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Message on Oct 28, 2003

Dear Friends:

On behalf of Dr. Masaru Emoto, President of "Project of Love and Thanks to Water", I am sending this e-mail as a Secretary-General.

Now, we uploaded the results of water crystal images before/after the worldwide ceremony on July 25, 2003. (English) (Japanese)

We are grateful to the people who kindly sent us water samples.

The following is a message from Thomas Egli of Geneva Forum. Masaru Emoto is going to visit Geneva on Tuesday, Nov 4 and give a lecture there. So please join us and send our Hado of Love and Thanks to the water that is placed on the stage in Geneva.

World meditation focus for the safeguard of water

Here is a beautiful project for 4 November 2003.

After voicing the idea of a meditation focus for the safeguard of water in the beginning of 2002 and after a first experience in last July on the Jordan River in Israel, Dr Masaru EMOTO will give another major lecture during the gala night of the third GENEVA FORUM, on 4 November, 8-10 pm local time.


Concentration focus on the future of water on Earth

Tuesday, 4 November
- 8 pm Swiss local time (Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid)
- 7 pm in London and Kinshasa
- 10 pm in Moscow
- 2 pm in New York, Montreal
- 4 pm in Buenos Aires
- 11 am in Los Angeles
Wednesday, 5 November
- 0:30 am in New Delhi
- 3 am in Beijing, Shanghai and Honk Kong
- 4 am in Tokyo
- 6 am in Sydney

To think? To meditate?

It is up to you to do what you deem the most efficient. More and more scientific articles report the beneficial effects of prayers when it is practised with focus. These beneficial effects are linked to the calm that settles in the body, including the brain. Thus relaxed, your energetic system is in-between activity and sleep and is able to connect with "angels", "souls", "aether" or "energies", according to your spiritual culture.


On Tuesday, 4 November, several hundred people will gather in Geneva to celebrate the messages delivered by water during a very stimulating lecture by Dr EMOTO. The many images he will present are so forceful that intellectual communion will be made possible on the stakes of his discoveries. In the audience, many will understand what this implies in their professional lives and will undoubtedly start acting differently in their companies, associations, NGOs or research labs.

At the very same moment, you will be several thousands, thinking about the same topic [Geneva and Water]. Your "angels", "souls", "aether" or "energies" will conduct your hopes and wishes toward Geneva and will sustain the ongoing action for the sageguard of water. Dr EMOTO will put a glass of water on the lectern. If you visualize the lectern and glass of water, your energy will focus on it more easily.

The whole message is shown on the following page. (English) (Japanese)

Here is a reality that differs from what we learn from the major media. The following is an e-mail from our Muslim friend, Ibrahim Abu El-Hawa, who is living on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Ramadan Karim!


Dear Friends and Family,

Yesterday was the first day of Ramadan, the holy month of Islam.

During this month we as Muslims are fasting during the whole day, sympathizing with the poor and the hungry and helping them through charity.

This week I have been very busy, we had a special group coming from all around the world, from different nations, religions, colors and languages.

They have brought much blessings and support to the land, sharing from the heart and praying for peace in the Holy Land. It was so special for me to see people coming here to bring light to the country and its people. This is what we are missing here.

We had a special peace march from the new city of Jerusalem from Jaffa Gate all the way through the old city and the holy places down to the Temple Mount in front of the Dome of the Rock. We met the leaders of the mosque of Al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock. They welcome everyone who is working for peace, and they are all asking to bring more visitors and more light from around the world, and they feel the energy that God placed on every visitor's shoulders. We need you and you are all welcome.

I pray and ask God for each and every one of you to be strong and have energy to come to visit us. We all welcome you to the land of the prophets. I ask every one of you to continue to pray for us, as this is our support and help.

Keep us informed. We hope to see you in Jerusalem.
God Bless you all!

Ibrahim Abu El-Hawa
mailto:[email protected]
Mount of Olives, Jerusalem

Ibrahim is a wonderful Muslim, who continues to emit light from the Arabic area of Jerusalem.

We thank each one of you who have been dedicating the Hado of Love and Thanks to all the water on planet Earth.

Water, We Love You.
Water, We Thank You.
Water, We Respect You.

Thank you very much.

Yasuyuki NEMOTO
Secretary-General, Project of Love and Thanks to Water

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