Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water on July 25, 2006

Messages from you

Below are the plans of Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water in 2006 and other messages sent from you to us. We appreciate all of you.

From: "Stacey Robyn" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: InquiryToProject
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 15:03:34 -0700

greetings and Glad tidings ~

to begin - thank you for being you! thank you for the powerful service you are providing in the world and for holding the Love and Thanks to water day ceremonies.

This year Go Gratitude (www.givemethemasterkey.com) is calling for our members to gather on this day to join with you in blessings the waters of the world. We are soooooooooooo excited. here is the reason for my contact:

we were blesssed with the opportunity to be present in Seattle for the invocation, and were profoundly moved by the blessing sung with Shanti Shivani's melody.

we wish to share this with our gathering, to teach this powerful blessing, and have it sung around the world on
July 25th. Shanti has agreed to participate, and now we wish to gain your permission to use the blessing.
we will, of course, share the history, who created it and link to your organization, to make sure as many people as possible are aware of this powerful event.

below you will find a copy of an email from Shanti verifying her willingness to participate. As you are willing, please send us your permission and we will go forward in making this happen!

you may have questions or ideas, and I am happy to assist in every way possible to make this a reality!
many blessings to you

in Love and Gratitude,
[email protected]

copy of Shanti email:

Greetings Stacy,

I got your phone message and was actually thinking of contacting you regarding a possible collaboration when I read about you on Dr. Emoto's blog... Serendipity!

Since Dr. Emoto has the copyright for the grand invocation and I have the copyright for the music, I would request that you ask Dr. Emoto for permission to put it out over the internet. I think it is a great idea, but we have not yet recorded it. Dr. Emoto wanted to make a crystal of the melody to prove to his 104 yr. old mentor who gave him the kotodama transmission that the melody is powerful, even if it is not Japanese music.

I am in the process of moving my things up to Eugene from California and will be available by phone from Friday onward.

I look forward to speaking with you!

I was part of the Gratitude experiment and loved it!

Shanti SHivani

Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 20:37:43 -0700
From: Sophie Horste <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Subject: InquiryToProject

Dear Good People,
We held our Ocean Healing Ceremony in July of last year, and this year it is planned for Saturday, July 22. We had 20+ people last time and expect the same or more this year. It is such a beautiful feeling, being in a wave of love and thanks to our dear Earth and her Water starting that day, and now we can be completely aware, keeping the wave going through your Thursday ceremony (and onward throughout the year). Some of us also gathered, for the second year, at a beautiful little artesian well here, to sing to it and bless it just before May Day. An eagle flew overhead, and a pure white egret rose from the water in the pond behind the well. Those arriving to get water watched and enjoyed. May you continue in Love and Thanks. Kate Bowditch [Return email: [email protected]]

Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 10:52:20 -0700
From: Linda and Tim Maisonneuve <[email protected]>
Subject: InquiryToProject
To: [email protected]

We are excited to tell you that we will be holding our own Project of Love and Thanks to Water on July 23, 2006 in Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada.

We will gather at the confulence of the Columbia and Kootenay Rivers in the Millenium Walkway Park and offer up the prayer followed by a Sun Salutation.

It starts at 8am (PST) and we would appreciate your prayers added to ours.

Peace and Love,
Linda Maisonneuve and Janice Ferraro

We are grateful to all of you who are kindly planning to hold your own Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water on July 25, 2006.

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