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Message on Mar 20, 2004

Dear Friends:

On behalf of Dr. Masaru Emoto, President of "Project of Love and Thanks to Water", I am sending this e-mail as a Secretary-General. This is the first e-mail of this year from us.

On March 20 of 2003 in the Japanese Standard Time, just one year ago, the US started the war against Iraq. On the afternoon of the day, we were scheduled to hold a section entitled

"Water and Prayer - Towards Peace of World"

as a part of the 3rd Wolrd Water Forum held in Kyoto, Japan. Since several months ago, we had decided to have a prayer to send Love and Thanks to all the water on planet Earth with all the participants of the section. However, we had not expected that we were about to pray for world peace at this extraordinay timing.

Already one year has been passing by. Many events have been planned for world peace on this day all over the world.

Our president Masaru Emoto will be giving lectures in Ljubljana, Slovenia on March 19 and in Belgrade, Serbia Montenegro on March 20. Both countries are located in the Balkan Penninsula and belonged to the former Yugoslavia. He will enter Spain on March 24 and 25 and continue his lecture tour.

During his lecture tour, he is doing a ceremony to send Love and Thanks to the local waters. We think that water is a human and that all the water on this planet is a reflection of the collective consciousness of all humanity.

I got a message from Masaru Emoto who is being on his lecture tour in Europe. He asked me to tell the following to you. It is a quotation from "The Message from Water vol.3 -- Love Thyself". We are very happy if it is useful to you.

Pray to Yourself

I have been studying why people get sick, from the point of view of HADO, for about fifteen years. It is clear that sickness is primarily caused by the distortions of vibrations at the level of elementary particles.

If we assume the Earth or the entire global human race is a person, each one of us is then an elementary particle. The distortions of each of us will grow to become the sickness of the entire Earth or the whole human race.

Indeed, "Man is a microcosm."

On the contrary, if we as elementary particles are strong and happy, this Earth and all the people on it will become healthy and happy.

This is the reason why I propose to "wish and pray to first love yourself, be grateful to yourself, and respect yourself." We should ourselves shine and have strong vibrations, and then give our vigorous spirit to others. I think that is true love. Do you think you understand what my idea is? To those who would accept this idea, or those who think that this sounds good even if they don't fully understand it, let us pray for ourselves from today with the following procedure. I am sure something will change in

Prayer to pray for yourself

1. Time / Place

Anytime, anywhere.
When you wake up, when you go to bed, in bed. When you are taking a walk. Before taking a meal. Anytime anywhere when you are alone spending a quiet time is OK.

2. Feeling / Image

With feelings of thanks to the water which convey your feelings.
Picture all the people in the world holding hands with one another in harmony, and our water planet, the Earth, and the water of our bodies.

3. Phrases

Let us say to ourselves:
(Your name), I love you
(Your name), I thank you.
(Your name), I respect you.
After this, it is also good to say the name of a person who you are concerned about or who is on a
different wavelength.

4. How

With your eyes closed and your hands put together.
If it is difficult to say aloud, say it in your heart first. Say it out loud, when you get used to it.


It's very easy, isn't it? Each prayer lasts only thirty seconds. Of course it's no problem if you want to take a little longer.

When you start praying for yourself, something will definitely change in yourself. And when more and more of your fellow men change in the same way, your surroundings will change, society will change, the country will change and the world will change, all in a good direction, of course ---.

"The Message from Water vol.3 -- Love Thyself" (p.167-168)

What does "Thyself" mean in "Love Thyself"? It can be your physical body which is the minimum "Thyself". However, once you started to pray, you are beginning to feel "Thyself" changing into something bigger that contains your family, your society, your nation and the whole planet.

The water inside your body is not isolated from other water. As a matter of fact, it is connected with all the water on this planet becoming part of the global water cycle. Likewise, our consciousness is connected with all the consciousness of all other life forms.

When we "Love Thyself" in a true meaning, the world surrounding us will change into the one filled with true love.

Thank you.

Yasuyuki Nemoto
Secretary-General of Project of Love and Thanks to Water

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