Travel Journal "Circulation" with Love & Thanks [2]

2003-02-03 [13] Aichi Prefecture, "Hikari No Sato No Kai"

I am sending this "Travel Journal" after a long time.

Now, I am writing this at the Tokyo Hotel in Nagoya, Japan. Today (Feb 2), I was invited by a welfare foundation called "Hikarino Sato No Kai" located at Higashiura cho, Chita-gun, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and gave a seminar there. When I arrived at the Ohbu Station of the Tokaido Line at a little after 1 pm, Kazuko Sarai, representative of the foundation, was waiting for me. While we were in a car on the way to the home, I was told the following things.

Ms. Sarai was born in 1934. It happened that she had to take care of a seriously handicapped child 40 years ago. Although the 5-year-old child had not been even able to speak, it was only one week later when the child called her "Mother", which moved her so much. Since then, she has devoted herself on the path of welfare. Because no one has ever showed up to her who was more attractive to her than this child, she has been living a single life. She has continued to take care of seriously handicapped children, and later, emotionally disturbed children and old people who need nursing. While she has been taking care of those people who cannot live even with help from their family, her foundation has become so big that it has now more than 200 staffs. She has been meeting many good-hearted people. One of them offered a huge land for free to her, and others supported and backed up her so much. The reason why she could do that was because of her prayer with positive words. So, she wanted to invite me and have me to talk on how important the words are.

The foundation about 20 min from the Ohbu Station had a huge area, and you might think it as a village of welfare. At the hall where I was going to give a lecture was filled with 150 people. Some were handicapped people (Many were actually very old. That means they had been trained for 30 to 40 years at this foundation. If they had been elsewhere, they would have been treated poorly, and could not have been living so long.), and others were their parents, brothers and sisters, and volunteers who were supporting those people. All of them were waiting for me.

Most of the handicapped peolpe were riding on a wheel chair. Its shape was very special. Many people were acting and vocalizing very uniquely. To tell the truth, I was a little worried if they could understand my talk.

However, when I started my talk and showed the slides, the room became quiet, and nobody made a sound with their wheel chair nor uttered strangely. They really listend to me with their styles. So, next moment, I was able to continue my talk with my usual pace. It was almost two hours. I sang many songs. We sang together loudly two times.

My seminar ended with a deep impression. There was much cheering and clapping. Tens of people formed a line and asked my signature. With his face and mouth distorted, one of them showed me his special board of word processor. It read "Thank you very much". Needless to say, tears welled up in my eyes as I am a crybaby. One of their parents told me, "Until now, we had been so desperate that we could not have any dreams or hopes. But now we are different. Thank you very much".

"Why are there intractable diseases? They were brought by the distortion of the society. You are its victims. But you don't need to worry any longer. Now, the era of vibrational medicine has come. I will hang on, so please keep your hope."

This was the essence of my talk today. I explained first that the discord in vibration is responsible for all the diseases so that they understood my talk very easily. My talk was also based upon love and thanks as usual.

I deeply recognized that there are still many wonderful persons as Ms. Sarai in the world. I would like to meet such people more and more.

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