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Report on Jul 25, 2002 (1)

Towards the event on July 25, 2002, we didn't have enough time to let the people know about this project. However, those who did receive the message from us sent their Love and Thanks to the water on Earth in their own way. We really appreciate it.

We received many reports on the ceremony/event on July 25, 2002. We are going to put all of them on this home page. However, unfortunately, there was no report with digital photos at present.

After we wrote the above, several people sent us their reports with digital photos. Thank you for your cooperation. We appreciate it very much.

So, first, we will show you below, with digital photos, about the ceremonies that we did on July 25, 2002.

Representative of this project, Masaru Emoto, went to a beach near his home called Urayasu-Kaigan with his wife, prepared a PET bottle with water, and gave Love and Thanks to water at 7 AM on July 25, 2002 (photo below). You might feel a very serious vibration from this photo :-).

At 1 PM, he sent Love and Thanks to water at a room of his private company with his employees (photo below). A PET bottle of water was placed on the table. You see a TV cameraman, who had been there by chance to get Dr. Emoto's interview, was taking a shot.

The water put on the table was tap water at Asakusabashi, Tokyo, where his company is located. We examined the structure of ice crystals from the water before and after this ceremony.

On the left is shown the control experiment using tap water at Asakusabashi before the ceremony; on the right is the result of the same tap water after the vibration of Love and Thanks was given in the ceremony. We observed 50 ice crystals from each water sample and took 50 photographs. In the control experiment, we could not observe any hexagonal beautiful crystal structures (one of the resultant photographs is shown on the left). However, in the case of water that received our Love and Thanks, we could observe two beautiful hexagonal ice crystals out of 50 ice crystals (one of them is shown on the right).

So, we could see the effects of the vibration of Love and Thanks to the water quite vividly. We interpret this phenomenon not as the result of the power of the people directly involved in the ceremony but as the cooperation of all the people all over the world who dedicated their sincere Love and Thanks to water at the same time as our ceremony.

We felt that this result is really a wonderful sign towards the success of the "Ceremony of Love and Thanks to Water" that we are planning to hold near the Jordan River/Lake Galilaia on July 25, 2003.

At 7 PM, Masaru Emoto gave a lecture at "Eight Star" at Yotsuya, Tokyo, explained about "Project of Love and Thanks to Water", and asked the audience to join it.

On the other hand, Secretary-General, Yasuyuki Nemoto, was on the seashore called Goishi-Kaigan in Niigata Prefecture, facing the Japan Sea (the sea between the Japan Islands and the Asia Continent), with Takako Omidera and members of her group, at 7 AM on July 25, 2002. He got to know them at the party of "Gathering of Water and Hemp in Tokyo" on June 23, 2002, where Dr. Emoto gave a lecture on Water and Hemp.

We sat on the sand and made a circle, shaking hands with each other. Listening to the sound of waves from the Japan Sea, we sent our sincere Love and Thanks to the whole water of our bodies and the Planet Earth through a guided meditation. It is said that Niigata means the place where a new (Nii) mold (gata = kata) is created.

After that, Nemoto flew to Osaka and attended the Tenjin Festival held on the Yodogawa River in Osaka that started at 7 PM. It was through the help by Keiko Yamada who had attended "Gathering of Water and Hemp in Osaka" on July 6, 2002, where Dr. Emoto also gave another lecture on Water and Hemp. The Tenjin Festival is said to be one of the biggest three festivals in Japan. Tenjin means gods/goddesses from the heaven. There was an event called Funa-To-Gyo in this festival, and many boats with hundreds of people on board were sailing on the Yodogawa River. We got on the first boat called Jiguruma-Ko (photo below).

It is not to much to say that this is a festival of water. I gave Love and Thanks to water on board with Keiko Yamada. Keiko had told so many people about our project and the event on July 25 through her wide network.

We really appreciate Takako Omidera and her group members, and Keiko Yamada and her friends for their Love to water and their dedication to this project.

We show you below the reports that were sent to us from you. Taking this opportunity, we will put your e-mail as it is, except for an e-mail where the sender asked us to keep it anonymous. However, we didn't disclose your e-mail addresses to protect you from getting junk e-mails. We showed your home page addresses. If there were any inconvenience to you, please feel free to let us know. Thank you.

Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 23:14:13 +0900
Subject: Re: Project of Love and Thanks to Water

Dear Mr. Nemoto

Thank you very much for your e-mail, while you are so busy.
I performed my ceremony of thanksgiving to water at my private garden at 7 AM, by the Tama River that is flowing near the back gate of my company at 1 PM, and at a washroom of my house at 7 PM. I took photographs. I will send them to you later.

