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Plan of Oct 25, 2002

This time, following Masaru's idea, we would like to propose you to utter the following sentences, in a highest vibration made by the prayer of our Love and Thanks to Water.

"The United States of America stopped attacking Iraq."
"I (or we) appreciated it very much."

If you agree this, let us emit these Koto-Tama (In Japanese, Koto means words, and Tama means spirit. When combined, it means the Spirit contained in the uttered words) to the Universe for the peace and harmony of the world.

We appreciate your contribution.
Thank you very much.

If you want to know the Power contained in Koto-Tama, please read "Message from Masaru Emoto" on our home page.

We are planning to hold a "Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to All the Water on Earth" on July 25, 2003, and also, a "Symposium on Water and Consciousness" on the day before the Ceremony, that is, July 24, 2003.

As a place for the Ceremony and Symposium, we are thinking somewhere by the Sea of Galilee that is located upstream of the River Jordan in Israel.

Yasuyuki Nemoto is going to visit Israel on Oct 28 to meet Sally Reidman, Director of the Reidman International College of Complementary Medicine, and Prof. Avshalom Mizrahi of the College. They have agreed with our project, and we will discuss how to manifest these events next year.

Also, Hagit Ra'anan, a friend of mine, who has been involved in the peace process between Israel and Palestine for many years has prepared an opportunity for me to give a presentation in Israel on our Project of Love and Thanks to Water.

Below is her message that she is sending via e-mail.

"Message from Water" is a profound research made by Dr. Masaru Emoto. In this book, he shows that water having been treated with a high vibration such as positive words, positive music and sincere prayer makes a beautifully hexagonal ice crystal. Based on these results and with the tight assistance of Mr. Yasuyuki Nemoto, they have started a new project called "Project of Love and Thanks to Water".

In the project they propose to give sincere Love and Thanks to all the water on Planet Earth on the 25th of every month until July 25, 2003. One major assignment which is in the framework of the wide world project is to hold Sacred Ceremony followed by symposium on water by the Jordan River on July 25, 2003. On this day, people from all over the world will be offered to send their Love and Gratitude to the Jordan River. Understanding the influence of mass collective consciousness, we are sure that our prayer of Love and Thanks will change the vibration of the water, and by drinking this water, the vibration of our body will change simply because 70% of mankind body is water. We envision that it will contribute directly also to the peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

In preparation towards the ceremony, Mr. Yasuyuki Nemoto is coming to visit our region, makes contacts and locating the most perfect location for the ceremony.

If you wish to know more and be part of this grand project, you may come to meet Mr. Yasuyuki Nemoto on:-
Thursday, October 31st, 19:30 at Anael's in Rosh Pina, and/or
Saturday, November 2nd, 19:30 at Isaac's in East Talpiot, Jerusalem

*** If this touched your heart and you recognize this powerful opportunity, please come to meet Mr. Yasuyuki Nemoto and learn more about the work, the Sacred Ceremony on July and how you can become part of its creation. ***

In Oneness and infinite love - Hagit

We are deeply grateful to Sally Reidman, Hagit Ra'anan and many other wonderful Israeli people.

Finally, although we have been proposing to have a Ceremony to Send our Love and Thanks to Water on the 25th day of every month (see our home page for the details), but one of our wonderful supporters gave us an idea. She said "Isn't it really important to be aware of water everyday in our daily lives? So, how about sending our Love and Thanks to Water every day at 7:25 am and 7:25 pm?"

This also means to utilize the Power of Kazu-Tama (In Japanese, Kazu means number, and Tama means spirit. When combined, it means the Spirit contained in a number), and we think it is a wonderful idea and have decided to adopt it.

So, although it might be a very busy hour for you, but would you please send your Love and Thanks to All the Water on Earth every day at 7:25 am/pm, even if for seconds or tens of seconds? We appreciate it very much.

We are grateful to your heartfelt support and coordination to our Project.

Yasuyuki Nemoto at Larnaka, Cyprus

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