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Plan of Jul 25, 2002

Since this home page was opened to the public, we have received many inquiries asking if the date of the event might have been mistakenly written as July 25, 2003 and if it is actually July 25, 2002. In our initial plan, we planned an event on July 25, 2003. However, we came to conclude that it is important to start this project from this year, even if not so many people will be involved.

So, we would like to start our Project of Love and Thanks to Water on July 25, 2002. It would be preferable to send the vibration at the same time, we would like to set three timings for the prayer, that is, 7:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM (local time in your area/country). Please send your Love and Thanks at one of these timings. If you cannot do that at either timing, then it will be OK to do that at any other timing. Thank you for your cooperation.

Toward July 25, 2002, we are going to improve this home page incorporating a page of BBS and reports from you and tell about this project to the people as many as possible.

Plan between July 25, 2002 and July 25, 2003

  • We would like to hold a event/ceremony, however small it may be, to send our Love and Thanks to all the water on Earth on the 25th day of every month to raise the human consciousness gradually until July 25, 2003. We need your cooperation.
  • To visit various countries, cities and towns to give a lecture on water and tell the people all over the world about this Project of Love and Thanks to Water, asking them to join it.
  • To further improve this home page and create a worldwide network with a cooperation of general citizens, grass-root organization, local self-governing bodies, various educational facilities, the united nations, various organizations of metaphysics, religious groups, and scientific communities asking them to join this project. If you personally or as an organization agree with the purpose of this project and willingly cooperate with this project, please let us know at the contact site below.

Plan of July 25, 2003

  • Although we have not yet fixed it completely, we have a plan to hold a "Ceremony to dedicate our Love and Thanks to Water" on July 25, 2003, at or near the source of the Jordan River. One of the possible places is near the Lake Galilaia.
  • You can join this ceremony. You can also send your Love and Thanks to the water of the world at the same time as this ceremony from the place where you are. Either will do. Either way is equally important, and we would like to link both ways effectively.
  • We would like to request scientific laboratories and institutes to measure various parameters on the characteristics of water before and after July 25, 2003 to prove that human consciousness changes the water. If you can cooperate with us on this matter personally or as an organization, please let us know.

Long term plan for next 10 years

  • We would like to aim at establishing an international non-profit organization.
  • We would like to propose to set July 25 as "World Day of Love and Thanks to Water" and observe this day as an international holiday.
  • We would like to contribute to the realization of world peace by raising the collective consciousness of humanity gradually.

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