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2002-07-25 Love and Thanks to All the Water on Earth!!!

You know very well already how much our words and thoughts influence water. By telling "I love you" to water, the structure of its crystals becomes beautiful. Then, what if we gave our word with Love and Thanks to water all over the world simultaneously?

The vibration of Love and Thanks emitted by each one of us will change the world...

"Message from Water" Spreading to the World

Since I was invited to give a lecture in Germany and Switzerland in March, 2000, how many countries and towns I have visited to tell the people there about the "Message from Water"! Number of the countries I have visited is 15 now, that is Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Canada, the United States of America, Costa Rica, Greece, Uruguay, Ecuador and Australia. Number of towns I have visited so far is well over 50.

And from now on this year, it has been planned already to give a lecture in 20 cities of 7 different countries. Without my realizing it, I became the most popular Japanese lecturer in foreign countries. Wherever I gave a seminar, the hall would be filled with people. When the organizer prepared a hall with a capacity of 1,500 people, 1,500 people would gather. When he/she prepared a hall with a capacity of 300 people, then 300 people would show up. The hall was always full (Photo 1).

Photo 1: The lecture hall at the University
of Hamburg filled with people

How does this happen? Needless to say, because there is demand. On the other hand, there is not yet so much demand in Japan. You will see this if you search 'Masaru Emoto' as a key word on the Internet using worldwide search engines; you will get more than 2,000 pages. However, if you do the same in Japanese sites only, you will get only 700 pages and it is about one third.

Then why is there so much demand in the Europe and the United States? I couldn't figure it out so long. But it seems to me that it is because of the origin of the word "Crystal", which I was taught by somebody somewhere in Germany. "Crystal" seems to be derived from "Cryst" + "al", meaning "Christ + All". It might equal to "Amaterasu + All" in Japan (Amarerasu is the Sun Goddess in Japanese myths). So I could understand that the people in the Western world are welcoming my lecture at their DNA level.

Furthermore, there seems to be much similarity between what I am talking and what the Bible is saying. This would be another reason that my talk is gaining much sympathy, although I have never read the Bible. I am convincing myself that it is totally OK with me to go anywhere whenever somebody wishes to invite me as long as there is enough time for me to do so. There are even such towns where I have been repeatedly invited to give a lecture since I gave the first one. Number of such towns are unexpectedly large: Zurich, Haag, Luzern, Lausanne, Hamburg, Munich and so on. In such occasions, I prepare new themes, slides and gags; that means I am considering that the audience will not get bored.

However, I was beginning to feel that something is missing. I reflected upon what it is. I was saying to myself, "What is it that you are doing? What is it?" I am showing the new photos of water crystals, explaining them, pulling a gag to try to appeal to the audience and enjoying myself by singing songs (Actually, I sing songs very often during my lectures in foreign countries, especially when I am explaining the crystal photos of water that listened to the music). It is as if I were an entertainer! (Photo 2).

Photo 2: Sometimes, I sing a song during my lecture.
Title of the song here is "Edelweiss".
A photo of crystal of water that listened
to the song is shown on the screen.

However, since some time ago, I had decided to try to change my style. I have decided to tell the audience what I want to appeal most and what I have confidence of most among many things that I have experienced, practiced and considered. I contemplated on it. What is it in my case? Then, I came to a conclusion of what it is.

It was unexpectedly prayer with Kotodama (Kotodama is a Japanese word meaning spirit contained in uttered words). Why unexpectedly? Because I had never been attracted to prayer until I came to be over 50, and I had never practised it. So, I had pretensions to use the word "prayer" as is usuall with a typical Japanese adult. However, reflecting upon the path I had followed, I realized very clearly that what I had been doing for these 10 years was about prayer.

Game to Erase a Cloud by the power of Kotodama

Ten years might have been passed since I had a first experience of this kind. It was when I was taught how to erase a cloud in the sky by Yuichi Nagano, President of Irimajiri Oil Company in Kobe Prefecture, a friend of mine and a man of abundant life experiences. He taught me this technique in Sedona, Arizona, where I was on a business trip. In retrospect, it was really a decent place to learn this technique.

The game to erace a cloud was actually described in a book "Spritual Healing" written by Betty Shine (published by Nihon Kyobun Sya), and Mr. Nagano taught it to me. After saying "Please watch that cloud. I will erase it now.", he succeeded in erasing a relatively large cloud within 3 minutes. I was following what he taught when I was alone, and clearly the cloud I wished to erase had disappeared if not immediately (Photo 3 & 4).

Photo 3: Before the Game
to Erase a Cloud
Photo 4: After the Game
to Erase a Cloud
The cloud indicated
by a red circle in Photo 3
disappeared surprisingly!

