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2003-07-25 Visit to Israel

Mon, July 21

To save the travel expenses, I am inclined to accept the request of lecture from as many countries as possible on a single trip abroad. This is because I don't want one organization to pay the whole business-class airfare from Japan. For this reason, we planned our schedule with an Around-The-World ticket. It would cost half. However, because of this situation, we sometimes have to go to our destination by way of some unnecessary places. We need to visit at least three continents to be eligible for this ticket. This time, we planned to come to Tel-Aviv in Israel by way of Chicago and Frankfurt. It would total 24 hours. A very tough flight. At the Tel-Aviv Airport, we were welcomed by Yasuyuki Nemoto and Ruth Joy, who had arrived in Israel before us, and Sally Reidman, our co-organizer in Israel and Ruth Joy who had come from the US.

At the Immigration, they checked us very severely because, I believe, we had a Japanese passport. I felt that there was still influence from the tragedy caused by Kozo Okamoto several decades ago. We were so exhausted and went straight to our hotel and took a rest.

Tue, July 22

When we got up in the morning, we found that our hotel, the Hilton Tel-Aviv, was a gorgeous resort hotel facing to the beautiful Meditteranean Sea. Walked on the beach with my wife for a hour. We felt a complete peace.

At 9 am, Sally and her staff came to our hotel to pick us up. They were planning to take us to a tour in Jerusalem. After 1 hour drive, we arrived at the Old Town of Jerusalem. They showed us many places, but the main event for me personally was my visit to the Wailing Wall. About 30 years ago, watching a TV news, I had an experience of prayer for the first time, when the three astronauts of the Apollo 13 were having a problem and struggling to return to the Earth after going around the Moon. At that time, the TV camera was showing people all over the world who were praying for the safe return of the three astronauts. The most impressive scene to me was the one where devout Judaists were praying eagerly facing the Wailing Wall. I followed them, and dedicated my prayer for the safe return of them to the Earth.

It was probably the first time for us humanity to pray for one purpose transcending any differences in race and religion. For this reason, I believe, such a miracle happened actually and they could return to the Earth, in spite of such a low success rate of less than one millionth. I had not been exposed any religious education or religions. One of the reason why I have been now leading this international movement of prayer is this experience of 30 years ago. When I told this episode to the Israeli video team who was making a documentary film of me and this project, they immediately inquired a big local TV station, found that the film at that time still remained and approved what I told to them was true. I was getting excited personally, being encouraged toward the event of July 25.

At 8 pm, they planned my lecture to commemorate the publication of the Hebrew version of "Messages from Water". It was first planned in May, but the schedule was changed to just a few days before July 25. It happened that this changed schedule was really preferable to me, because this day of July 22 is my 60th birthday (Kanreki in Japanese). The figure of 22 means the number of Hebrew characters. Two means water. So, this day became such a good one to me as the Hebrew version of "Messages from Water" embarked on its own journey on this day.

Here is an interesting episode. It appeared that the publishing company who had undertaken the publication of my book had not had many experiences of holding a lecture to commemorate a publication of a book, and their sales record so far at such an event was just 20 copies. When I said to her "In my lecture, usually 30% of the audience would buy my book.", she didn't take it seriously and said "We would like to hope so." As a result, 48 copies were sold at that night. After I finished to make a signature to the last book that was sold, I asked her "How many people came tonight?". She replied "It was 160 people." I said "Look, just 30% of the people bought the book." She said "Oh, my god. You are right." and noticed finally that what I had said to her was true. I got excited and said "Let's gather as many people as possible on July 24."

By the way, to my seminar that was held at 9 pm to 11 pm at the pre-event on July 24, 250 people showed up and it was the maximum capacity of the room. It was really amazing to hear that 75 copies of the Hebrew version of "Messages from Water" were sold, which exactly corresponded to 30% of the total number of the audience.

Wed, July 23

In the afternoon, there was a seminar to water researchers in Israel, and about 40 people showed up. As I feel it always, it was difficult for me to give a lecture to experts in water research. However, today, the audience was very positive and happy to hear my lecture. About 30% of the people bought my book as usall.

Thu, July 24

At 9 am, we left Tel-Aviv to go to the Sea of Galilee with a micro bus. Today, a TV team would join us who came all the way from Korea. Their leader was Mr. Yoon of the Korean national broadcasting station KBS. It was about 2 hr to get to the Sea of Galilee. We were not bored at all, because the staff of Sally's college gave us an expression about many things on the way. What I had been feeling those three days was tranquility, wherever we visited. However, out of this tranquility there would come out such a tragetic suicide bombing and then retaliation to it. We heard that such thing happened just three weeks ago, but I couldn't feel it. A local person told me, "It happens anytime. We would forget it after a week or so." It may be like that. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to live on this area. However, I was feeling that this conversation dodged my point as I had came here with a strong intention to terminate a suicide bombing.

Today's event is a pre-event to the July 25 ceremony, which Sally and her staff kindly organized. At 5 pm it started with a panel discussion among six elders in various religions. It seems that they are raving about "Messages from Water". It was difficult for me to understand what they were talking because the original language of Hebrew or Arabic was translated into English with an accent. However, I understood very clearly at least one part of the talk, when one of the panellist said "Today, Mr. Emoto, the author of this book, is present here from Japan. But he may not realize how great a job he himself has done."

