Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water on July 25 (1)

The day of a worldwide "Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water", which we have been planning to hold since last July, is now approaching and actually it is the 25th day of this month.

Plan in Israel

As planned since the beginning, Masaru Emoto, his wife Kazuko Emoto and I will enter Israel. The ceremony in Israel will start at 5:00 pm on July 24 at the Kinneret campus of Reidman International College for Complementary Medicine. We will have a lecture by Masaru Emoto, World Peace Prayer Ceremony using national flags of all the countries, songs and music and finally, after the midnight of July 25, the Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to All the Water on Earth by Lake Kinneret a.k.a. the Sea of Galilee.

We had planned to visit Israel in May to hold a lecture of Masaru Emoto to prepare the Ceremony. However, the war between Iraq and the US began and the situation in Israel also came to unstable. So, we gave up this plan in April. Since then, the war came to an end, and we heard from Sally that the atmosphere in Israel gradually became to that before the war.

At this moment when I am writing this message, the US president George W. Bush, the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas are having discussion and the "road map" to peace is being formulated. We cannot predict the situation. Yet, we think that we would like to come back to Japan safely after we have achieved our purpose to become a conduit of light that will be poured from all over the world on July 25.

By the way, to the people who would like to join the ceremony in Israel, we have been telling to come to Israel at their own risk. In spite of this difficult situation, a group of about 20 people which is led by Yutaka Obayashi, President of "Project of Gratitude for Gaia", have decided to join us and support our ceremony in Israel. We appreciate it very much.

Plan in Germany

In Germany our friends Josef Bauer and Konrad Halbig have been planning a Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water. However, unfortunately through force of circumstances we had to change the site of ceremony from Lake Starnberger to Lake Deiniger Weiher. We will show the detail on this home page as soon as it is fixed.

Lake Deiniger Weiher

Plan at Lake Biwa in Japan

We think that Lake Biwa is one of the most important points in Japan. And based upon Masaru Emoto's idea, we have chosen the following six points that would make a hexagram (it is also called the Star of David) surrounding Lake Biwa as is shown below, so that we can send the vibration of our sincere Love and Thanks to the whole area of Lake Biwa.

Six points surrounding Lake Biwa

At the Chikubu-Jima Island, we are going to use the precincts of Chikubu-Jima Jinjya Shrine as a venue of the Ceremony through the courtesy of the Chief Priest Iwao Ikushima. Suzue Miuchi a famous Japanese cartoonist will lead a ceremony named "World Peace and Prayer of Love and Thanks to Water". Organizers have been assigned at the other 5 points, too, as follows.

  • Chikubu-Jima -- Suzue Miuchi (Ask detailed information to this Project. You need to submit an application because the space is really limited. Deadline is June 25)
  • Nagahama -- Takako Omidera of Sanko-Ryosya (048-943-1838)
    • Title of Ceremony: Water, We Thank You (3-min prayer)
    • Date & Time: At 1:00 pm on July 25 (for 3 minutes)
    • Place of Ceremony: In front of the Nagahama Port
    • Content of Ceremony: Joining hands together, we dedicate our sincere Love to water. Thank you, water! We pray that water will prevail all over the world by respecting and saving water in our daily life.
  • Imazu -- Takaaki Kakiuchi of Shinwa-Kai (03-3686-6052)
  • Ohmi-Hachiman -- Taeko Fukuoka (0798-73-0130) and Takako Kato (0745-73-5036) of "Project of Gratitude for Gaia: Kobe and Nara".
    • Date & Time: At 11 am on July 25
    • Meeting Place: At 10 am at the JR Station of Ohmi-Hachiman. We will pick you up at the station and take to the place by car. If you use your own car, it will take 30 min from the station to the place of ceremony. If you use the city bus, it will take 40 min and you will get off the bus at the last bus stop of Kokumin-Kyuka-Mura. There will be some guides for you at the Ohmi-Hachiman Station and the bus stop Kokumin-Kyuka-Mura.
    • Place of Ceremony: We will start our ceremony at 11 am at the lakeshore of Ohmi-Hachiman-Kokumin-Kyuka-Mura in Okijima cho, Ohmi-Hachiman City.
    • Content of Ceremony: World Peace Prayer Ceremony and Prayer for Water.
  • Ohmi-Maiko -- Tsuguo Nagata (077-596-2113, 090-8792-1782) of "Project of Gratitude for Gaia: Ohmi-Maiko".
    • Name of Event: Ceremony to Thank Water of Lake Biwa
    • Content: Flag Ceremony to Give Thanks to Water
    • Date & Time: 10:30 am on Friday, July 25, 2003
    • Meeting Place: Ohmi-Maiko Station of JR Kosei Line. You will see the surface of Lake Biwa in front of you.
    • Contact: Tsuguo Nagata 090-8792-1782, Tateko Hashiguchi 06-6338-5315, Keiko Asai 0727-57-7436
    • NOTE: If you come from the direction of Osaka, take a New Rapid train (Shin-Kaisoku) at 9:15 am at Osaka Station for Ohmi-Imazu, and you will arrive at Ohmi-Maiko Station at 10:15 am (no change of train).]
  • Ohtsu -- Arata Takemiya (077-534-5453) of "Group to Study the Environments and Water".
    • Date & Time: At 11 am on July 25.
    • Place: At the lakeshore side of Zeze Joshi Koen Park.

