Sunday, July 24, 2005 "3rd World Day of Love and Thanks to Water"

For the Report on This Year's Ceremony in Liechtenstein (July 24, 2005), click HERE

Now, regarding this year's ceremony, July 25 falls on Monday this year. So, we have decided to hold it on Sunday, July 24 by shifting it one day earlier.

As for the venue and content of the ceremony, we have decided to follow the last year's format. We will have both a lecture by Dr. Masaru Emoto and a "Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water" in Liechtenstein, a small country in Europe, where the Hado Life Europe is located.

Dr. Masaru Emoto's seminar
Date Sunday, July 24, 2005
Time 14:00-17:00

Public Hall in Eschen, Liechtenstein

Admission Fee Adult 20 Euro (30 Swiss franc), Children 10 Euro (15 Swiss franc)
Buy Ticket at Bregenz Tourism Center or the Post Office in Vaduz, Schaan, Eschen or Balzers.
Or buy ticket online:

Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to the World's Water
Date Sunday, July 24, 2005
Time 19:00 -
Place Bongert Place, Gamprin-Bendern, Liechtenstein
Admission Fee Free

After you have enjoyed Dr. Masaru Emoto’s seminar from 14:00 - 17:00, we will move to the Bongert Place, and hold the Ceremony of Love and Thanks to Water there. The seminar requires admission fee, but the ceremony is for free.

For the ceremony, we would like to ask everyone to send water from all over the world to the Hado Life Institute in Liechtenstein.

And based on Dr. Masaru Emoto's idea, we have determined that the theme of this year is "Holy Water". Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Using a clean PET bottle (What is PET?), please get 200 ml to 500 ml of "Holy Water". Then, tightly close the lid of the bottle and wrap it around aluminum foil about three times. After that, send the water via air mail to the following address (by July 23th). If you are taking part in the ceremony, you can bring the water with you.

Hado Life Europe
attn: July 24 Project
Essanestrasse 164, 9492 Eschen, Liechtenstein
Tel: +(423) 3730220 (Office), +(423) 3730221 (Lab)
Fax: +(423) 3730222

On the day of the ceremony, we will put together all the the "Holy Water" that you kindly sent to us from all over the world. Then with all our hearts, we will send the Hado of Love and Thanks to the water. After that, we will put the water into the Rhine River, and pray that all the water existing in Europe and on the whole earth will be filled with Hado of Love and Thanks.

Rhine River is a large river that originates from the Alps in Switzerland, runs through Liechtenstein, flowing along the borders of Austria, Germany and France, cuts across Germany and the Netherlands and then end up in the Northern Sea.

To enlarge this map, click it.

The Hado of Love and Thanks that we send from Liechtenstein to Rhine River will go on and reach the different countries in Europe, and through the Northern Sea and the vast oceans, finally cover the whole planet.

Please access the following page for the report of the last year's ceremony. (English) (Japanese)

Of course, you do not necessarily show up at the seminar/ceremony in Liechtenstein on July 24. Wherever you are on July 24, if you could send your Love and Thanks to all the water on this planet, we appreciate it very much.

In addition, if you are planning to hold your own Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water on July 25, please let us know your schedule, no matter whether the scale is big or not.

We would like to make an annoucement about your ceremony.

Let me show you one of the wonderful e-mails that I got even before this July 24 Ceremony. This is from Margaret Fikioris, one of the powerful supporters to our Ceremony.

From: Margaret Fikioris
Subject: Re: Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to Water on July 24, 2005
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 06:20:15 -0400
To: [email protected]

Dear Yasu,

Sending you and Dr. Emoto my Warmest Greetings and Love for the Ceremony on July 24, 2005.

Last week, 55 members of my Mother's family gathered in Cape May, New Jersey, for the Dunham Family Reunion. Eight family members joined in a Water Ceremony for gathering our sample of "Holy Water" from the Atlantic Ocean to be sent to Liechtenstein for the July 24 Project.

We met at 7:15am on July 1, 2005 at the main reunion house near the beach and walked to the water to do our Love and Gratitude Ceremony for gathering our water to send to you.

Here is a description of the day written shortly afterwards...


There were 8 of us who gathered -- members from all four branches of the Dunham family (Doris, Marian, Margaret, and Pat).

We met at the big house where 20 were staying. Everyone brought empty bottles and my cousin, Robin brought two large plastic bowls -- one yellow and one green to join the waters together.

Here is who came... Steve Elkinton, National Park Service in Washington DC, Robin Withers, religious educator for children, Springfield, MA, Jan Hurst, radiologist, Calvert County, MD, Anne Hunt, librarian for the new Quaker school in Vienna, VA, Stella Edmundson, healer naturalist, Kawana Island, Queensland, Australia, Margaret Fikioris, peace worker, healer, Kennett Square, PA, Melissa .... physicist, wind power specialist, Massachusetts, Gladys Vargas, poet, peace worker, Bogota, Colombia, SA.

