me, "We are facing a problem. We haven't had rain for a long time. What could we do for rain in Israel?" It should have started to rain already at this time if it were as in other years, and the flowers in the fields would have been in full blossom then. However, there had been no rain for months, and the wild flowers around the Sea of Galilee were still withered.

Massika Nitza, who is in charge of
the Tiberias campus of
the Reidman International College

So, I mentioned our plan on November 25 and said "On November 24, in Augsburg, Germany, there will be a HADO Symposium, and Masaru Emoto is invited as a main speaker. This time corresponds to November 25 in Japan. So, we have been planning to send our Love and Thanks to water mutually between Germany and Japan. How about adding Israel to this ceremony. We would like to send our Love and Thanks from Germany, Japan and all other places in the world for rain in Israel. What do you think about this plan?"

Nitza agreed this plan completely. I asked Konrad, one of the organizers of the HADO Symposium in Germany, and he said, "Sure!" I will write a report on this ceremony on Nov 24/25 elsewhere.

Anyway, it was the first presentation for me to give in English, and it was in Israel, but the people who attended to the presentation listened to me attentively. I appreciated it very much.

After my presentation, Dorothy and Rosy went back to Jerusalem for their workshop, and we got back to Anael's B & B to stay more nights.

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