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Message on Feb 27, 2003

Dear Friends:

On behalf of Dr. Masaru Emoto, President of "Project of Love and Thanks to Water", I am sending this e-mail as a Secretary-General.

Now, already 2 months have passed since the year 2003 started. We have been engaged in the renewal of our home page. I was thinking that, when this renewal was completed, I would send a new message. But it took a much longer time than I expected. So, now you have got this message now. We are sorry for the delay. (English) (Japanese)

We expect that it becomes much easier to read.

It was a very sad accident, but on Feb 1, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated when it reentered the atmosphere of the planet Earth, and seven astronauts lost their lives. As for this incident, one of our wonderful friends sent us a message, which was very moving to us, so I decided to put it on our home page. The author is Prof. Hideo Nakazawa at the University of Tokyo. (English) (Japanese)

This article is long and somewhere on the way reading, you might feel a little tough, especially to those of you from the US, Israel and India, but I strongly recommend you to read it till the end. You will find it filled with a lot of love. I was moved into tears. Many people responded the same way. You will be compelled to reconsider what the world peace is and what the meaning of our life on Earth is.

Now, it is less than 5 months left before the worldwide Ceremony to Send our Love and Thanks to Water scheduled on July 25, 2003. We are little by little, but steadily, preparing for this event.

In Israel, we are making our plan with the support of Sally Reidman, Director of the Reidman International College for Complementary Medicine. On the evening of July 24, we will hold a lecture by Masaru Emoto and then at the midnight of July 25, we are going to have a Ceremony to Send our Love and Thanks to Water by the Sea of Galilee. We need to consider that July 25 is Friday and that the Sabbath begins at the sunset of this day.

Ahead of this event, Masaru will visit Israel with the support of Sally in mid-May. He is invited to a conference in Israel as one of key speakers. He also gives several lectures to tell the people about our Ceremony on July 25.

It is our pleasure that at this timing, there will have been published a Hebrew version of "Message from Water". The profit (of Japanese side) resulting from publishing this book in Israel will go into the Project.

On the other hand, Josef Bauer, who is a president of a company dealing with HADO-related products and who made a great success in holding the first HADO Symposium in Germany last November, and Konrad Halbig, who is a president of a publishing company who is publishing a German version of "Message from Water", are agreeing with the purpose of our Project completely. They are planning to have a big event by the Lake Starnberger. Josef told me in his e-mail that they are going to gather 50,000 people to the Lake on July 25.

In Japan, we are considering the Biwa Lake, the biggest lake in Japan. We asked Suzue Miuchi, who is a very famous cartoonist and also a very spiritual person, to lead the event by the Biwa Lake (I got to know her on Aug 25, last year, when I attended the Ceremony, lead by her, for the Repose of the Soul at the vacant lot in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, Japan, where Niu Kawakami Jinjya Kamisha Shrine used to be). She accepted our proposal very willingly.

On the Lake Biwa, there is an island called Chikubu-Shima. There is a shrine on the island, and Saraswati (she is a deity of water, too) is worshipped there. It is said that she is one of the greatest three Saraswatis in Japan. I heard that Takako Omidera, whom I met on July 25 concerning our Project, knows personally the chief priest of the Chikubu-Shima Shrine. So, I went to the Chikubu-Shima Island to meet him with her on Feb 25 on the Chikubu-Shima Island.

The chief priest and his wife were so wonderful and they completely understood the purpose of our Project and told us that they are very happy to support us. They allowed us to use their place for our Project on July 25, 2003.

According to Masaru Emoto's idea, it would be good to hold the Ceremony at six point surrounding the Lake Biwa to make a hexagram, or the shape of water crystal. Agreeing with the purpose of our Project, if you would like to hold your own ceremony by the Lake Biwa, as a person or as an organization, please let us know.

President of Shinwa-Kai, Takaaki Kakiuchi, who is spreading a respiration method developed by Dr. Nobuo Shioya, told us that his group would like to support our Project by the Biwa Lake.

In Hiroshima, Satoshi Hamamoto of "Echoing" is planning to hold a Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water in Hiroshima on July 25.

On Feb 6, I met Yoichi Kikuchi, Minoru Konagaya and Yu Soda of "Rainbow Network", and Keiko Soma of "Smiling Mt. Fuji Festival", with a help of Yoshifumi Tomita who is working as a secretary at "Rainbow Network". Yoichi, Minoru and Keiko attended Masaru Emoto's lecture held at the Eight Star at Yotsuya, Tokyo.