We would appreciate it very much if you could join one of the ceremonies at these 6 points. Only for the ceremony on the Chikubu-Jima Island, we have to limit the total number of participants because of the special circumstances (the space is very limited, you need to take a boat to get on the island and so on). If you would like to attend the ceremony on the Chikubu-Jima, please send us a postcard with the following information on it. Only the postcards with a postmark before June 25 will be valid. We are very sorry to say this, but if there are people more than the capacity, we will choose an appropriate number by drawing lots.

Address to Send:

Project of Love and Thanks to Water
c/o I.H.M. Co., Ltd.
Eastside Bldg. 1F
1-1-11 Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0052

Please write "I would like to participate in the Ceremony on the Chikubu-Jima Island" on a postcard, and add the following information: name, address, phone/fax number, e-mail address, the total number of people and so on.

If you would like to participate in any ceremony other than the one on the Chikubu-Jima, please make a contact with the organizer of each ceremony.

And of course, you are not limited to the 6 places. You can have your own ceremony to send Love and Thanks to Water with your friends and family members at any place on the lakeshore of Lake Biwa. It would be appreciated very much, too.

Yet, July 25 will be already in a season of summer vacation, and many tourists and campers will come to the lakeshore. So if many people will come to your ceremony, you need to be aware of several issues such as garbage collection, toilets, and parking space if cars are necessary to get to the site of ceremony. Please pay attention not to give trouble to the local residents.

Plans at various sites in Japan (other than Lake Biwa)

There are many people who agree with our Project and plan to hold a ceremony on July 25 all over Japan.

In Hiroshima, Satoshi Hamamoto (082-879-5771) of Echoing, who made a success in planning Masaru Emoto's lecture in Hiroshima, is planning to hold a Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to all the water.

In Tokyo, members of "Project of Gratitude for Gaia: Tokyo" (President: Yutaka Obayashi, 0422-55-7551) are planning to send HADO of Love and Thanks towards the Arakawa River and all the water in the world at 2:00 pm on July 25 at the Katsushika Arakawa Water's Edge Park.

At Lake Inawashiro, Mayumi Kobari of Healing Center Harmony (024-945-2515) will lead a Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water at 7 points on the lakeshore: Nagahama, Tenjin-Hama, Shida-Hama, Shiratori-Hama, Funatsu-Hama, Nakata-Hama and Aomatsu-Hama.

Noriyuki Ito (0855-84-0149) of Shimane Prefecture is, as a team of Chugoku & Shikoku region, planning to hold a "Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water All over the World by connecting his home town Hanzake-No-Sato in Shimane Prefecture with other 6 points (Aquas Shiroiruka in Hamada, Shimane, Itsukushima-Jinjya Shrine in Miyajima, Hiroshima, Ishizuchi-Jinjya Shrine in Ehime, Takamatsu-Inari Shrine in Okayama, Ohkamiyama-Jinjya Shrine in Ohyama, Shimane and Izumo-Taisya Shrine in Taisha Shimane).