Mitsuru Ohba
(originally in Japanese, and translated by us)

Thank you very much for performing three ceremonies on that day! We are looking forward to seeing your photos later. (YN)

Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 09:36:49 EDT
Subject: [AshtarCommand] Love and Thanks Project

I wanted to share with the list (copy going to Dr. Nemoto) my beautiful experience with this project yesterday. The peace and love stays with me today. I had heard of Dr. Emoto's work several years ago and was fascinated with it. From that day, several years ago, I began to bless the water that I drank.

Yesterday, I had been invited to a non-public ceremony on the Santo Domingo reservation. I sat with my friends family, under the trees, next to the irrigation ditch which travels through out the Pueblo. As we participated in the native ceremony together I began to simultaneously send my thanks and my love into the ditch water, watching the water gently flow North. The native ceremony ran over four hours. The first to respond around me were the children. All of a sudden they were all gathered around at my feet, all wanting interaction with me, not too surprising, as those I know personally, know how strong my love is for them. Then one young boy (about five) whom I had just met that day, asked me what I was doing with the water? I told him that I was giving my love and thanks to the water. He got so very excited! Running over to his grandma, and telling her, then he announced loudly, to everyone, that the water now had love in it, and he would feel it every time he took a bath. Then he announced that that was what he would do every day, is to send his love to the water for everyone else! This from a beautiful young child of five!

I had such wonderful results, that I consciously gave thanks the entire day. I intend to do this on a daily basis from here on out. I found that it works well with those projects that I oversee which use subatomic particle activation and the grid and ley line systems through group meditation.

A side note, when I returned home in the late afternoon and the cumulonimbus clouds had formed, I looked up and there were faces in each cloud. Some clouds had up to four faces. This has very significant meaning to Native Americans, for it is their belief that the Kachinas were cloud people.

I want to thank both Dr. Emoto and Dr. Nemoto for dedicating themselves to love and thanksgiving and to creating peace on earth.

From my heart to your heart, love flows

Alora Sky

How cute and wonderful that 5-year old boy was! I am sure that your deep love to water drew such wonderful encounter between you and him. Also, thank you for telling us about Kachinas. (YN)

Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 10:25:01 EDT
Subject: My water ceremony

Good Morning,

Yesterday towards evening I went to the beach here in Northern California. I walked into the ocean just a bit to ground myself to her. While bringing forth the conscious intent of Love and Thanks I prepared the spring water which was from Mt. Shasta and a higher vibrational quartz crystal together. Again with conscious intent, I let the water flow over the quartz crystal, over my hand into the ocean asking for the cleansing and healing of all the waters of the world.

It was a very nice ceremony, you could sense the rightness of it. I see the Water Ceremony as part of the connection of man and nature.

It came to me earlier the morning to similarly do an Earth Ceremony and an Air Ceremony with water. There is water in the earth and there is water in the air.


Dr. J. P. Y.

What a wonderful energy is flowing from your intention through the Mt. Shasta's spring water and quartz crystal over your hand into the ocean! And that's right that the earth and air contain water. Thank you very much. (YN)

Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 08:36:40 -0600
Subject: What a joy

to come together and honor the water...I am writing to you from Fort Collins, Colorado. Last night we met from 7 - 7:30 pm at a pond near our homes to honor the water and the day. It rained lightly (we have been in drought conditions for months now) the entire time and then blessed us with 2 beautiful rainbows. Thank you for asking us to remember. I stayed afterwards and drummed to the water and my soul is much lighter today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Terra Eyl

Thank you so much for your having a ceremony. And 2 beautiful rainbows! I love rainbows! Thank you so much. (YN)

Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 00:16:31 +0900
Subject: On the "World Day of Love and Thanks to Water"

My Report on the Event/Ceremony

Good Evening. This is Tobari who sent to you an e-mail the other day.
It looks like a diary, but anyway here is my report.

On that day, I was so relaxed as if I were in Hawaii, watching TV and playing with my children. Simultaneously, I was feeling that the Project of Love and Thanks to Water was going on.
Actually, in Kawasaki City, the humidity was 98% and I felt as if we were under the water.

Water is so important, isn't it?
When the quality of water changes into a very bad one, then the bodies of any living systems will change similarly...I am feeling this way.
It is not always true that if your skin is clean you are healthy. However, when I was a child, I was susceptible to dermatitis because of my allergic constitution. After I had been staying at my grandparents' house near the Southern Alpus of Japan for a whole month in a summer vacation season, I became so healthy.

