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2005-09-04 Urgent Message from Masaru Emoto

A message for all the ‘water friends’ in the world

My thoughts in regards to the Hurricane ‘Katrina’:
We must learn more about water.

As I write this message on this day, September 4, 2005 (Japan Time), the aftermath of Hurricane ‘Katrina’ has worsened and is now predicted that ‘Katrina’ may have taken about 10,000 lives - my thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected. In addition, for those of you who are, on a daily basis fighting death looming about, I would like to send my encouragement, “Please be patient, you will all be saved - you are all Americans.”

The tsunami that attacked the coast along the Indian Ocean late last year following the major earthquake that hit Indonesia was an unpredictable catastrophe. For the people in the developed world, the news about this crisis was a sad occurrence in a far away developing country.

However, Hurricane Katrina was something that was predicted and still ended up as a huge catastrophe - in the 21st century, where all technological advancement seemed to have reached its peak, and in a developed country such as the United States.

The above two major natural disasters occurred in a developed and developing country: at the different ends of the spectrum, and under predicted and unpredicted circumstances. However, the reason for all the death that occurred in these two instances was the same: water. What can be said I believe, is that whether it’s a developed or developing country or whether it was predictable or not, we, as a whole, are terribly ill equipped to handle this type of an emergency situation. I have researched as to why this has happened, and how we can prevent the reoccurrence of such tragedies and would like to share those thoughts with you here.

In the Japanese newspaper, ‘Yomiuri Shinbun’ (a daily newspaper which has a circulation of over 10 million and is the biggest in the world), the following article was reported on the 30th of December 2004.

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To my surprise, in the aerial picture of the tsunami that attacked the coast of Sri Lanka that accompanied this article, when looked closely, a figure that clearly resembles a dragon can be seen amongst the waves.

The title of the article: ‘The Rampage of the Dragon God”. In Japan, dragons have long been worshipped as the god for water. In other words, this article is expressing that the irony of the tragedy that hit the coast of Indonesia on the 26th of December, was a result of the God of water, the dragon, expressing its anger.

However, as a researcher of water, I felt that this expression was completely justified. What I mean by this is that water is essential for the sustenance of life; however, for how long have us humans been ignorant about water? Answer: Forever, and do not know anything about water. I don't think that it is an exaggeration when I say that people are really, ‘ignorant’ when it comes to water.

For instance, some of the questions are such things as: why can’t we survive even for a single day if we were denied of water; why do ice float in water (with other substances, the solid weight is heavier than its liquid form so will always sink to the bottom); why are there things such as surface tension (theory) and capillary phenomenon; why is water its heaviest when the temperature is at 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit; how can water dissolve anything; how can water change its state interchangeably from its solid, liquid and gas form? Although these questions can be answered scientifically, the root of the mystery has not been uncovered in an adequate fashion.

Speaking of humans, we are all composed of mostly water. When we are just a tiny fertilized egg, the water content is at 96 percent. A newborn has about 80 percent, and at the adult stage, we are composed of about 70 percent water. Therefore, it can be said that physically speaking, we are mostly water.

Despite these facts, we still do not know anything about water; thus meaning that we really do not understand who we really are. Although we no longer protest the fact that, ‘water is the source for all things’ (which was taught by the Greek philosopher, Thales, about 4000 years ago), and understand the importance of water, we really do not understand the essence of it.

The dragon, the God of water, probably wants to say, “You humans! When are you going to try to start understanding the essence of water, your birth mother? Contrary to this, all you do is not only ignore water but worse, pollute it! I am angry now….!”

As I have mentioned previously, although it seemed that technologically speaking, we have reached our peak (in development), if we do not understand the essence of water, can we really say that? The answer is a clear ‘NO’.

Then why are we so behind in the scientific knowledge surrounding water? That is because under the traditional measuring methods, water could not be measured. Why is this, I hear? Firstly, what I can say is that this is because water is actually not from this planet. NASA and the University of Hawaii reported this information in the month of May and August 1997. Simultaneously, both NASA and the crew from the University of Hawaii reported that all the water on Earth actually came from outer space in the form of ice comets.