Kouya Satonaka (092-562-4288) of I.H.M. Tech Co. and H.C.C. Ohashi is planning to hold "Prayer of Love and Thanks to Water" at 11 am on July 25 at the Myoken Jinjya Shrine in the Odo Park in Odo, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka.

Bigen Kobayashi (0744-27-8755) of the Ohyamato-Isuzu-Kai will hold a ceremony in the same way as the Emperor Jinmu did thousands years ago on Sunday, July 13, at the Chusha of the Niu-Kawakami Jinjya Shrine in Yoshino, Nara, and have a time to send Love and Thanks to all the water on Earth. There will be a full moon on this day.

The Shichida Child Academy will ask their children, who are taking Shichida's right brain education all over Japan, to support the ceremony on July 25. Actually, with the support from the President, Morishige Tohyama and Lecturer, Yumiko Tobitani, a FAX message was sent to all the classes in Japan. From July 19 to 25, teachers in each class will have a Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water with their children by saying together "Water, we love you. Water, we thank you. Water, we respect you." to all the water on Earth. We appreciate their cooperation very much.

At the Kugenuma Beach or East Beach of Katase-Enoshima (the place will be determined soon), Jin Takuma (0466-28-4433) is planning to hold an event named "Love and Thanks to the Ocean from the Shonan Beach" at 1:00 - 4:00 pm on July 25. He is a musician and a representative of "Project of Love and Thanks to the Ocean from the Shonan Beach".

There are many other people who are planning to hold a ceremony. We are going to put such plans on this home page, so please submit us your latest information. And as we have been telling you repeatedly, you can join one of these ceremonies, yet also you can have your own ceremony with your friends and family members. Either will do. We don't think the size of the ceremony matters. A small ceremony will be welcome as well.

So if you agree with the purpose of our Project and would like to hold a ceremony on July 25, please let us know about your plan. Thank you very much.

Plans in foreign counties (1)

Now, I will show you ceremonies that are planned overseas below.

First of all, this is from Hawaii, USA. Our dear friends, members of "The Honolulu Church of Light", are making a wonderful plan. Here is a message from Rev. Carol.

Hi Yasu,

On Friday, July 25, 2003 - "World Day of Love and Thanks to Water", we will join you from the Honolulu Church of Light at 3 PM Hawaii time for a special prayer/meditation toning in "Love and Thanks to Water". We will fill our crystal bowls with water from the Jordan River, Red Rocks in Sedona, Arizona, the healing waterfall in Halawa Valley on Molokai, and water from Waikiki Beach.

This event will be presented through LIVE video streaming on the Internet through iconference. Please see our site for more info on iconference. We will invite people around the world through the Internet broadcast, email database, and church calendar to become aware of Love and Thanks to Water Project. We will do our best to support the work that Dr. Masaru Emoto and you are sharing with the world.

I will share more info with you as we finalize the details.

In love,

Next, below is an e-mail from Barbara Harmony, who came to Japan all the way from the State of Arkansas to attend the 3rd World Water Forum that was held in Kyoto, Japan, and listened to a lecture by Masaru Emoto on March 20.

Dear Yasu,

In Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA, Planetary Healers, of Project Awakening the Planetary Healer Within, will meet at Magnetic Spring at 11:00 AM to send our love and thanks to water and link with the Thank you water project at Lake Kinneret and other locations. This group has been meeting regularly for two years at the new and full moon to send our love and thanks to water particularly to Springs in Eureka Springs.

We share the vision that "on this day, our Earth will be filled with beautiful golden/silver light of Love and Thanks that is flowing from the hearts of each and every one of us. Golden/silver light is the highest vibration in the range of visible light, and it will heal and cleanse all the water on earth, be it water of the ocean or that of our own body."

Thanks for including us.
Warmly, Barbara

Barbara asked janeAnne, a friend of hers, to join our Project. Below is an e-mail from janeAnne.

