Monthly Reports to You

Report on Sep 25, 2002

As the weather was really fine, Masaru Emoto, the President of this Project and the President of his private company, I.H.M. Co., Ltd., with all his employees went to a nearby park that was made along the Sumida River, the biggest river flowing in the Tokyo metropolitan area, at the lunch time of September 25, and held a ceremony to give Love and Thanks to Water.

At the beginning, Masaru made a short speech. By the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, many people including his relatives were killed. And Masaru has been continuously dreaming a nightmare of catastrophe. There must be some deep relationship between these things and the Project of Love and Thanks to Water.

This time, Masaru proposed to sing a song to the Sumida River to give our Love and Thanks to water. The song he chose was "Sumida River". This is a very famous and popular Japanese song. Even elementary schoolchildren know this song very well in Japan.

It might appear a little strange, but all of us sang the song with all our hearts. I think that the Sumida River really responded to our Love and Thanks.

I took photographs of the sun and the surface of the Sumida River, just after we sang the song and sent our Love and Thanks to water.

The sunshine was reflected on the water surface brilliantly, and it was so beautiful. I am sure that our Love and Thanks has reached all the water in the world through the water of the Sumida River.

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