I asked the audience to give us 15 minutes from 5:30 pm and take part in our outstanding experiment. It was a request from me to them to send their sincere prayer and words of Love and Thanks to a glass of tap water that had been placed on my desk at my office in Tokyo, Japan. We were going to examine the water crystals before and after this prayer from Israel.

All the audience accepted my request very gladly and I showed them a slide of the glass of water that was actually placed on my desk at this moment. The audience sent their words of Love, Thanks and Repect to the water. I promissed them to show the result of the experiment 5 hours later at this same hall.

I sent my e-mail to Takashige Kizu, our researcher, who had been waiting since midnight in Japan, and told him to start to freeze the water. In response to my e-mail, Kizu sent me a reply saying "Finished the preparation. I will be able to send the result after three hours." At this moment, it was 3 am in Japan and 9 pm here in Israel. We had been discussed on this experiment in Japan, and planned to be able to get the resultant crystal photograph around 9 pm in Israel when my seminar was about to start.

My seminar actually began at 9:20 pm. It was scheduled at 9 pm, but it took some time to incorporate the water crystal photograph that had been sent from Japan into my PowerPoint presentation. I didn't have time to check the result, and had no choice but to start my talk as usual. Yet I was so worried about the result and asked the result secretly to Yasuyuki Nemoto, who was my interpreter for this talk and actually incorporated the photograph into the presentation. I asked "How was the result?" He replied "It was wonderful!" I repressed my emotions a little bit, and resumed my seminar.

It was 11 pm just and time to tell the result to the audience. "Now, I would like to show you the result of our experiment. It arrived just at the beginning of this seminar through the Internet. I myself have not yet seen the result. Did the vibration of our sincere words and prayer of Love and Thanks arrive at Tokyo located 20,000 km away from here?"

The resultant photograph is shown below. I was grateful to God because my hypothesis had been proven in front of the general public, and sent my yell to Takashige Kizu, who had been in charge of taking water crystal photographs in Tokyo such late at night.

Fri, July 25

It was 11:15 pm last night when my seminar had finished. After that, I made an autograph to 75 copies of my book and then two TV stations made an interview with me. One is a small, local TV station, and the other a TV crew of Reuters. It was making a contrast. However, it was not certain if the interview by Reuters would be used for a TV news. The local TV team would make news from this interview for sure. I got so exhausted and went to bed around 2:30 am to take a nap. I didn't have any stamina even to change my clothes.

I got up at 4:15 am. My wife made me make up. I felt very happy since I was able to travel with my wife all the time. When I went to the hall, about 200 people were performing a meditative dance. The atmosphere was really good. I heard that the sunrise would be 5:10 am. As I saw it was 5 am, I called everybody saying "Let's go to the lakeshore now!"

With me as a leader, about 200 ladies and gentlemen moved to a place that had been chosen for this purpose before hand. And the final scene of the Project of Love and Thanks to all the Water in the world just started.

First I asked the people to collect straw and something like that, and started to make fire. Fire is always with a ceremony of water. And then I asked the people to sing an Israeli song called "Maim Maim". This is a well-known song even in Japan as a song for folk dance. Although nobody conducted the group, a chorus of humming led by beautiful female voices continued for a while. It was a really wonderful moment to a person like me who likes music very much. When this beautiful chorus ended, I started to lead the prayer to water, "Water, I Love You. Water, I Thank You. Water, I Respect You.", and everybody followed it.

They repeated this prayer three times with cheerful and beautiful voices. Then, I asked them to utter "The Grand Declaration" in Japanese. I found that they could speak those Japanese expressions very precisely, if I led them phrase by phrase like "Uchu-No", "Mugen-No", "Chikara-Ga", "Kori-Kotte", "Makoto-No", "Daiwa-No", "Miyo-Ga" and "Nari-Natta". Of course, it was necessary to explain the meaning of each phrase to them before the pronunciation.

(Note by YN: The Grand Declaration in English is as follows: The infinite power of the Universe has been crystallized to create a world of truth and great harmony.)

While I was wondering what we should do after this, they natually started to utter something. They started to say those words in Hebrew. After this, somebody did in Arabic, and then German, French, ancient Hebrew, Korean and Hungarian. Somebody started in some language and then somebody else followed in a different language naturally. It was a very touching scene.

Then, I showed them about 100 pieces of water-soluble talisman that I had brought with me from Japan, explained its meaning and gave it to the people. I asked them to write down their personal message on it and let it flow into the water of the Lake. This talisman that had a design for the world peace with a red color and was made by a mother and son named Inoue, dissolved immediately and beautifully into the water with everybody's wish and prayer making a harmony with the water. Our wish and prayer would be imprinted deep into the water and then they would be transmitted into the water of the Jordan River.

We finished this ceremony over two days by singing together a song named "We Shall Overcome", which is my favorite one. What I am thinking now 24 hours after the ceremony is "We made it!", "Thank you all" and "Only the 1st round has finished. It has just begun."

Finally, I would like to ask those of you who are reading this report. I believe that something good, small as it may be, will be happening around you. It would not have occurred before. Please tell us about such things. When it exceeds 1,000, this peace movement will be finished at its first stage.

Masaru Emoto

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