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Plan of Aug 25, 2002

On July 25 of last month, so many of you responded to our proposal and you held a ceremony to send Love and Thanks to water. Thank you very much. We really appreciate it.

We put those photos and e-mails that you sent to us to our home page.
Thank you so much.

Now, almost one month has passed since July 25. We envision it as one of the main purposes of this project to hold a ceremony to send Love and Thanks to water by the River Jordan/Lake Galilaia on July 25, 2003. And until then, we are proposing to hold a ceremony, however small, to send our Love and Thanks to water on the 25th of every month (see our home page for the detail).

It happens that Aug 25 is Sunday and we were considering how to do it on this day. Then, a friend of mine sent me an announcement. It was about a ceremony for the repose of the soul at the vacant lot in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, Japan, where Niu Kawakami Jinjya Kamisha Shrine used to be, and it is based on the idea of, and lead by, a famous Japanese cartoonist Suzue Miuchi and many other people. I found that it is going to be held on Sunday, Aug 25.

Although it might become a little long, let me quote what Suzue wrote.

Announcement on The Ceremony for the Repose of the Soul
- A Sacred Site with 10,000-Year History Will Be Sunk Under Water -

(the vacant lot in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, Japan,
where Niu Kawakami Jinjya Kamisha Shrine used to be)

Suzue Miuchi

Dear Friends,

I am glad that you are in good health every day.
Please allow me to send you this e-mail all of a sudden.

As some of you may know already, it is planned that the vacant lot where Niu-Kawakami Jinjya Kamisha Shrine used to be will sink under the water this autumn because of the construction of a dam. The God worshiped by this Shrine is "Takaokami No Ohkami". He is both a God of water source and a God of dragon.

According to "Nihon Shoki", a Japanese old historical book, the Emperor Jimmu worshiped Gods/Goddesses of Heaven and Earth at this place while he was conquering the Eastern part of Japan. Later, the Emperor Temmu built a shrine. Since then, many generations of the Emperors had been devoted to worshipping this shrine. Until the Onin War (15th century), it was such a sacred and powerful place that rituals had been held frequently to avoid natural disasters or to prepare for great enterprises at a national level.

In addition, it has been pointed out that this place is the biggest remains of the Jomon period (between 8,000 BC and 2,000 BC, or it might have begun much earlier according to the recent findings) in the western part of Japan as many relics and remains belonging to the early Jomon period such as a stone circle have been unearthed from this vacant lot.

Long, long time ago, what did our remote ancestors pray for at this sacred place looking up to the heaven and kneeing down to the earth? They must have been appreciating their own life with abundant natural resources, revering and worshipping the presence of God who is in charge of great nature.

However, this holy place where our ancestors have been keeping as a place for communion with God and dedicating their prayer to the God for more than 10,000 years is now going to be under the water!

Right now, the vacant lot has been dug up because of the excavation and it looks really horrible with many holes on the ground and with stumps of divine trees exposed to the weather. I visited this place recently, and teas welled up in my eyes when I saw the sight.

Should we abandon this sacred site in this way?
How about the prayer of our ancestors?
How about the promise between the invisible God and us?
Indeed, it appears that there is no God now at this place.
But also, it appears that our hearts are gone.

So now, those who have the same feeling in their hearts came together, had several meetings and decided to hold a ceremony for the repose of the soul to say our farewells to this 10,000 year old holy place with the approval of the chief priest of this shrine.

We are going to revive ancient rituals using Himorogi (the Divine Throne in Shintoism) and planning to perform a Hanitsuchi ritual according to the Emperor Jimmu's original way. Also, we are planning to have a Holy Water Ritual by gathering holy waters from many sacred places inside and outside of Japan and dedicating our prayer to water, which is the source of all life, including ourselves, in great nature.

We invite you to participate in this ceremony. Please tell about this ceremony to the other people who have the same hearts.

And you can send us holy waters of various places. (Please let us know before hand in this case.)

related HP (sorry all in Japanese)

(Translated by Yasuyuki Nemoto)

You can get detailed information by tracing those related home pages. As a summary, there are two parts in this ceremony.

Part I. Ceremony for the Repose of the Soul (2:00 to 5:00 PM)
Part II. Prayer (6:30 to about 9:00 PM)

At the end of this second part "Prayer", there is the following part,

"Prayer to Water" - All the holy waters are dedicated to the God of water source, and their energy will become one. All the participants offer prayer of appreciation, spray the waters to the vacant lot, and dedicate the rest of the waters to a nearby river. and I found that it really coincides with the purpose of our Project of Love and Thanks to Water.

So, I made a contact with Suzue and offered our cooperation. She accepted it very pleasantly.

Therefore, we are proposing to you now to send our Love and Thanks to the water at the vacant lot in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, Japan, where Niu-Kawakami Jinjya Kamisha Shrine used to be, simultaneously when you do your ceremony/event of giving Love and Thanks to water on Aug 25.

Thank you for your cooperation.

As for our home page of the Project of Love and Thanks to Water, we are updating it frequently even if little by little.

This time, we put a message from the president of this project, Masaru Emoto, with many photos of water crystals. If you read it, you will get a more understanding of our project.

We also set a BBS system and a new e-mail list for a Japanese speaking people. Those systems for English is under construction. Please be patient, and we would like to ask you to visit our home page frequently.

We appreciate your prayer of Love and Thanks to water and your kind cooperation to the Project of Love and Thanks to Water.

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