My grandparents used only spring water for their daily lives.
I took a hot bath of natural mineral water. Water for drinking and cooking was also from the same source. Even we, children, played in a small river that was made from that spring water. In big cities, it is really luxurious to use natural water as much as you like. Recalling those days, I am feeling keenly how wonderful it is to eat only fresh vegetables that was harvested on that day and to live a life with a sense of oneness with nature.

Use various plants to heal, feel a grand flow of universe, and listen to the sound of the creation of stars.
Master Feng Shui, and manage time.
Feeling as if I was made an Aliel (a mermaid) of the Dragon Palace on the bottom of deep sea by a wizard, I am enjoying the world of fantasy. Like it is human beings that polluted this planet Earth so that we human beings should first do the cleaning and put away our stuff, I have been really interested in the environmental problems, especially the pollution of the ocean, and also the issue of flood control for this whole day.

However, I would like to think over a journey to the Mars, trying to be a bystander.
Still I don't know who I am...


(originally in Japanese, and translated by us)

Although I may not have followed all the points you made, I felt your happy and joyful feelings when you were thinking about water on that day. That made me happy and joyful. Thank you very much. (YN)

Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 21:46:48 +0200
Subject: WG: Wasser

Dear Friends

In Rheinfelden we made yesterday the meditation suggested by Dr. Emoto for love and thanks to the water. Rheinfelden is on the German Swiss boarder, there is a bridge over the river Rhine and a powerful isle in the middle of the Rhine. This is also the place where the first brigde over the Rhine was build.

We met at sunset on the Isle and tuned in with Didjeridoo and elfs music. Then we mentioned the many gifts that the water has for us since we are alive. In a crystal lotus flower we had Rhine-water in our middle, also an blue dolphin from Egypt was our companion. So we gave our thanks to the water and shared our love to it.

OHM-chanting and the Mantra Jaya Jaya Devi Mata and a shalom-song were at the end of our ceremony. - The sky was open in the beginning, with all golden shining sun. Then clouds and wind came up. When we left the place the sky was again open and on the horizon very intensely pink clouds confirmed that our feelings were accepted by heaven.

The participants were:
Ruedi Berner, Rosemarie Henz, Anna Marie Schnyer, Kathirn and Peter Scholer, all from Rheinfelden

We hope that we might be an even larger group in the coming year.

With Love Light and Conciousness

Kathrin Scholer
Rheinfelden, Switzerland

Thank you, Kathrin. You are the first who sent us a report with photos. Originally, the photos were very dark, so I increased their brightness. What nice photos! I am personally drawn to the blue dolphin from Egypt. Say hello to him/her! I am sure that the re-opened sky and pink clouds were a sign to you from the heaven. (YN)

Date: 27 Jul 2002 10:58 GMT
Subject: Prayer on July 25

Dear Dr. Nemoto,

thank you for telling me about this project of giving love and thanks regularly to the water all over the earth just in time to participate in the prayer on July 25.

As I was doing the little ceremony all by myself, I couldn't take a photograph, but will report what I did below:

At 1 p.m. as I was washing my hands in the bathroom, I opened the tap and let the water gently flow over my fingers and into my cupped hands, from where it overflowed to vanish in the sink. While doing so, I concentrated my thoughts on this wonderful thing water is, and said to it in German: Thank you so much. I love you. I had the impression, the water in my cupped hands would take these words with it to join the other water in the waste water pipes and purification plant, into the rivers Isar, Danube, the Black Sea where it would rise to the clouds and come back as rain maybe in Kolumbia where my foster child lives.

Ever since I started translating Dr. Emotos books, I became fascinated not only by the wonderful fotographs of the water crystals but by the everlasting circulation of water. Quite often I think about loving and thanking water, but have never taken such clear actions as yesterday. Now I would like to make it a habit to thank and express my love to water whenever I open a tap to wash my hands, my body, do the dishes or some cooking...


Dr. Monika Wacker

What a wonderful thing you did and will do! Yes, we agree that it is really a nice idea to give our sincere Love and Thanks to the water that is flowing out of the sink. Water is circulating, so as you pointed out, our vibration of Love and Thanks will finally reach all the water on Earth. Thank you very much for your Love to water. (YN)

Date: 27 Jul 2002 16:20 GMT
Subject: Thanks to water

Dear Initiators of this projekt,

I've got the massage of the ceremony on 25. July just today. It seems it is to late but let me tell you this:

At the 25th in the morning at breakfast or in the evening at dinner (I'm not sure) I talked with some people (I don't know why) about the book "Message from Water".
And then we took our waterglasses and blessed the water.
Is it a accident or a miracle?

