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Message on July 24, 2004

Dear Friends:

On behalf of Dr. Masaru Emoto, President of "Project of Love and Thanks to Water", I am sending this e-mail as a Secretary-General.

We, Mr. & Mrs. Emoto, Akihiro Otake, Takashige Kizu and myself, are now in Liechtenstein to prepare the Masaru Emoto's Lecture/Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water on July 25.

Rasmus, Akihiro Otake, Mrs. Emoto &
Mr. Emoto, Takashige Kizu, Ruth Joy
(From Left to Right)

On July 20, our first day in Liechtenstein, we saw a very beautiful rainbow appearing behind the building in which the Hado Life Europe office is located. It seemed as if the heaven is celebrating our plan.

Office building of Hado Life Europe and a rainbow

The Hado Life Europe has been receiving many waters from all over the world. Currently the number is about 150. We are grateful to all of you who kindly sent us the water.

Two ladies came to help us all the way from the US: one is Ruth Joy and the other Jeanne Michaels.

Jeanne Michaels and Ruth Joy
(From Left to Right)

Ruth came from Prescott, Arizona. She also supported us very much at the Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water held by the Sea of Galilee in Israel on July 25 of last year and made an essence of this ceremony.

Jeanne is running a healing center in Sedona, Arizona. They knew each other already.

We asked them to make a list of the waters that had been sent to us from all over the world.

While we were eating lunch at some restaurant on July 21 in Liechtenstein, there was a call to us at the restaurant. It was from Karin Klug in Berlin, who also kindly helped us in the Ceremony held
in Israel last year.

As the lunch was really in the late afternoon and we didn't tell anybody where we were going to take lunch, we were really surprised. It is still a mystery to us how Karin could reach us from Berlin by the phone.

July 22 was Masaru Emoto's 61-year birthday. We held a birthday party at the evening at Masaru's hotel.

Three other people came to celebrate his birthday: Konrad Halbig, President of KoHa Verlag who is publishing the German version of "Messages from Water", Uls Loosli, our interpreter of the lecture and ceremony from Japanese into German, and Yuki Kojima, a Japanese lady who is supporting us.

Everybody made a very moving speech and we had a wonderful time.

On July 23, there was an opening party at a mineral water company called St. Leonhard's Quelle, which is located in the suburb of Munich, Germany. Masaru Emoto was one of the speakers there.

The audience was listening to it very eagerly.

And today on July 24, a film crew called Third Eye Vision Film is coming here from Amsterdam, the Netherlands to take a shot of Masaru Emoto's interview. They will continue to record Masaru's lecture and our ceremony tomorrow as a video.

They are planning to make a movie, whose theme is vibration, and sell it as a DVD next year.

We went to the place of the ceremony on July 20 and 23. It is called the Bongert Place and situated inside the premises of a Catholic church on a small hill.

On July 25, we are going to call all the names of the city and nation from which each water was sent. With the help from the participants, we will pour all the waters into a container and mix them well.

Then, we will pray for the mixed water with all the participants sending our Love, Thanks and Respect to the water. After we save part of water for the water crystal analysis, we pour the water into the River Rhine.

If you could join us and send your Love, Thanks and Respect to all the water, even just for a moment on July 25, we would be very happy.

Water, We Love You.
Water, We Thank You.
Water, We Respect You.

On July 25, which is also called the Day Out Of Time according to the 13-moon calendar, there are various events and ceremonies planned all over the world.

In Ashland, Oregon, there will be an event as shown below.

Title: Visions for a New Humanity - Day out of Time Conference
Place: Ashland, Oregon
Date: July 23-25, 2004
Speakers: James Twyman, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsch,
Mary Manin Morrissey, Jose Arguelles, Margaret Starbird

According to e-mail sent from the main organizer, James Twyman, it has been decided to show the movie "What the #$*! Do We Know!?" at the main conference.

You may know it already, this movie is using water crystal photographs by Masaru Emoto as a main motif. One of the important themes of this movie is that consciousness can change water.

This movie made by a film company in Portland becomes more and more popular in the whole US.

In the movie's HP, you can see several water crystal photographs from " Messages from Water".

At this event, Dr. Jose Arguelles is one of the speakers. He is a friend of Masaru's and came to Japan this April to give us a lecture.

We made a 5-min video message from Masaru Emoto towards the audience of this film at the main conference in Ashland. If everything is going well, this video message will be shown to the audience after the movie.

By linking together through the events and ceremonies in the world, we can feel directly that we the people all over the world are really connected with each other with no wall between us. It is so wonderful.

We deeply appreciate your participation, cooperation and support.

Yasuyuki Nemoto
Secretary-General, Project of Love and Thanks to Water

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