They are planning to have "Smiling Mt. Fuji Festival" for one month from July 25 on the slope of Mt. Fuji.

Smiling Mt. Fuji Festival (Japanese)

As a matter of fact, Mr. Kikuchi is a former technical expert of nuclear power plant and understands very well how weak a nuclear power plant is when it is hit by an earthquake. So, taking "Stop the Hamaoka nuclear power plant until the expected Tokai earthquake has completely passed" as a slogan, they planned this festival to raise the people's consciousness so that they could understand the dangerous situation.

It happens that the beginning day of this festival is the day of our worldwide Ceremony to Send our Love and Thanks to Water. So, we are asking them to have a brief time to send Love and Thanks to Water on this day, probably on the top of Mt. Fuji.

On Feb 11, there was a symposium entitled "HADO Frontier". President of Shichida Child Academy, Morishige Tohyama, who got moved very much to hear Masaru Emoto's lecture in the symposium, wrote to us "30,000 children of Shichida Child Academy will cooperate with your Project on July 25". Shichida Child Academy is very famous in their right-brain education to young children which has been developed by Dr. Makoto Shichida.

Shichida Child Academy (Japanese)

We are grateful to all of you who are cooperating with us in our worldwide Ceremony on July 25.

Now, here is a big topic this time. There will be the 3rd World Water Forum held in Kyoto, Shiga and Osaka, Japan, for 8 days from March 16 to March 23. In this Forum, His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince is the Honorary President, and Ryutaro Hashimoto, Former Prime Minister of Japan, is Chairman of the Steering Committee. It is an international, large-scale Forum with the Kyoto International Conference Hall as a main venue.

3rd World Water Forum (English)

The 2nd Forum was held in the Hague, the Netherlands, in 2000. They released the World Water Vision, creating a great sensation. It has been said that the 21st century will become the century of water. This 3rd Forum is the first Forum in this new century and it has been planned to be held near the Lake Biwa of Japan.

We, Project of Love and Thanks to Water, applied to organize a session in the Forum. As a result, we are going to have a session, where Masaru Emoto is the only speaker as is shown below.

Date Thursday, March 20

3:45 PM - 6:30 PM

Venue Kyoto Takaragaike Prince Hotel, Takasago Hall
5 min walk from Kyoto International Conference Hall

Water and Prayer -Towards the Peace of the World-

Our session's home page (English)

There are a variety of sessions planned under large categories like "Water and Climate", "Water and Culture Diversity", "Water and Energy", "Water Supply, Sanitation, Hygiene and Water Pollution", "Water, Food and Environment" and "Water and Poverty".

However, there is almost no session which is dealing with "Water and Prayer" or "Interaction between Water and Human Consciousness" as we have been considering a very important theme. We think, as "Message from Water" is telling us, that raising our own consciousness is the most essential solution for all the problems we are now facing.

Our session is just one of hundreds of sessions in the Forum. Yet, we would like to appeal the importance of our own consciousness to the people to attend this Forum from all over the world. We believe that water will respond to our sincere Love and Thanks.

Many VIPs of various governments will come to Japan to attend this Forum. In all the rooms, simultaneous translation into both Japanese and English will be provided. So, it is a little expensive to attend this Forum (one-day ticket costs 8,000 yen for adults and 4,800 yen for students), but considering the significance of the message given through Masaru Emoto in such an official, international Forum, it would be very much appreciated if you could attend our Forum and support us. Let us send our highest vibration (HADO) filled with Love, Harmony and Gratitude, to the world from Japan.

To this 3rd World Water Forum, Barbara Harmony (National Water Center), who has been dedicating herself to water, will come from the US, with Marilyn Harris-Tewa (Black Mesa Trust), who is a Hopi spokeswoman, Michel Perry (Planetary Healer Project), a shaman, and his son Damen. Marilyn brings a video entitled "Mother Water", which is dealing with a water issue the Hopi tribe is facing.

National Water Center

Black Mesa Trust

Planetary Healer Project

E-mail exchange started between Barbara and me when she asked me about our Project via e-mail. All of the four people will come to our session in the Forum.

On July 25, 2002, as is written on our home page already, we had a Ceremony to Send our Love and Thanks to All the Water on Earth at the Goishi Kaigan Beach of Niigata Prefecture with a group lead by Takako Omidera, Souka, Saitama Prefecture. Through Mrs. K whom I got to know at this time, I was connected with Mr. S who is involved in planning a festival called "Tai-Sai-Rei". Mr. S introduced me Masaru Yamazaki (the same name as our President, but a lady) who is concerned in environmental issues very much.