It felt like a miracle, then I read your letter today.

I wish you (us) the very best for this projekt.
Love and Thanks for Water ...

May peace prevail on earth.

Kerstin Panknin

It is said that there is no accident in this world. I think that what you experienced is a so-called synchronicity. Thank you for sending us your report. And, we appreciate your Love and Thanks to water. (YN)

Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 16:19:15 +0900
Subject: Re: Thank-Water-1

I did the Project of Love and Thanks to Water personally. At 7 AM at my private garden (photo #1), at 1 PM at the bank of the Tama River (photo #2, near the back gate of my company), and at 7 PM at the washing room of my company (photo #3).

I uttered repeatedly a prayer of gratitude "Dear water, I thank you very much" and a world peace prayer "May Peace Prevail On Earth". Please look at the photographs I attached to this e-mail.

Mitsuru Ohba

(originally in Japanese, and translated by us)

Thank you very much for sending us digital photos. And you did the ceremony three times at different locations! How wonderful! I think this ceremony is easily infused into our daily lives as you showed us in those photos. Thank you very much. (YN)

Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 13:23:34 EDT
Subject: amazing

Hello dear wonderful souls,

I did not know about your project but on the night of July 25th I took a bath at night time outside on a deck here in Hawaii. I began a song thanking the clouds for giving us precious water. I realized I had never heard anyone (or myself) acknowledge them for the very important work they do. So I sent them love across the sky. So imagine my surprise on Saturday morning to read about your project of love and thanks to water.

Sincerely, Kendra Rose
May all beings be happy!

Thank you for reminding us of the importance of the clouds in the sky. They are indispensable for the circulation of water on this planet. So, let us appreciate not only the sunshine on clear days but also the clouds on cloudy days. (YN)

Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 19:57:58 -0400
Subject: Water Ceremony - Florida USA

Representative: S. Eileen Johnson, [email protected]

Place of the event: USA, Florida, Anna Maria Island

Name of water: Gulf of Mexico

Report:The sunset was extraordinary on the beach that evening, 4 great blue lines radiating from the source of the sun, soft clouds mixed with gold, violet, pink and white, while intense black clouds came up behind us, lightening playing through the clouds, and the wind blew in gussets. We had all the elements for our ceremony. We felt the love for the earth and nature and the water before us. Then we gave Love and Peace to our personal water, calling on it to blend with all the world's water, to lift up to the clouds and rain on the earth. Throwing our water out into the Gulf, we knew we had made a difference that day.

Photo of the event: One of us is an artist. She will paint a picture and send it to you.

Future plan: Did you know that July 25th each year is World Prayer Day?

Thank you: It was a great honor to participate in this blessing of earth's water with you on this day!
Thank you from all of us.

Sure, you (or we) made a difference that day. Your Love and Thanks were transmitted through the water of the Gulf of Mexico to the whole water of this planet. Thank you very much for having such a wonderful ceremony. (YN)

Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 02:22:08 +0800
Subject: This is Nakayama from the Hemp Car

We are sending you a photo of our ceremony held on July 25.

Our comment is...,

"We joined the simultaneous meditation/prayer for water according to the message from Masaru Emoto, a.k.a. Mr. HADO, on the "Day without Time" in a Mayan calendar, which was actually the next day of a Hemp Car event held at Kochi, Kochi Prefecture, Japan.

The place where we did the water ceremony was at the top of a large rock with a diameter of ca. 50 meters near the top of Mt. Kuishiyama in Tosayamamura (see the photo above). This rock is called Myotai-Iwa. As soon as we finished our ceremony, it started to rain, and we felt the connectedness with water so real. We said "Thank you!" to water."

Thank you very much.

===== ALL IS LOVE =====

--------- MOTO ---------
[email protected]

(originally in Japanese, and translated by us)

Thank you very much for sending us your report with such nice photo (these people are travelling all over Japan in a special car called "Hemp Car" that runs with hemp oil to show people the usefulness of hemp). It was so nice that you got rain just after your ceremony. I am sure that your (our) vibration of Love and Thanks to water reached the heaven and the heaven responded to you (us). (YN)

Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 22:57:59 +0100
Subject: Thank you

Hello, I love what you are doing.
We had a meditation circle and gave our thanks to the water.
I also felt compelled to write the following poem.



