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Plan of Dec 25, 2002

Dear Friends:

On behalf of Dr. Masaru Emoto, President of "Project of Love and Thanks to Water", I am sending this message to you as a Secretary-General.

We are deeply grateful to all of you who agree with the purpose of our Project and send your Love and Thanks to all the water on Earth on the 25th day of every month or at 7:25 am/pm everyday.

The day of the Project's last monthly ceremony in 2002 is December 25, that is, the Christmas. It is said that on this day, the collective vibration of humanity becomes most calm, peaceful and cleansed among the 365 days of a year.

Lighting a candle and quieting mind, how about sending Love and Thanks to all the water on Earth from your room or house with your friends, lover, spouse or family members.

Below is a Christmas message from Masaru Emoto to you.

Merry Christmas, everybody!!

To the fellows who are seeking the peace of the world,
to the people who love the nature of the world,
to the mothers who are nurturing the children of the world,
and to those who have hearts to give Love and Thanks to water,
I dedicate this to all of you.

Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart
with the water crystal that listened
to the music of Holy Night!!!

Dec 24, 2002
Masaru Emoto

* Click the address below and you will read Masaru's message
with a photo of a water crystal that listened to "Holy Night".

December 25 is called the Christmas and it is said that Jesus Christ was born this day. So, let me take a couple of passages from the Gospels of Christianity that are using the word "water". Both of them are what Jesus told.

John 3:5
I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God
unless he is born of water and the Spirit.

John 7:38
Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said,
streams of living water will flow from within him.

(New International Version)

So, these passages show how important the role of water is in Christianity as well.

One of the topics that Masaru often talks about in his lecture is "Apollo 13". There was no problem with its launch and it reached the orbit to go around the moon. However, on April 13, 1970, two days after the launch, right before reaching the moon, they got an explosion and lost two oxygen tanks out of three that were needed for fuel batteries to generate electricity. It was an accident that common sense cannot comprehend.

As a result, they had to give up landing on the moon. It was worse than that. They had to use the electric power and oxygen, that had been stored for the use by the Lunar Excursion Module, to return to Earth alive. They were really placed in an extreme situation.

This emergent situation of Apollo 13 was seen on television via satellite relay all over the world. Many people prayed for their coming home safely. In the movie "Apollo 13", it was shown that 50,000 catholics were praying with the Pope and that many Jewish people were praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

According to Masaru Emoto, it was the first time for us humanity in our whole history that we prayed together for one purpose going beyond any barriers of the difference in races, nations and religions.

In addition to the appropriate instructions by the support team on Earth and the calm responses by the astronauts, Masaru thinks, this prayer from all over the world enabled the crew to go back to the planet Earth alive.

In a similar way, this Project of Love and Thanks to Water is aiming at sending Love and Thanks together to all the water on Earth transcending the difference of nations, religions an races.

As for the ceremony on July 25, 2003, we would like to think the following places as the major three sites.

  • Sea of Galilee, Israel.
  • Starnberger See, Germany.
  • Biwa Lake, Japan.

The Sea of Galilee is also known as the Lake Kinneret, and Kinneret means the harp in Hebrew. So, this name is after the shape of the lake and this is also the case in the name of Biwa Lake. Biwa means another kind of a Japanese traditional instrument similar to the harp.

The ceremony by the Lake of Starnberger was proposed by Josef Bauer who was the main organizer of the HADO Symposium held on November 24 in Augusburg, Germany.

Of course, if you would like to have your own ceremony with many people in your area, that would be wonderful. Please let us know about it. We would like to link each other and make a worldwide water network.

Mr. and Mrs. Emoto and myself will go into Israel on this day and hold the ceremony by the Sea of Galilee together with the people at the Reidman Internatinal College for Complementary Medicine as we had planned. The ceremony by the Biwa Lake in Japan will be led by other members of I.H.M. Co., Ltd.

Here is wonderful news!!! Just on the other day, the United Nations declared the year 2003, as the International Year of Freshwater 2003.

I will quote their message below.

Welcome to the official site of the International Year of Freshwater 2003!

Jump in! Get your feet wet! Make a splash!
Together we can make a difference.

No matter who we are, where we are, and what we do, we are all dependent on water. We need it every day, in so many ways. We need it to stay healthy, we need it for growing food, for transportation, irrigation and industry. We need it for animals and plants, for changing colours and seasons. However, despite the importance of water resources in our lives and well-being, we are increasingly disrespectful of them. We abuse them. We waste them. We pollute them, forgetting how essential they are to our very survival.

2003 is a year of opportunity. It is a year for us to focus our attention on protecting and respecting our water resources, as individuals, communities, countries, and as a global family of concerned citizens. 2003 is a year for action and reflection. During this year we have a chance to mend our ways, to take stock and make a difference. By protecting our freshwater, we help to ensure our future and our planet's long-term prospects.

Join us in celebrating the International Year of Freshwater 2003. Send us your information, ideas, news, documents, images and testimonies, anything that could be shared with others around the world.

Let's make a big splash!

We started this Project in June 2002. Since then we have been proposing people to send Love and Thanks to all the water on Earth. It is as if they resonated with our Project that the United Nations started to tell the people to protect and respect water sources.

It is really a wonderful idea. I think that it would be nice if we could link and cooperate together and raise the human consciousness to water.

The year 2003, next year, will be a year of water, definitely.

Yasuyuki Nemoto had been living in Honolulu for two years. During that time, I made friends with Rev. Fred Sterling, Rev. Carol Morishige and many other people of the Honolulu Church of Light. They are planning "THE BILLION PERSON PEACE MEDITATION" on December 30. As one of the events, there is an interview hour. Although just 5 minutes for each person, they interview several persons on the phone. Fortunately, they are going to interview me, too. My topic is, of course, our Project of Love and Thanks to Water.

Here is the schedule of interviews in the Hawaiian Standard Time.

Date: Monday, Dec 30, 2002
Time: 4:00 PM - Welcome & Intro
4:05 PM - James Twyman
4:10 PM - Ronna Herman
4:15 PM - Sheldan Nidle
4:20 PM - Dr. Gerald Jampolsky and Dr. Diane Cirincione
4:25 PM - Steve Rother
4:30 PM - Yasu Nemoto
4:35 PM - Pepper Lewis
4:40 PM - Lee Carroll

All the event will be broadcasted via the live Internet radio system. Please take a look at the following pages for details.

Honolulu Church of Light

I would like to tell about our Project to as many people as possible and ask them to take part in the Project on July 25, 2003.

We appreciate your support and cooperation.
We thank you always.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!

Yasuyuki NEMOTO

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