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We have been sending our messages to those who are interested in the activities of this Project semi-regularly. Some of them have been kindly transferring our messages to other people and homepage sites. We appreciate your support to us very much.

However, as our e-mail address becomes known more widely on the Internet, we have been getting more and more SPAM e-mails, as a side effect. We changed our e-mail address once. Yet, the situation got back to the original very soon.

Because of this situation, although it might give you some trouble, we have decided to send our messages from an e-mail address which is used only for sending and not for receiving. This means that if you simply "reply" to our message, nobody will read that reply.

Instead, please use one of the following addresses to send your inquiry via e-mail.

  • For inquiry on Dr. Masaru Emoto's lecture, click
  • For inquiry on Technology of Water Crystal Photography, click
  • For inquiry on Request of Water Crystal Photograph, click
  • For inquiry on Permission to Use Water Crystal Photograph, click
  • For inquiry on Project of Love and Thanks to Water, click
    (NOTE: We discarded the old address <[email protected].net>)

However, please understand that we may not be albe to respond to your inquiry immediately or soon, as we have been getting more and more inquiries. We appreciate your understanding.

For your information (NOTE: The following address is send only. If you sent your reply to this address, nobody would read it.)

We appreciate your cooperation.
Thank you very much.

Yasuyuki Nemoto
Project of Love and Thanks to Water

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