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2006-07-25 Let’s change Dead Sea’s name

Let’s change Dead Sea’s name

It has been a whole month since I left Japan on June 25th. I was planned to be in the Sea of Galilee in Israel today to conduct a seminar and a water ceremony to celebrate the Day to Send Love and Thanks to Water at the Sea of Galilee. I was originally at that location to cerebrate the day three years ago. However, I had to postpone this visit a week ago because of the recent problems between Israel and Hezbollah.

I was in Bali on June 27th for four days and I had a chance to ask some local people about why such a beautiful island will be the target of such a destructive terrorism. And they had responded, “Terrorists want their action to attract as much attention as possible. There are many foreigners in Bali so it’s good for them.” From this chilling testimony, I thought maybe there will be many foreigners that will gather if we went forward with the ceremony so I decided to postpone this event as soon as I heard about the bombings there.

Even yesterday, the militia had launched about a hundred missiles to the northern part of Israel. Since the Sea of Galilee is also on the northern part of Israel, I’m glad we made the decision of postponing the event.

The first time I went to visit Sea of Galilee was July 25th, 2003. I had a feeling that the origin of the problem between Israel and Palestine was the fight over River Jordan’s water which flows out of the Sea of Galilee. So I wanted people around the world to send love and gratitude to the water in the Sea of Galilee. The event ended in a success as about 200 people gathered there.

This year, the local organization took the lead in organizing this event. The organization was led by Sally Reidman, who is the director of Reidman International College for Complementary Medicine. I believe it was at the beginning of this year that I received her invitation to go visit Israel again. I happily accepted and even bought a flight ticket there right away. The ceremony three years ago was an event that I had personally organized there so there were only about 200 people that gathered, but this time it was the local group that started the planning. Therefore, we were expecting at least 1000 people to be there.

However, unfortunately because of the current situation, it was postponed. I have made some last minute changes in my travel plan and am now in Amsterdam at my daughter’s place. I would like to take this opportunity here to share what I was to declare at the Sea of Galilee seminar.

A proposal to change the name of Dead Sea to a more positive one!

It’s easy to understand why I would propose this. Through my twenty years of research in HADO, water, and especially water crystals, I learned that each word has its own particular vibration, and therefore its own particular energy. Thus, “Thank you” will create a beautifully balanced water crystal but “You Fool” will not.

The balanced water crystals are the origin of creation but those that are not balanced are the origin of destruction.

Therefore, what may have been created in the area by the negative vibration of the name like Dead Sea is the vibration of destruction. And I believe that it is not very difficult to change a name of a place with a little help from everyone’s imagination.

Dead Sea

So then, what kind of a name should it be?

I would think it should naturally use the word opposite of “dead”, “life”. But this should not be decided by a foreigner like me but have the local people spread this type of idea and decide on a name that reflects everyone’s thoughts.

I would like to mark today, July 25th, the Day to Send Love and Thanks to Water around the world, as the day I officially propose this idea.

July 25, 2006
Masaru Emoto

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