July 25, 2003, World Day of Love and Thanks to Water

In collaboration with all of you, we were able to hold the Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water at various places all over the world on July 25 or at about that time. In Japan, it was held at more than 61 places in more than 27 prefectures (we have 47 prefectures in total): In foreign countries, at more than 100 places in more than 33 countries.

Sea of Galilee in Israel just after
the Ceremony on July 25, 2003
Chikubujima Island in Lake Biwa, Japan

Please read the following pages for the plans and reports that you have sent to us.

We have received many reports as e-mails or snail mails written in Japanese, too. We have not had time to translate all of them into English. So, if you can read Japanese, please access to the Japanese section of this home page, too.

We are grateful to all of you who joined this Ceremony.
Thank you very much.

Results of Water Crystals

We took water crystal photographs of water samples that was kindly sent to us.

Please take a look at this page.

Future Plan of "Project of Love and Thanks to Water"

Here is a message to you from Masaru Emoto, President of this Project. Please read it.

Thank you very much.

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