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2005-12-20 Christmas message from Masaru Emoto

Christmas message

Why did I promise that I will send the children's version
of Message from Water to all the children in the world?

I received a chance to talk at a conference organized by the Spiritual Dimensions of Science and Consciousness Subcommittee of the NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns that was held at the United Nation headquarter Conference Room no. 1 on May 26th of 2005. There, I declared the following and earned everyone's support and understanding:

I declare here that in a time that needs the ascension of the world consciousness, I look to the children for the hopes of positive

I would like to produce and provide 650 million (10% of the world population) copies of the children's version of Message from Water
within a decade starting from the year 2006 so that the children can understand more about the importance of lives and peace. I ask for
your understanding and support.

After this declaration, I have shared the same determination at all my seminars overseas and received support from most of the people there. We were then able to hold a presentation event for this book at Tokyo on November 16th of the same year.

Now, why did I think of such a farfetched project? I would like to explain how I came up with this idea below.

The continual nightmares for over 50 years

I have had a certain nightmare for over 50 years ever since I can remember. I have written about this experience in the book,
Resurrection of the Subconscious Memory that was published on July of 1997 from PHP Research. Here is an excerpt from that book:

I would like to share a certain episode on the subject of memory here. I see many different dreams every night. I have had this ever since I was a child until now. Most of these dreams that I see are nightmares. The common theme in most of the nightmares is the destruction of the world. The earth usually splits under my feet, a big volcano erupts as the earth shakes, the sea rumbles, and splits in half.

Sometimes my life is in danger, and other times, I become the killer. The visions I see are all very realistic. I have been seeing this type of dreams for about fifty years now.

Every time I see this type of nightmare, I always find my heart beating and sweat running down my body and wake up once or twice in the middle of the night. "Not again" I usually say to myself as I go downstairs and switch on the TV or drink a glass of beer in the darkness.

I did not fall right back asleep because I knew that I will just see the continuation of the nightmare again. I usually had this type of nightmare once or twice a week.

I see many other types of dreams as well but I don't quite know what these mean. However, there often are times in the real life when I feel like "I think I've seen/experienced this in the dream before." There are places that I go for the first time that I feel that I have already seen it in my dreams too. I'm sure some of you may have had similar experiences as I have.

Memory of the past life

I had this nightmare most often during my late 30s. It was the time when I had trouble with my business in Nagoya and came back to Tokyo to work in the real estate business to pay back my debt. This was in the middle of the economic bubble in Japan. The nightmare was so bad that my wife took me to a psychologist's place one time.

Of course, I had no idea why I was seeing these nightmares at that time. However, as I started to work with Hado, water, and people's health, I started to slowly understand. Through a Hado measurement device called MRA, I learned that every person receives some type of effect from their past lives. Maybe my nightmares are the memories from my past life. If this is true, it means that I had lived on the continent of Mu or Atlantis when it went underwater. I started to suspect this fact but I did not know what to do with this.

The disappearance of the nightmares

It was about four years ago that I realized that I haven't had the nightmare for a while. I asked myself, "now that I think about it, I wonder when those nightmares disappeared?" I realized then, that it had already been about two years that I did not see the nightmare. In another words, I have not seen that nightmare since the middle of 1999. That year was actually the year that Message from Water was published. Now, it all made sense to me. But before I explain how this made sense, please let me share another related episode.

Who am I?

The first time I successfully captured a frozen water crystal on film was in September of 1994. We started off by taking photographs of tap water or natural water but later, we started to expose water to different factors such as music, words, and prayers.

For each different experiment, we were able to get the result that for somehow, I already expected. On top of that, I had my own explanation of why a certain result came out of a certain experiment which made quite a good sense as well. However, I had to stop and ask myself again, why am I able to think this way? This did not make much sense especially because I never liked science, nor did I study much of religion or philosophy. How come I can conduct an experiment and provide easy to understand explanation in the field that I have not studied at all. Who am I?