Hello Barbara and Yasu!

Our One Degree Beyond NEXT STEP Project WATER REIKI Group plans to join EMOTO on July 25, 12003. Here is the information about what we have been doing these past five or six months, and about our plan to join EMOTO on July 25th!

We JOIN with Emoto Group (hado.com) on the 25th day of each month.
We JOIN with Emoto energy workers daily at 7 AM/PM.

Finally, the WATER REIKI CIRCLE will JOIN in the Emoto Event in Israel July 25, 2003 (which interestingly is the day out of time in the Mayan Calendar).

THANK YOU and Many Blessings,

Here is a message from another Barbara, Barbara Wolf, who is running the Global Meditation Network and organizing a home page and e-mail list.

Hello Yasu,

Within the week, I will be emailing globally everyone reminding them of the July 25 water project, and I will also be saying there are people who will work on July 25 to clean Lake Ontario, part of the water complex called Great Lakes, the biggest fresh water source in the world.

I will be asking people to gather at their rivers and lakes on July 25 to clean their water.

May Peace Prevail On Earth.


It is Marilyn Gang's group that Barbara mentioned in her e-mail as a group working to clean Lake Ontario. People get connected with other people through this Project.

Next is an e-mail from Eliziya and Richard who live in Florida.

Dear Mr. Nemoto,

We think the idea is wonderful and we want to join.
We are planning a project on Sprit Pond in Cassadaga, Florida on July 25, 2003 to connect with all the other people around the world on that same day. That is our web site - we are still planning the details.


I, Eliziya, have been in Japan many years ago - it was wonderful. I love all the good Japanese food like Miso soup. mochi and so on.....

Eliziya and Richard

Below is an e-mail from Korina who lives on an island near Seattle, Washington.

Good Day,

My name is Korina Kochendorfer. I live on Vashon Island, near Seattle and had the pleasure of having breakfast with Dr. Emoto while he was in Vancouver last month. I am writing to you to request that the Puget Sound be added to the list for the Global Water Blessing Ceremony.

We would like to include the entire Puget Sound: the range to begin in North Vancouver, BC; to extend south to Mount Rainier at the Nisqually River Basin with the center of the ceremony to be conducted on Vashon Island, WA. Vashon Island is in the center of the Puget Sound and located in between Seattle and Tacoma, WA. Vashon Island is known to be the "Heart of the Sound".

The ceremony we have planned will have a musical emphasis. There will be hundreds of people blessing the water in all of the locations mentioned above. On Vashon Island, we will conduct a special circle of sound in our ceremony. We have a 21 piece set of special instruments called the Crystal Bowls. They are spun from quartz crystals and resonate many frequencies. We will play them together at the water's edge, along with 13 gentlemen who will attend to play the Australian instrument called the Didgeridoo.

Thank You Sir,
Korina Kochendorfer

Below is an e-mail from the State of Minnesota.


Thank you for the opportunity to affect the waters of the world by organizing the World Day of Love and Thanks to Water.

We have recently started preparations in Anoka, MN USA for this special day. Our day is planned for Saturday, July 26. Will that be O.K.? We plan to do a ceremony at 4:00, 6:00 and 8:00 pm Central Standard time.

Valerie Lis & Brenda Campbell

Valerie and Brenda are planning to hold a ceremony on July 26. This would be partly because July 25 is Friday this year, and in some cases it is easier to have an event on Saturday, July 26. If it is difficult for you to have a ceremony on July 25, then it would be wonderful to have it on July 26. We think that the HADO of Love and Thanks will travel beyond the time and space and reach all the water on Earth.

Next e-mail is from Lake Michigan.

Yes, I will pray on JULY 25 with some friend's and family on my dock here in Fishtown Leland on Lake Michigan to thank GOD for his gift to us all the beautiful water.

Thank you for telling me about the name of the water crystal CHRIST-ALL SOOOOO very happy about the name.

God Bless you all. Susann Lederle

Like Susann, it would be also wonderful to have a ceremony with friends and family to send Love and Thanks to Water. We appreciate it very much.

