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Message on Jul 24, 2003

Dear Friends:

On behalf of Dr. Masaru Emoto, President of "Project of Love and Thanks to Water", I am sending this e-mail as a Secretary-General.

This is a final call to ask you to join the World Day of Love and Thanks to Water on July 25.

For your information, the simplest way to hold a ceremony on this day would be the following.

  1. Join your hands together and make a circle.
  2. Put a bottle of water at the center.
  3. Visualize that the water in the bottle is connected with all the water on planet Earth.
  4. With your eyes closed, say the following sentences to the water three times repeatedly.
    Water, We Love You.
    Water, We Thank You.
    Water, We Respect You.
  5. Send your Love and Thanks to the water from your heart silently for a few minutes.

It does not matter at what time on this day you will do the ceremony, since this day is known as the Day with No Time according to a Mayan calendar.

We have a vision that on this day, our planet Earth will be filled with beautiful golden/silver light of Love and Thanks that is flowing from the hearts of each and every one of us. Golden/silver light is the highest vibration in the range of visible light, and it will heal and cleanse all the water on earth, be it water of the ocean or that of our own body.

Masaru Emoto and I are now in Israel to hold the Ceremony to send Love and Thanks to water at the Tiberias campus of the Reidman International College of Complementary Medicine, which is facing the Sea of Galilee (= Lake Kinneret).

We have been helped so much by Sally Reidman (Director of the College) and her staff, Hagit Ra'anan (Israeli Peace Representative of the World Peace Prayer Society) and other volunteer members such as a group of members of the Goi Peace Foundation from Japan led by Yutaka Obayashi, Ruth Joy from the US and Karin Klug from Germany. We are grateful to all of them.

Please connect your consciousness with the water in the Sea of Galilee and the River Jordan in Israel, even for a moment, during your prayer to send Love and Thanks to water. We feel that this area is the world in miniature.

If some of you want us to examine the water crystals before and after your ceremony, we will encourage you to send us your water samples. However, in this case, we would like you to note the following.

  1. Take water samples from natural freshwater sources such as river, pond and lake at which you hold your ceremony.
  2. Preferably, send both water samples before and after the ceremony. If you missed to take the sample before the ceremony, then you can send only the sample after the ceremony.
  3. For each sample, put more than 200 ml of water into a thoroughly washed PET bottle, close the lid tightly and wrap it with several layers of aluminum foil.
  4. Please attach some description on your ceremony and your water samples such as place, time and etc.
  5. Please pay the cost to send your water samples to us by yourself.
  6. We cannot guarantee that we can examine all the samples that have been sent to us. So, please don't be disappointed if your samples are not examined.

I would like to apologize that we have not yet been able to catch up with the information that you have kindly sent to us on your ceremony on July 25.

Finally, we thank all of you who are joining us and supporting us in the Ceremony to send Love and Thanks to water.

We are sure that the water on this planet will have changed on July 25 by our prayer and that this change will help bring world peace on this planet.

Yasuyuki NEMOTO, Secretary-General
Project of Love and Thanks to Water

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