Search for the past life

While I was wondering about such question, one of the writers for HADO, a magazine that we publish monthly, had an interview with Ms. Chie Mizutani. Since Ms. Mizutani does readings on past lives, I decided to go visit her with the writer. I wanted to learn about my past life.

Ms. Mizutani seemed to be normal, reserved person during the interview. However, when she sat down with me to read my past life, her impression changed drastically. She straightened herself upright in her chair and said, "Let's ask above for the answer" as she tilted her head towards the sky. And in a short moment, the answer from high above came through her mouth in a different tone of voice. It was like she was able to tune herself in the right channel of the past life database up above.

My question then was, "I am just a normal man. I drink, I smoke, and I'm not very charismatic. But why am invited all around the world by different right now? It seems a little odd."

The answer way, "you have had many lives in different places but especially in Anlantis, or Mu, and as a Maya and other native
American. In every life you had, you were always a master of water. But in every case, you end up losing everything and derailed from realizing your true goal. The reason why it never worked out with you was because you were too charismatic and too much of a guru. The person that you chose to be this time around was the result of learning the lessons from your past lives. You chose to become not as a guru, but as just one of the public that will work together with others. So there's nothing for you to worry. Just do what you have to do now."

Those words made sense.

This encounter with Ms. Mizutani happened about four years ago but the message I received through her about my past made a lot of sense to me.

I realized that the nightmare was actually the experience that I had in my past life. My past life memory must have traveled across time and dimension to warn me not to make the same mistake.

On top of that, there often are times when I feel that something is real or true and wonder why it is not recognized in the currently period. Many of these things are what people may call taboos. For example, Maya's 13 months calendar, hemp, Takenouchi Monjo (a record of history that has been passed down to parts of the Japanese people), and the number 13.

The most significant thing is that even though I started off not having any specific connection with water, I received a gift of being able to understand water more than many other people. These are the reasons why I believe what Ms. Mizutani told me was true.

Why did I stop seeing the nightmares?

With all this information, you may now understand why that nightmare had disappeared after publishing the book, Message from Water, six years ago.

I believe that the nightmares were there to remind me of my promise that I made in my past life about not to repeat the same destructive history on earth.

In this life time, I have had steep ups and downs for the first 42 years of my life. (Maybe I deliberately planned out my current life in that way.) I was able to live through those harsh times because of my wife's support. And this support from my wife will continue forever in my case. This fact must have had some type of meaning in my past life as well. After those years, I started to slowly extract the knowledge of water that I had hidden in my past life memory. This process had been planned well as I did not go straight to working directly with water but learned about Hado with the use of a machine such as a MRA first. Through this, I learned how to make Hado water and started to learn about life and human body (a micro cosmos). After all that, I finally came to discover about water itself.

In September of 1994, the very first frozen water crystal was captured on film. Five years later, in June, Message from Water was published. That is when my nightmare left me.

It was as if the god within me was saying, "Yes, you're on the right track; keep on going in that direction. I'll keep your nightmare on hold for now. As long as you are moving in the right direction, you will not be seeing anymore of that nightmare. Good luck!"

Grandpa's mission

In addition to my personal experiences mentioned above, this century looks as if it is creeping closer and closer to a big disaster. I think each one of you must have had some type of personal feeling that something is going wrong these days.

As that threat became more and more realistic, more and more people started to come to me. As you may know, for the past five years, I have been traveling to overseas more than staying within my home country.

Even still, I had doubts in myself until about three years ago. "What can I do? Am I really supposed to do something?" However, that doubt disappeared two years ago when my daughter had her first son, my first grandson. I never knew that a grandchild can be so adorable.

The more I adored him, the more I started to worry about his future. "How would this earth look like when he turns 20, or 30? Will the humanity still exist?"

This is when I made up my mind. "I need to take a responsibility as a grandpa. I want to do something so that I will not regret what I see from above when I pass away." Since then, I saw myself not just as a water researcher but a person with a commitment for world peace.

So the promise I made on May 26th at the United Nations was a promise as a grandpa to dedicate all my life for. I take this opportunity here to ask for your understanding and support for the next decade starting from next year.

December 24, 2005
Masaru Emoto

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