The issue here is that although we were able to obtain such important information, no one really deduces from that point and take it seriously. This information was reported over 8 years ago; however, to my knowledge, I have not heard a single meeting of any sort to further understand the importance of this finding. How could this be? This is because if this finding was accepted, then all the theories that have been ‘discovered’ in modern science in the past will be nullified. This is particularly because if this theory is accepted as a fact, then it means that us humans really came from outer space. Furthermore, this forces our thinking to leave the parameter of science and then enter the realms of ‘God’ or other spiritual reasonings, which, is one of most despised thought process (or theory) by scientists.

I believe that the attitude towards this news was to ignore it for the time being and is better untouched. Therefore, the research in regards to water is taking the back seat, and the knowledge and skills needed to combat these natural disasters occurring around the globe is not adequately developed.

There was another pertinent information in the newspaper article that announced this finding by NASA. That is: “The ice comets are about 100 tons and about 10 million of them hit the earth every year. It can be predicted that this will continue for a long time as it has in the past since the birth of the planet Earth.”

If this is true, it is a major finding. In the distant future, this planet will be full of water and no land will remain. In that instance, many more water related disasters will occur around the globe. At the same time that this hurricane attacked the U.S., flooding started to occur in some of the European countries that were close to the Danube River. What’s more, due to the steady increase in global warming, the ice glaciers are melting on both ‘poles’, and is swallowing not only the uninhabited small islands but are starting to consume some of the islands where people already reside. What I can theorize is that this Earth is now acting like a ‘full’ sponge and can no longer absorb enough water to prevent flooding and other water related disasters from occurring. Furthermore, I am seriously worried that a part of this Earth will really be consumed by water and disappear, just like in the case of the continents, Mu and Atlantis.

There is a saying in Japanese: “Water is a reflection of your heart and soul.” In the past 11 years, I have been taking countless photographs –and the technique that is utilized to take these photographs was developed in a small family owned business without all the most up-to-date equipments. Therefore, in the beginning, it was truly a challenge to create a space that was conducive to taking crystal photos. However, it lead to the researchers understanding the importance of the photographer’s emotional state and the surrounding environment when the crystal pictures are taken. This means that the saying I have introduced to you in the beginning of this paragraph is true.

For example, the beauty of these crystals is vastly different when they are taken by either a photographer that is at peace or by someone that was aggravated. Yes, when the feeling of Love and Thanks’ was sent to the water, the crystal formation was at its best. On the other hand, ugly crystals formed when the feelings of, ‘You Make Me Sick. I Will Kill You.’ was sent towards the water.

Water crytal of water that was exposed
to a label 'Love & Thanks'
Water crytal of water that was exposed
to a label 'You Make Me Sick. I Will Kill You'

I am confident that through my long years of research, I understand now that harmonious and positive energy creates beautiful hexagonal shaped crystals and not for all other negative energies.

‘Water is the reflection of your heart and soul.” Based on this information, it feels like the human population is currently being questioned about their way of living so far. Are modern day people living a life on a daily basis that is full of ‘Love and Thanks’ energy? The answer is obvious: no. On the contrary, we are all immersed in fear and resentment and living a life that is full of gluttony, over consumption and worries.

If so, then the water will reflect that as well. If we do not come together and lead a life full of ‘Love and Thanks’ energy, the water will retaliate furthermore and create water related havoc on this planet and may attack your city next.

To avoid such horrible atrocity to happen to you, and to offer aide in rescuing all the people who are currently being ‘bullied’, there are several things we can do. These are: to send ‘Love and Thanks’ to your nearby water; to think about what water means to you; realize that you are water; to feel that water is not only your parents but your siblings; and approach water with much more respect.

So let’s send our energies towards our nearby or local water and for all the water in the world. If we can all come together and send this positive energy into the universe, the fury of the dragon may cool down for a little while. This is because I believe that the ‘m’ in the energy equation of the late Einstein, ‘E = mc2’ is the number of people and the ‘c’, equals consciousness.

“Water, We Love You.”
“Water, We Thank You.”
“Water, We Respect You.”

September 4, 2005
Masaru Emoto

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