The technique was as follows.

  1. Don't do it very hard. If you get too excited, your energy will not be emitted from you easily.
  2. Visualize that a laser beam as an energy is going into the target cloud straight from your mind/heart, and illuminate all the part of the cloud with that laser beam.
  3. You declare "The cloud disappeared" in the past tense.
  4. Simultaneously, you show your gratitude by saying "I appreciated it" in the past tense.

Since then, I had been very successful in this game without knowing why. As I introduced this episode in my books, this game became very popular in Japan for a while. Even I had tried the reverse, although I had not told much about this publicly: While floating on the sea of Okinawa with my wife, I said to myself, "Since I can erase a cloud, I can create a cloud, too!" At this time I could perceive water contained in the air twinkling as something very sacred, and, to the so-called nature spirit of water, I was saying something opposite to the technique of the game to erace a cloud. I said "A cloud appeared" instead of saying "The cloud disappeared". I and my wife remember very well that I was really surprised to see that a small cloud appeared in the sky immediately. I understood that this would be the principle of a ceremony to pray for rain found in every part of the world since ancient times. Clouds are consequently water, and so I may have embarked on the journey with water like a three-legged race since this time.

When People's Thoughts Reach Water

It was on Feb 2, 1995, when we did next experiment on the effects of the prayer with words on water. Since my birthday is July 22, I love the figure "2". So, I thought that I should do an experiment at 2 pm on that day, and did it. What I did was to ask 500 Hado instructors, who are so-called my apprentices, the following.

I will put a glass of tap water on my desk at 2 pm on Feb 2. Visualizing this glass of water, would you please say "This water became clean. I appreciated it"?

As you may already know it, tap water in Japan, especially in Tokyo, will not make a beautiful hexagonal crystal at all (Photo 5). It is almost impossible to take a photo that shows something like a crystal much less a hexagonal one. I wanted to know how such water would change in terms of the shape of water crystals. I started to freeze that water on 2:10 pm already, and after 3 hours I ordered my staff to take photos of crystals of that water. Soon, we heard Mr. F., one of my staff of photography, shouting inside the cold room loudly. "Incredible!" The following photo is the result of this experiment (Photo 6).

Photo 5: Tap Water in
Shinagawa, Tokyo
Photo 6: Tap Water in
Shinagawa, Tokyo,
After Received CHI Energy
from 500 Hado Instructors

This is the first time when I learned that pure prayer certainly reaches water no matter what the distance is.

Experiment of Incantations and Prayer at the Lake Fujiwara

Next experience on this matter happened in October, 1998. I met a chief priest Kato, who was also an ascetic of the Shingon sect of Buddhism, at a meeting of a society of the study of Kotodama (Photo 7). Showing me two photos, he explained "This photo shows this lake before my incantations and this photo shows after that". It was very clear that the two photos showed the same lake, but the clearness of the lake had changed (Photo 8 & 9).

Photo 7: At the Lake Fujiwara
with a Chief Priest Kato

Photo 8: Lake Fujiwara
Before Incantations

Photo 9: Lake Fujiwara
After Incantations

Incantations are to make symbolic signs with fingers, chant the truth and pray for the protection by the Buddha in order to avoid disasters and grant requests. According to Chief Priest Kato, one hour of incantations is enough to clean the water and you will see it as shown in the photos. I said immediately to him, "I understand it. Would you allow me to be with you while you do the incantations? Because I would like to examine the change of water by our technique of water crystal photographs.

Several weeks later, we visited an artificial lake called the Lake Fujiwara located between mountains in Gumma Prefecture by 4-hour ride from Tokyo, where I had an experience that I have never forgotten in my life (Photo 10-12).

Photo 10: Before Incantations
So miserable crystals

Photo 11: After Incantations
What a drastic difference!
How beautiful!

Photo 12: Heptagonal Crystal
Is this a phenomenon of 3.5 dimension?

The most exciting thing in this experience was that a local TV station reported that a drowned body of a young lady was floated onto the surface of the Lake Fujiwara a week later and the murderer was arrested on the following day. I think that a human prayer with pure words had cleansed and healed a physical body as well as a human soul that had not rested in peace. "Healing is believing.

Experiment of Kotodama onto Lake Biwa

Based on these experiences, I made a plan to perform an experiment to cleanse the water of Lake Biwa, the biggest lake in Japan, by the power of Kotodama on July 25, 1999. Why July 25? Because about three years ago, I got to know a Mayan calendar through information one of my readers sent to me. It came into my mind so naturally. It was as if we remembered something very precious that had been forgotten so long. For this day had been a holiday. We had prayed for peace, thanked to nature, danced and sung together joyfully, and felt compassion for each other...