We walked to the beach. The day was warm and foggy. As we got to the beach, the fog got more and more thick. We were aware of water in the air and water in the vast Atlantic Ocean. The Sun was hidden by the fog. We were shrouded by the mists. Everything was pulled in close so we could focus on the water meditation and ceremony.

At the house, I had explained Dr. Emoto's work and last year's Water Ceremony for the healing of the Rhine River. This year we were to give Love and Gratitude to the water and envision the water as Holy Water to send to Liechtenstein and to take home with us.

We gathered in a circle and placed the bowls and plastic bottle on the sand. Robin offered a prayer giving thanks and blessing. Anne sang a gratitude song to the water and to the Earth. We focused on sending love and gratitude to the Atlantic Ocean and all the water of the earth -- the water in the air, the water in our bodies.

We picked up our bottle and headed to the ocean. We stood in a row in front of the ocean right at the wave edge.

We joined together to do the 7 OM's to the ocean at Cape May to the whole Atlantic Ocean up and down and across to Europe to all the waters of the planet to Mother Earth -- around and around to Mother Earth -- deep within to the universe, to the galaxies, to all the universes.

We stood feeling the resonance and the return of the OM's back to us. I felt the dolphins.

We waded into the waves and scooped up the water. The ocean was warm and danced with us -- the waves came in gently.

We placed the filled bottles in a circle. Then the dolphins came in with the instructions to make a Dolphin Circle --to walk like they swim
in a circle, to dance. We moved in very close to each other and embraced each other - arms on shoulders. We looked down to the bottles of water at our feet. All feet and toes were pointing in close to the bottles. They made a beautiful pattern of love.

Each person spoke of their love and gratitude to water, to the ocean, how water created life, sustains life, how water holds the peace,
reflects the love and gives light and healing to all. We saw ourselves from outer space... a circle of love for the water.

After each person spoke, we walked in a circle holding hands... skipping, weaving, like dolphins circling the catch. We were joyful. We were thankful. We reflected the dolphin love and wisdom.

We then brought our bottle of water to the two bowls which were joined together and looked like a figure 8 -- infinity. We poured the water into the bowls. We felt the water as holy water.

Anne lead us in song giving thanksgiving and joy. Robin read Genesis from the Bible -- the creation story -- the creation of life, water and all living creatures from water. She read the story of Christ calming the storm at sea and walking on the water instructing Peter to follow Him.

We looked down to the water in the bowls... there was a little sea crab scooting about. We had a sea creature representative participating in our water ceremony.

We blessed the water. Gently with great love, I filled the first bottle of water to go to Liechtenstein. I then filled a bottle for home to be distributed on July 24th. It was Holy Water.

Each person in turn filled their water bottles. Anne is going to pour her water into the Potomac on July 24th in ceremony, Robin the Connecticut River. Stella will do a water Ceremony in Australia. Gladys will do a ceremony in Colombia. The Holy Water will go all over
the world.

We then picked up the bowls and were very careful that our sea representative went back into the sea. We walked carrying the bowls with the remaining Holy Water to give back to the sea with our love and gratitude.

The Ocean moved back and we could walk into the waves. We poured to Holy Water into the Sea and gave the Ocean our love and gratitude.

Our hearts were filled with Joy.

We walked back up the beach. And then the most amazing thing happened. Melissa saw that as we walked the energy of our body -- foot print -- made a water mark on the sand -- a water sand mark that spread out from our foot... We walked and walked -- big steps -- making
water marks in the sand -- like walking on the water.

We felt we were on holy land...

Everyone was moved... filled with wonder.


In the afternoon, the whole family gathered to swim and enjoy the afternoon sun. The day had cleared mostly. The surf was strong with the waves breaking in close to shore.

Sitting on my beach chair, I looked out beyond the waves and here came the dolphin family. There were four and then more. The dolphins danced in front of us. In fact we were sitting near where the ceremony had been.

The dolphins did full air jumps, and a spinning black flip -- there was a baby dolphin who jumped up out of the water. They were giving us a blessing for the Water Ceremony. Then there were 10 dolphins swimming, circling. What a gift! What a blessing.

Anne said that this was for us... I knew they were thanking us.

They moved on staying under water... Their love remained. The family played.

I felt really blessed to have been a part of the Water Ceremony at Cape May on July 1st in preparation for the Love and Gratitude Water Ceremony in Liechtenstein on July 24th.

Love, Margaret

It is really beautiful. Thank you, Margaret!

The purpose of this Project is just to dedicate our sincere Love and Thanks together to all the water on this planet.

Water is the most ordinary matter on this planet, but at the same time it is multidimensional and connected deeply with our own consciousness. By sending our Love and Thanks to water, we believe that we can not only purify the water on this planet but also raise our own collective consciousness towards the peace of world.

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