This Masaru Yamazaki made a plan of a gathering to watch the video of the Hopi tribe "Mother Water" and the video version of "Message from Water". Including Marilyn, all the four guests from the US will attend this gathering.

Date Tuesday, March 25
Opening of Venue 5:30 PM
Start of Program 6:30 PM

Fureai Hall, Hitachi-Ohta Lifelong Study Center


Masaru Yamazaki, 0294-72-5616

Please attend this gathering if you are interested.

And also, those four people from the US will attend "Tai-Sai-Rei" festival. This festival has been held every 72 years and very traditional Japanese festival. It was held in 1931 last time.

Tai-Sai-Rei a.k.a. Kanasa Oh-Dengaku Festival (English)

This is really by chance, but it was found that, at the place Masaru Yamazaki reserved for the guests to stay at Hitachi-Ohta City, children from Chernobyl will be staying, being invited by Japanese volunteers.

It is said that the Uranium, used to make atomic bombs that was dropped to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was taken from the underground where the Hopi tribe lived. So, it is also said that they were actually the first victims of the atomic bombs. I only felt a very mysterious connection when I heard that Marilyn and Barbara will come to Japan at this timing and meet the children from Chernobyl. Also, next to Hitachi-Ohta City, there is Tokai village, where there happened an accidental leak of radioactivity from a nuclear power plant several years ago.

It would be time to send our Love and Thanks not only to water but also to radioactive elements.

"The Festival of Love, Beauty and Harmony - Festival of Cherry Blossoms -" planned on Apr 12 by The Foundation of Flowers, Greens and Agriculture was postponed.

Foundation of Flowers, Greens and Agriculture (Japanese)

On Dec 30 of last year, I had an opportunity to talk about our "Project of Love and Thanks to Water" on an Internet radio program run by the Honolulu Church of Light. We are deeply grateful to those of you who listened to the program.

Subsequently, they decided to have an interview with Masaru Emoto and me in April. We are very happy if you could listen to the program.

Date & Time (Hawaii Standard Time) Monday, April 14, 3 PM
(Japanese Standard Time) Tuesday, April 15, 10 AM

Please look at the following home page for detail.

The Honolulu Church of Light (English)

Last but not least, at the end of last year, our friend, Sally Reidman, visited the United Kingdom, and joined a Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water at a house of her friend, Caroline Wyndham, in Glastonbury.

Caroline placed a large glass bowl filled with water in the middle of the circle to receive the vibrations. This water had been taken from the sacred well in Glastonbury called Chalice Well. Then, a musician named Gabriella played the cello and lead the ceremony.

Then, Sally explained about our Project to the people who were gathering. As a result, it was decided that on the 25th of every month, people would gather at the Well Head, the Source, at Chalice Well at 12:00 to give Love and Thanks to water.

And a few days before this ceremony, Sally met Lynn Orchard who is the Guardian of the Chalice Well. Lynn told her that she had heard Dr. Emoto speak once before here in England and that she would lead a ceremony for Love and Thanks to water at Chalice Well on July 25th, 2003, linking up with the main Ceremony in Israel.

Chalice Well (English)

We are hoping that the network through water is expanding this way, making haste slowly.

Here is just one more e-mail I just received a few days ago from Anael Harpaz. She is living near the Sea of Galilee in Israel and supported me so much when I visited Israel last year. To me, she is a spiritual guardian of the Lake. The following is part of her e-mail as of Feb 25.

Did our prayers work or what!!!!

The skies have opened up - we even have snow today in Safed and Jerusalem. You should all be envying me who cannot sit home for a minute. I am amazed at the rivers that are flowing everywhere. I have been in the Galilee since 1988 and have never experienced anything like this.

What is so moving is that it is not only me who is so excited. Wherever I go, there are plenty of other citizens of this country, Jews, Moslems, Christians, Druze, Bedouin etc. who are all so excited.

Everyone is smiling at each other, hitting each other on the back with affection of "Wow, God is cleansing us of the hard times..." With spring, we too will see changes. It feels like a celebration for new times.

Much Love and Gratitude to you all... Anael

I am feeling that there is THIS reality now spreading to all over the world. I know this is the REAL reality happening right now here on Earth.

We have gotten many other e-mails and messages. We have received very interesting reports on experiments of telling/showing words to plants, fruits and vegetables. We are very sorry, but please wait for a while until we have uploaded them. Thank you for your patience.

We appreciate your support and cooperation.
We thank you always.

Yasuyuki NEMOTO, Secretary-General of Project of Love and Thanks to Water

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