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Lecture by President Masaru Emoto at the Funai's Open World

"The 9th Funai's Open World" was held at the Pacifico Yokohama both on Sat, Sept 7 and Sun, Sept 8. Masaru Emoto, President of this Project gave a lecture there at 10:00 to 11:30 am on Sept 8 under the title of "Emergent 'Message from Water' - Let us give Love and Thanks to Water in the World on July 25, 2003!"

Masaru has been having a nightmare repeatedly where humanity becomes extinct by natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and great floods, and so he has been thinking seriously about the way to evade these catastrophes. He appealed to the audience that the only way to do so is "by the power of human prayer and hyman consciousness". He said also "Our body is mostly composed of water, and it is important to raise the Hado of this bodily water".

Lecture by Masaru Emoto, President of this Project
on Sept 8, 2002, at the Funai's Open World

At the end of his lecture, as you see the photo above, he took off his jacket showing underneath the T-shirt of "Project of Love and Thanks to Water", and told the people, "Consciousness of each and every one of us, general citizens, is the most important" and "We can change the world by our consciousness."

Then, I was surprised to see that the people on the right side of the room began to stand up and applauded him. It was a standing ovation!!!

Standing Ovation First Time in Japan (1)

I was watching the audience on the left of the center of the room. The wave of standing people moved from the front part of the room to the rear part. Fortunately, I could take photos of the wave.

Standing Ovation First Time in Japan (2)

As you see in the photos, the wave of moved people transmitted to the back of the room. Taking photos in the room, I was really touched by the scene. In the foreighn countries, people are used to give a standing ovation, and I myself watched several times a standing ovation at the end of Masaru's lectures while I was with him and his wife on their lecture tour to Europe. However, I did not expect to see a standing ovation in Japan in front of me.

Standing Ovation First Time in Japan (3)

I heard that Masaru Emoto was also very touched by such warm response from the audience in Japan and that his wife, Kazuko, also tried hard to hold back her tears.

Standing Ovation First Time in Japan (4)

We are grateful to all the peole who were there and gave us such a wonderful present. Thank you very much.

Lecture by Secretary-General, Yasuyuki Nemoto, at "Festival of the Planet Earth and Us People"

Although it happened to be the same weekend as the Funai's Open World, "Festival of the Planet Earth and Us People" was held by the Rockey Mountain Mystery School at the Ohta-Ku Ward Hall. Nemoto, Secretary-General of this Project, gave a lecture at 3:40 to 4:30 pm on Sept 7 under the title of "Project of Love and Thanks to Water -- To Raise the Collective Consciousness of Humanity --".

Lecture by Yasuyuki Nemoto at the Festival of
the Planet Earth and Us People

It was really the first time for me to give a lecture on this theme, and I was a little bit nervous. However, after the lecture, several people told me "The talk was really easy to understand and I could grasp the purpose of the Project very well", and I got relieved so much. We are deeply grateful to the people who listened to my talk.

In addition, thanks to this Festival, I could meet many people such as Shuji Doi of the Foundation of Flowering and Greening, Akira Yoneda at the Human Science Institute, Yasuhiro Takeuchi at the Kohsokohtai-Jingu Shrine, Tomoko Hifumi, the author of "From God to Human" (Cyuoh Art Publishing Company), Tetra Tanizaki, a writer and musician and so on.

We thank Gudni Gudnason and other people at the Rockey Mountain Mystery School who held this wonderful Festival.

"Peace On Earth" Held on Sept 11

One year has passed already on Sept 11, 2002, since the terrorists' attack. On this day, an event called "Peace On Earth" was held at a public square with a fountain on the 1st basement of the Ikebukuro Sunshine City in Tokyo.

Opening of "Peace On Earth"

After playing the piano and singing songs, there was a panel discussion by guest speakers with a theme of "Happiness of every one of us and the peace on Earth, and the future of Humanity".

Guest speakers were Hiroo Saionji of the Goi Peace Foundation, Ahmadyar Jafar of the Japan International Friendship and Welfare Foundation, and Masaru Emoto of the I.H.M. General Institute, the author of "Message from Water" and the president of the Project of Love and Thanks to Water.

Panel Discussion By Guest Speakers

Hiroo Saionji explained about the peace activities by the Goi Peace Foundation. They have been planting Peace Poles all over the world, on each side of which is written a universal prayer "May Peace Prevail On Earth", and having ceremonies using this prayer. He also explained about the "Declaration for All Life on Earth" that was proposed by the Goi Peace Foundation.

Hiroo Saionji, President of the Goi Peace Foundation

Ahmadyar Jafar explained about the current situation in Afghanistan where he was born, and asked the audience to help them. Expecially, he was expecting from Japan.

Ahmadyar Jafar, Coordinator of the Japan
International Friendship and Welfare Foundation

Masaru Emoto told how "Message from Water" spread to the world, and explained the significance and application of the water crystal techniques that enables us to show the Hado contained in water visually. He also told that the world peace can be realized in a moment if the people desire peace strongly and simultanesouly. Although he has been invited to many different countries all over the world to give a lecture, he has been always surprised when he sees the peace poles everywhere. At the last, he explained the Project of Love and Thanks to Water, and asked the audience to participate in the Project.

Masaru Emoto, President of Project of
Love and Thanks to Water

After several artists played their music, "World Peace Flag Ceremony" started. In this ceremony, we raised each flag of all the countries one by one and prayed for the peace in the country. The participants of the event lined up, and each one of them received one of the national flags, went up to the stage and raised and waved the flag there. Then, all the people there said the prayer "May Peace Be in (name of country)" in unison.

World Peace Flag Ceremony

It happened that Masaru Emoto, President of this Project, took a turn to hold the national flag of Japan. He waved the rising-sun flag so vigorously.

Masaru Emoto, President of this Project,
Who Waves The National Flag of Japan

And this photo shows the closing part of the event. The event came to an end successfully with a deep impression. I am sure that a Hado filled with love, harmony and peace has emitted from this space to to the whole world.

Closing of "Peace On Earth"

We are deeply grateful to all the artists who played wonderful musics, all the guest speakers, all the volunteer staff and Haruka Takeda who served as a general producer and MC of this event.

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