We planned to get together enough people to make a circle surrounding Lake Biwa hand in hand. However, Lake Biwa is so large. According to a caliculation, about 350,000 people were necessary to do that. We decided what was important was just do it! We made a following plan and carried it out.

On the day, 350 people participated consequently. Those good men and women who came from various part of Japan to the lakeshore of Lake Biwa at 4:30 in the early morning repeated the Great Declaration 10 times, spontaneously, clearly and loudly, by the lead of a doctor of medicine, Nobuo Shioya, who was 97 years old at that time (Photo 13).

Photo 13: Experiment to Cleanse Water
at Lake Biwa

The Great Declaration is as follows.

The infinite power of the Universe has been crystallized to make a peaceful world with true harmony upon Earth!

As a result, there happened a very dramatic thing, far more exciting than the usual change of the water crystals before and after the experiment (Photo 14 & 15).

Photo 14: Water Crystal Before the
Experiment at Lake Biwa

Photo 15: Water Crystal After the
Experiment at Lake Biwa

We found the following article on a local newspaper on Aug 27, 1999 (Photo 16).

Photo 16: Article on Kyoto Shimbun on Aug 27, 1999
Only this year, a foreign species of alga that had been
notorious for many years for growing unusually in a large
quantity and making a foul odor did not show up, and the city
office, that had gotten so many calls of complaint from the local
residents for many years, did not receive any call this year.

Naturally, we were very glad to hear that. We realized from the bottoms of our hearts that our prayer had been answered by the heaven, although nobody could not explain how this phenomenon occurred. However, I got a hint to it from an article on the top surface of the morning paper of Sankei Shimbun on Apr 16 of next year. It is shown below (Photo 17).

Photo 17: Article of Sankei Shimbun on Apr 16, 2000
It is shown that Professor Maeda of the Osaka
Prefectural University found that ultrasonic wave
decomposes toxic substances contained in water.

As you may know, I am an investigator of Hado, which means vibration in Japanese. After 15 years of research, I believe that all the phenomena can be explained by three principles: [1] Vibration, [2] Resonance, [3] Law of Octave (Recently, I sometimes add "[4] Purity" to them). Thanks to the newspaper article, I could explain this phenomenon as below.

On that day, the vibration of the Great Declaration reached the ultrasonic zone (laser phenomenon, Kotodama phenomenon) that is said to exist in the space because we emitted very pure vibration and uttered the word 'Universe' in the Great Declaration. The frequency of the vibration we emitted was, I believe, about 400 Hz, and it resonated with its overtone of 40,000 or 400,000 Hz. Then, the vibration induced an echo phenomenon and returned back to Lake Biwa in front of us. I suppose this explanation will become a very fundamental one when we consider Kotodama energy and Universal energy (free energy) in near future.

Effects of Making a Circle by Shaking Hands

It was an experience on a small island Bimini in Bahamas when I felt the consciousness energy and Kotodama energy again. To have one of my sons, who has a slight tendency of autism, meet dolphins, I took him with my wife to Bahamas, where many wild dolphins are swimming. On the day when we were to leave to go back to Japan, I wanted to do an experiment with those wonderful people who had gathered to swim with dolphins. It was an experiment to make a circle by the people shaking hands, place a glass of water at the center of the circle, and tell the water some gentle words by every one of us (Photo 18).

Photo 18: Shaking Hands and Telling Gentle Words to Water

When the water crystals were examined, no beautiful crystals appeared in the water before we uttered gentle words; however, after we did it, not only very beautiful water crystals showed up but also a ring appeared around a crystal that seemed to have been the effects of our shaking hands together (Photo 20).

Photo 19: Water Crystal Before
Uttering Gentle Words in Bahamas

Photo 20: Water Crystal After
Uttering Gentle Words in Bahamas
A beautiful crystal appeared, around
which a ring structure was found
that seems to suggest a circle
with our shaking hands.

It seems to be a Kekkai phenomenon (Kekkai is a word used in the Buddhism indicating an area that is made sacred and protected from outer influences). It is said that, once this Kekkai has been created, the energy inside it will not break easily. This photo made me contemplate very deeply, for the foul odor of Lake Biwa had returned in 2000, the next year of our experiment with the Great Declaration. If we could gather 350,000 people and encircle Lake Biwa completely by shaking hands, then the foul odor might have disappeared almost indefinitely. I became aware for the first time that we need to gather people more than some threshould number to achieve a lasting result.

