Report on Visit to Israel

Report on Visit to Israel (1)

Tuesday, Oct 29

Secretary-Gereral of this Project, Yasuyuki Nemoto, visited Israel for about a week from the end of October till the beginning of November. I would like to report about it below to you.

It took more time than I expected to go through the inspection, but anyway I could arrive at the Tel-Aviv airport and enter Israel safely. Hagit Ra'anan, an Israeli friend of mine, kindly took me to a hotel in Tel-Aviv driving on a highway at midnight.

Next morning, Sally Reidman, the Director of Reidman International College for Complementary Medicine, came to pick me up at the hotel. Her college is the biggest one in the area of complementary medicine in Israel, and there are 3,000 students in the college. They have a main campus in Tel-Aviv, and three branch campuses in Jerusalem, Hypha and Tiberius by the Sea of Galilee.

Sally Reidman, Director of Reidman International
College for Complementary Medicine

She took me to the main campus and showed inside. They were utilizing the space of a four-floor building very well. On the rooftop, you can see the Mediterranean Sea, and it is wonderful space with tables and chairs. Students drink various herb teas freely there. On each floor, there is a classroom. On the ground floor next to the reception, there is a shop of New Age type that is dealing with different crystals, flower essences and books in metaphysics.

In Sally's room, she introduced her staff to me. The photo below shows Prof. Avshalom Mizrahi. He is a specialist in apitherapy. He has a rich experience of holding many international conferences in Israel. He is going to help us to hold the ceremony and symposium next year.

Prof. Avshalom Mizrahi at the Reidman
International College

Originally, we were introduced to Prof. Avshalom Mizrahi by our friend, Shinichiro Terayama. Then, Prof. Mizrahi told me that it would be nice to ask support from Sally Reidman, so we could have a connection with her.

The photo below shows the staff of the college, Avinoam and Hanan, and both of them are playing active parts in the college as Sally's both arms. They helped me a lot while I was in Israel.

Avinoam (left as you face it) and Hanan (right),
the staff of the Reidman International College

I explained about "Message from Water" and "Message from Water VOL.2" briefly, and then about "Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water" that we are planning to have on July 25, 2003. They all agreed with the concept and purpose of the ceremony, and offered to cooperate with us.

Sally took us to a nearby restaurant and we enjoyed the Israeli dish. In the afternoon, I connected with the Internet and then in the evening, I got an experience of massage at the clinic of the college. Then, we got in two cars and headed to the Sea of Galilee.

On this day, by chance, Dorothy Maclean, one of the founders of the Findhorn community in Scotland, and Rosy, Dorothy's travel companion, were heading to the Sea of Galilee after their workshop in Jerusalem, and we got together at some place like a drive-in. On next day, Sally was going to take all of us to the tour around the Sea of Galilee.

On the way to the Sea of Galilee, we took dinner at an Arabic restaurant. We stayed at a B & B in a village called Rosh Pina near the Sea of Galilee. This B & B is run by Anael Harpaz. She is like a master of this area. She knows everything about the area around the Sea of Galilee. Anael and Bill Wigram who came from the United Kingdom, welcomed us very much.

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