Now, here is an e-mail from Canada. Marilyn Gang, Representative of Toronto Dowsers, gave us a message.

I would like to tell you about our Water Project.

I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I run a group of Dowsers. Do you know what dowsers do? Dowsers find water. You have probably seen pictures of people with sticks walking across the ground, looking for water. When they find water, the sticks are pulled down towards the ground.


One of the best dowsers in North America is Raymon Grace. He teaches us how to dowse to change things --- to change emotions, to change events. He also realizes that the water on planet earth is polluted and is teaching us how to use our skills --- dowsing, intention and prayer to clean the water.


We are combining the work of Raymon Grace and Dr. Emoto to heal the waters in our town and our planet. On July 25, the Toronto Dowsers will go to Lake Ontario, the 14th largest lake in the world to offer it our love and thanks.


Our main site is:

I do believe, that with just a small group of dedicated people, that we can clean up all the waters on planet earth in a year.

With gratitude,
- Marilyn -

Marilyn made their plan on July 25 very early and has been encouraging us. We really appreciate it.

Here is an e-mail from Germany.

Dear Yasuyuki Nemoto,

Project of Let us tell water our Love and Thanks

Meeting-Point: Friday, 25. July 2003 at 5 pm
At Mechtildes-Quelle, close to the riding-hall
D- 86911 Diesen/Wengen (Bavaria-lace of Ammersee)

Course: 5 pm "Water Prayer + Eye-washing" Mechtildes-Quelle
Together walking to the Michelbach (2,5 Miles)
7 pm Zermonie at the Michelbach (prayer + songs)
Retour with the fire-car at around 8 pm

If you want to participate (actively) you are welcome.
Contact and details

Educational Projekt “Lebensfeld”
Kindergarten and School for Parents
Michael Rotter

Here is another e-mail from Germany.

Dear Mr. Emoto and friends.

I'm about to organize a blessing and prayer for the water on July 25th at the Dechsendorfer Weiher, Germany (next to Erlangen/Nuernberg).

We will have Music, Ceremony, Dinner, Fire, Drums... we'll start at 2 p.m. and will celebrate into the night. There'll be healers, shamans, musicians and artist from all over the world.

The email address for information is,
mailto:[email protected]

Love and thanks for your work to all of you (domo arigato?)
hope to see you some day

sincerely yours,
Katrin Martiny

Here is yet another e-mail from Germany.

Dear Mr. Emoto and Mr. Nemoto,
Dear Sirs,

We are a group of about 6 persons and, after we read about your project, we did organize the first Meeting "love and thanks to water".
Where: At "Notzenweiher"-Lake - near Betzigau (Kempten/Germany)
When: on 25th July 2003, at 19:00 (changed from 18:30).
Contact: Andrea Sita and Josef Kraus, FAX +49-8304-5280
E-Mail: [email protected]

We are doing at the moment information-meetings, so we want involve and join many people.

Thank you !

Andrea Sita
Josef Kraus
Volker Faber
Stefanie Maier
Christian Siller
Rita Faber

Here is just another e-mail from Berlin, Germany.

Dear Mr.Nemoto!

At least I decided to start a Meditation at Lake "Krumme Lanke" in Berlin on July 25.
We will meet at 7pm and meditate until 7.30
Then we will have a "meditative swimming" in silence afterwards.
If you want to put this on "www.thank-water.net" here is my adresss:
Odahild Hochmann
Sprungschanzenweg 101
Tel.: 802 38 10 mail:[email protected]

I hope, you are all feeling well.
Love Odahild

It can be said that Germany is one of those countries where "Messages from Water" is prevailing most extensively. Next e-mail is from Austria, next to Germany.

Stimulated by your homepage and your suggestion we also decided to organize such a ceremony in Austria along our greatest river, the Danube. The ceremony will take place in Poechlarn, an ancient town on the Danube on July 25th at 10 a.m. CEST. We will come together on the banks of the Danube and will give our thanks and blessings to this river.

All people, children and grown-ups are welcome to participate. Further information will be available in the media and we also plan a preparatory background lecture.