Healing is the world at peace and love prevails all
The time will come when we all sing truth as the reason for it all
No more racism no more pain, no more tears or guilt or shame
Mother earth will wrap us in her arms, and croon her soothing lullaby.
In awe struck reverence tears will flow, pure water from the soul
Rejoicing with the Universe at last a oneness is
With open heart, together apart, duality gone, uniqueness yet one.

Abundance comes in dry, starved, scorched lost places
A welcomed savior the rain will fall, and take pleasure in drenching them all.
Water, water, bless this healer for it gives life, makes life, and takes life
A master healer was the water that took life by drought or storm
For it traveled to heaven and took life to bliss by depriving or giving its' kiss

Water purify me and you, for we are made of water to
Take my old life and make me new, cleansed and replenished I give thanks to you.

- Kay Illingworth

Thank you for your having a meditation circle. And, how nice of you to compose such wonderful poem! Personally, I like the phrase "With open heart, together apart, duality gone, uniqueness yet one". Water is really mysterious, and I believe it is also multidimensional as we are. (YN)

Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 16:50:39 +0900
Subject: On the event on July 25

I sent my prayer from the Omoi-gawa River in Koyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.
I wish this prayer will spread and bring peace to the world.

Tamayume-Ni, Koyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

(originally in Japanese, and translated by us)

Thank you very much for your sincere prayer. I am sure that your (our) prayer will finally bring peace to the world. (YN)

Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 16:14:07 +0200
Subject: report of 02-07-25

Dear, Dr. Emoto.

Thank you very much for your invitation to join your Project of Love and Thanks to Water.

My father and I joined the global ceremony here in Berlin (Germany) in our office at 7p.m. (local time) and at the same time my wife did it at home. We used a glass of water standing in front of us. We felt in a deep meditation to join the genius of water. It was a deep impression of gratitude. Thank you to give us the possibilities to join this glory way to welfare the world.

A special incident - may be there is a connection to the project: A glass of water is broken into three parts (rings) at Sunday morning (28th of July, 8.30 a.m., local time) without any perceptible reason and influence from persons and the like. It wasn't the glass of the project, but may be there were more of these incidents all over the world.

Best regards,

Daniela Juhre, Thorsten and Dietmar Born

Thank you for joining us in the water ceremony. I feel sincere Love and Thanks to water of three of you from your report. As for the broken glass containing water, I think it has some meaning. Maybe later, we will see. (YN)

Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 12:41:49 -0700
Subject: July 25

July 25, 2002 (1:00pm) - In Westlake Village, California, near my home of Agoura Hills, there is a beautiful man-made lake where I went to express my love and thanks to water. The day of my visit, the weather was warm, with blue skies and a gentle breeze. As I approached the lake, I could hear children laughing, and I soon saw that there were perhaps twelve children ages 10-12 in small sailboats in the middle of the lake. I felt that it was the perfect place and time to express my love and thanks to water. The children had formed a big circle with their boats, and were using the wind to guide them as they sailed in a counter-clock wise circle. The water and wind seemed to have been working together and interacting with the children. I did not expect to have such a revelation, so I was without a camera to capture this moment on film. The next day, however, I went back to photograph the area where I saw the children.

Throughout my life I have always felt a strong connection with water. My favorite sports have always been water sports, such as swimming, surfing, and water skiing. In high school, I was team captain of our diving team, and I became a certified Lifeguard before entering college.

Today, there are several world champion swimmers that use my music before, during and after swim training and competitions. Olympic Gold Medallist Gary Hall and coach Mike Bottom endorse my music (The Four Seasons and CD2000 in particular). Coach Bottom explained that my music helped his swimmers relax and focus, which helped reduce their efforts and, at the same time, improved their time. He has had much success, having trained several Olympic and World swim champions.

Best wishes,

Alan Roubik

What a wonderful scene with innocent children, water and wind. I felt your vibration so gentle to pick up such moment. In our busy daily lives, I think, we tend to miss those blissful moments. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. (YN)

Although there was very little time left to make an announcement before the ceremony/event on July 25, 2002, we received so many responses that exceeded our expectation. We appreciate it very much.

We would like to prepare for the ceremony near the Jordan River/Lake Galilaia on July 25, 2003, without discontinuing the flow of energy that all of you helped to create. We appreciate your cooperation.

In addition, we are planning to add a BBS system in English and Japanese and pages of information on water to this site. Please keep looking at this site constantly. Thank you very much.

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