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Message on Oct 30, 2003

Dear Friends:

On behalf of Dr. Masaru Emoto, President of "Project of Love and Thanks to Water", I am sending this e-mail as a Secretary-General.

I am really sorry to send this e-mail. However, I found two mistakes in my previous message, so I decided to send this e-mail.


I made a mistake in the date of Geneva Forum at one place. At other places, it is correctly written as Nov 4.

> Masaru Emoto is going to visit Geneva on Tuesday, Nov 11 ...

> Masaru Emoto is going to visit Geneva on Tuesday, Nov 4 ...


I quoted a message from our Muslim friend, Ibrahim Abu El-Hawa, who is living on the Mount of Olives of East Jerusalem. He always welcomes visitors from the bottom of his heart.

I forgot to write his e-mail address, which I promised him to do so when I got permission from him to put his message in our Project's message.

So, his e-mail address is as follows.
Ibrahim Abu El-Hawa
mailto:[email protected]

If you are planning to visit Jerusalem, I would like to recommend you to make a contact with him.

Thank you very much.

Yasuyuki NEMOTO
Secretary-General, Project of Love and Thanks to Water

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