For further information please send an e-mail to: [email protected] or phone +43-676-686211 (mobile) or +43-2757-7733.

With our kindest regards to all people from Poechlarn and the environment and to all friends, wherever they are

Klaus Behrendt & Franz Hillebrandt

Here is a message from Brazil in the South America.

To Masaru Emoto

I and many people here in Brazil, we admire its work very. Force, follows in front. This continues everything is very important for all the humanity.

I knew its project for the Internet thank-water in day 25 of July of 2003. We of the Amazonia will be together here in this chain of love vibration for water. I work with to healing and we are organizing a group with some holistic therapists to full of golden light and silver-plated the waters of the Amazonia can count on the Brazilians in this global event. You can you pass greater details of as to proceed? How we must act? which is the best schedule? I wait instructions.

Arigato... arigato
Juciane da Silva/Brazil

She is going to join our Ceremony from the Amazonia. This area is very important not only for water but also for the atmosphere of the whole planet.

Next e-mail will be from a person who lives in France, considering her e-mail address, yet she would like to join the ceremony on July 25 in Peru, since she will be there on that day.

Hello, my name is Maritza.

I will join you in this project, at that time I will be in Lima, Peru. I will go to the sea side, and render my love and thankfulness. I came to realize that we can communicate with water when I turned 15, now I am 43, and water is dear to me.

Please keep me informed of any events in the future.

With respect, sincerity and thankfulness for what you do,
Maritza Barrow Bettocchi

We are very happy to have received this kind of e-mail, too.

The last message is from Australia. A Japanese lady who lives there gave us an e-mail.

Good Evening.

We received a June issue of your monthly magazine HADO today. Thank you very much. We found that you will put onto the July issue the information of ceremonies on July 25 that will be held in foreign countries, so we would like to ask you to put the information of our ceremony there.

We will have a concert named "World Water Concert” on the Gold Coast of Australia, and we have decided to participate in it as Project of Love and Thanks to Water. AIKA & MINEAKIA, a duet musician group, will come from Japan and participate in it, too. In addition, many musicians such as a local acappella group, Brian Martin, a very famous solo singer, will perform at the event.

We will send gratitude to water along with visualization with the many people who have come to the concert so that the water on Earth will become beautiful.

Fri, July 25 --- at Robina Community Centre Hall
Sat, July 26 --- at Hinze Dam Park
We will put detailed information on the following home page.

As a person from INNER GLOW HEALTH PRODUCTS P/L kindly prepared our posters and so on at the event of "World Environment Day" on June 1, we could introduce "Messages from Water" and the purpose of this Project and do a promotion of our concert.
Thank you very much.

Toshiko Matsumoto

Matsumoto-san is working very actively overseas, and we are very happy to hear that she is going to join our Project. We appreciate your support very much.

Dearest Friends

As I showed you above, many people agree with the purpose of our Project, so a worldwide "Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to All the Water on Earth" will be held at different places in Japan and all over the world on July 25.

On this day, the vibration of water all over the planet will be raised by our sincere prayer of Love and Thanks, and the water will become cleansed and purified, shining brilliantly. We are sure that simultaneously our collective consciousness will become raised higher and higher. The change that has happened in the invisible world of HADO will become manifested as visible phenomena in this world sooner or later.

And although we have been planning the ceremony on July 25 as an event, the most important thing is, of course, to delicate our sincere gratitude to the water everyday whenever we use water. As we participate in this kind of event together, our consciousness will become united, and finally a change will be brought in the collective consciousness of humanity. When this happens, such practice or consciousness to send Love and Thanks to water would become recognized as a common sense. At this moment, we would have approved "The World Day to Send Love and Thanks to Water" as an international holiday, very naturally, transcending any borders between nations, cultures and races. We envisage this situation as a final goal of this Project.

We are deeply grateful to all the people who agree with our Project and send their sincere Love and Thanks to Water all over the world. Thank you very much. Arigatou Gozaimasu.

"Water, We Love You."
" Water, We Thank You."
" Water, We Respect You."

Yasuyuki NEMOTO
Secretary-General, Project of Love and Thanks to Water


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