Monthly Reports to You

Report on Oct 25, 2002

This month, based on an idea of Masaru Emoto, President of this Project, we proposed to utter the following two KOTO-TAMAs (Spirits contained in a utter sentence) in addition to the usual monthly prayer of Love and Thanks to Water.

"The United States of America stopped attacking Iraq."
"I (or we) appreciated it very much."

At the office of I.H.M. Co., Ltd, President Masaru Emoto and his wife and all the employees joined their hands to make a circle, sent their Love and Thanks to all the water on Earth, and then uttered the above sentences together.

You could see a serious look over each one's face.

By the way, at the every morning's meeting at I.H.M. Co., Ltd, we are deditating our gratitude to the water of the River Jordan and of the whole world, and subsequently uttering the above KOTO-TAMAs together.

Let us unite our thoughts together towards the realization of the world peace.

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