Since the spring of this year, I have started my seminar tour mainly in the Europe. Because of very strong requests from the participants, I have attempted things, similar to what I have done in Japan, at Lake Zurich, Lake Luzern and Lake Constance in Switzerland.

Reflecting last 10 years of my life, I cannot deny that I have been actually practising and applying the great power of Kotodama in a very consistent way.

Enter a Peaceful World Filled with Love and Thanks

As soon as I reached this conclusion, I was telling to myself, "How about dedicating a prayer of words to the River Jordan?" I think the issues between the Palastine and Israel should be settled as soon as possible. It is still going on, but it is more than tolerable for me to see young people dying from the action of suicidal terrorism taking theirselves as a hero in a holy war (jihad). When I was thinking how to solve the conflicts, what occurred to me first was that it is almost impossible to do that unless the DNA of both sides has been changed somehow. But this idea has developed and expanded into another idea that is fitting my personality very well: "DNA is the blood, and the blood is water. If we change the water, the blood will change.

The River Jordan is a river that is made much of by both the Palestinians and Islaelis. It is naturally their source of drinking water. I got an idea to dedicate a prayer of Kotodama, a prayer of Love and Thanks, to this river by gathering the human power from all over the world. Then, the water of this river will change into water filled with Love and Thanks in an instant as I have been practising for a long time. And I have assured myself that both sides, the Palestinians and the Israelis, drinking this water, will remember who they are, losing the reason they have been hating each other so fiercely, and then open up to each other spontaneously.

I began to talk about this idea at the seminars in the United States in May of this year. During the seminar tour in Europe in June, I mentioned about this idea as a proposal from me at the end of my talk. In other words, I invited the audience to transform into an active energy body that participates very actively and not to stay in a passive energy body that is just listening to what the others are saying. I got a response from them in a moving way. Every time I proposed this idea, they gave me a standing ovation. So, to my proposal I have always received a response of "Yes" from the people. It is so sure.

Therefore, I propose loudly to the people all over the world the following "Project of Love and Thanks to Water". With more and more people participating in this project, I am sure that this planet Earth will become a wonderful place filled with Love and Thanks.

Masaru Emoto, President of "Project of Love and Thanks to Water"

Project of Love and Thanks to Water

- To Purify All the Water on Earth by a Prayer of Love and Thanks -

Let us just say "I love you" and "Thank you" to all the water on Planet Earth and fill it with the highest vibration (HADO) of Love and Thanks we have ever experienced.

To make this event a global one, we have determined July 25, 2003, as "World Day of Love and Thanks to Water".

We think that it is important to raise our consciousness to water gradually from now on towards the worldwide event on July 25, 2003. So, we would like to have an event/ceremony to send Love and Thanks to all the water on Earth simultaneously all over the world on the 25th of every month between July 25, 2002 and July 25, 2003.

The event/ceremony we propose is very easy to perform. You can do that at home.
We appreciate your cooperation.

TIME On the 25th day of every month between July 25, 2002 and July 25, 2003.
Either at 7 am, 1 pm or 7 pm at your local time.
If it is impossible to do it at these timing, any timing will do.
PLACE At your home, at your place of work, or at a nearby river, pond, lake, seashore and so on.
CONTENT To tell all the water on Earth your sincere Love and Thanks.

[Example] Put a glass of water on a table. To the water, please utter gently "I love you" and "Thank you" with your family and friends. At the same time, let us visualize that all the water on Earth is connected with each other.


We would like to put your reports on the event/ceremony that you performed onto our project's home page ( It doesn't matter however small the ceremony is such as the one only with you and your child. Please send the following information via e-mail to the Project ().

  • Names of all the participants (or the representative), e-mail addresses and home page address (if any). If you want to be anonymous, please let us know it.
  • Time and place where you held the event/ceremony. Name of town, city, prefecture, country and so on. Either at home or at place of work. Name of river, lake and so on.
  • A short report. Feel free to write a report as you like, such as what you felt during the ceremony, your thought to water and so on.
  • Photograph of the ceremony. Please send us a digital photo that was taken by a digital camera as an attachment to your e-mail. If it is impossible, then you can send your ordinary photo to the following snail mail address.
Project of Love and Thanks to Water
President: Masaru EMOTO
Secretary-General: Yasuyuki NEMOTO
Design: Takahiko Mochizuki
Address: 1-1-11-1F Yanagibashi, Taito-ku,
Tokyo 111-0052, JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)3-3863-0860
FAX: +81-(0)3-3866-5353
This project started on July 1, 2002.
We are aiming at a non-profit organization (NPO).
See our home page for detailed information.

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