Travel Journal "Circulation" with Love & Thanks [2]

2003-02-08 [14] Lecture in Taiwan

I was invited to a yearly general meeting by a maker of water cleanging system in Taiwan, and made a commemorative lecture for them in Taichung. As many as 2,500 distributers participated. It is showing how much people become concerned in water also in Taiwan.

The reason I was invited to Taiwan is because my books "Message from Water" and "Water knows the answer" has been published one after another last year and they become a best seller in Taiwan.

However, since the organizer of this meeting is a private company whose purpose is to get profits and furthermore this company is dealing with water, I usually do not accept such invitation. But, this time, Ms. Mandy, a daughter of the manager of the company, who is the same age as my daughter, came to Japan several times to ask me to come to their meeting so eagerly. As I felt that she understands quite well about my theme "Love and Thanks", I decided to accept their invitation.

I felt it was good to come over here. I was moved very much. Just before my lecture, she presented a 10-min film at the hall, which she had made so wonderfully.

The film started with a scene that a countless number of ice comets are flying to the primeval Earth from the universe. Crystals covers up the Earth. And the birth of life. The vibration of Love and Thanks brings the birth of humanity...

I heard that it cost 14 million yen to produce this film. There was no advertisement in it. It was an image film filled with gratitude towards water in all the parts. I felt something very hot coming up to my chest while I was watching the film. It was really good. My idea is propagating in this way to every corner of the world...

My talk could give much excitement to the 2,500 people with the help of such wonderful stage effects. I made many wonderful friends here in Taiwan, too.

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