Messages to You from Masaru Emoto

2003-01-03 Prayer


Masaru Emoto (60)

When we were children,
nobody told us about the importance of prayer.
Mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, and school teachers.

Because I think that they prayed so much in the war time.

Yet, I think that prayer was not answered,
since we suffered from an atomic bomb, had our houses burned in a fire and lost important persons.

So, I didn't pray until I reached my mid-50.

Oh, I remembered that when I was young I went to Sunday School of the Occupation Forces and prayed "Jesus, Jesus, please make us your good children."
This is because they gave us delicious chocolates and candies.

But after I have been studying water for 15 years,
water taught me "No, no, prayer is really important."

At that time, we used wrong way of praying.
Yes, at that time, we prayed that we would win the war,
that my husband, my son, my father, my brother would fight so greatly.
Prayer itself would have been forced to do.

Prayer for destruction will not be answered,
as the medium that delivers the prayer is water.
The prayer that water will deliver is the one based on Love and Thanks.
It is proven by the ice crystals.

So, the prayer wishing the safety of family and
wishing the peace of important persons will be heard so sure.

And for us all, all the people in this world are important,
because we are one family living in the same house called Planet Earth.
So, let us pray together for the peace of our family,
pray together for the peace on Earth.
We are sure that our prayer is answered.

July 25 is the day to dedicate our Love and Thanks to all the water on Earth.
And this is the day when we all pray for the peace of the world.
Let us join it.

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