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On the Project of Love and Thanks to Water

Our Project of Love and Thanks to Water, which was initiated by myself on July 1 last year, was able to finish its 1st year ceremony of “World Day of Love and Thanks to Water” successfully on July 25, 2003, with a tremendous amount of resonance and active participation from all over the world, as you will read in the report by Secretary-General, Yasuyuki Nemoto. As President of this Project, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who participated in this Project and address my opinion on the future plan of this Project below.

The following cities are the places where I have been visiting, giving lectures, explaining the purpose of this Project and asking the audience to join us for this passed year. It includes 52 foreign and 36 domestic cities (excludes duplicated cities).

[Foreign countries]
(North America) Denver, Boston, Dallas, Washington DC, Los Angels, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Cancun, San Hose
(South America) Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Guayaquil, Quito, Cotia, Itu, Piracicaba, Araraquara
(Europe) Luzern, Berlin, Paris, Frankfurt, Eichstadt, Augsburg, Hamburg, Köln, Zürich, Lausanne, Rome, Torino, Milano, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Tel-Aviv, Tiberia
(Australia) Byron Bay, Sidney, Cairns, Melbourne, Brisbane, Toowoomba
(Asia) Soul, Manila, Taipei, Pusan

Ube, Tokyo, Yokohama, Fukuoka, Hakusyu-cho, Nagoya, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Numata, Karuizawa, Kobe, Takeo, Tokushima, Takamatsu, Kochi, Okayama, Shizuoka, Takayama, Fukui, Hiroshima, Morioka, Takasaki, Hazu, Higashiura, Fukuyama, Sapporo, Narita, Kakegawa, Yokosuka, Hiwasa, Uozu, Nishinomiya, Ebina, Atsugi

In retrospect, I am deeply impressed with how much I have been walking on this planet and how many times I have been invited. I made trips 88 times in total. While I am writing this manuscript, it appears to me as if I went on a pilgrimage to visit 88 places in the Shikoku Island of Japan.

I assume that many other people, personally or as a group, participated in this Ceremony on July 25, whose names are not mentioned in the report by the Secretay-General, and dedicated their sincere prayer of Love and Thanks to the water of the world.

In what form do we get the results? Now, about 1 month after the Ceremony, I am afraid that no positive phenomena appeared so far. On the contrary, events in negative forms happened all of a sudden such as large-scale terrorism in Israel and explosion at the Secretariat of the United Nations in Iraq. Those incidents incurred heavy casualties. I confess that I felt shocked and became very sad each time I heard such news. I would like to have a hope with the progress in the peace process in North Korea in which they set up a hexagonal table to solve the conflicts… Was the effect of prayer, which I have been talking about at various places, such a fragile one?

No, I don’t think so. Elders on whom I have been relying are saying to me “Whenever the situation is about to change in a large scale, these phenomena will happen to squeeze the pus out of a boil.” In addition, I have been always responding to the people with the following reply, whenever I was asked how long the beautiful water crystals last that was created by prayer.

“I think water crystals are like a blueprint when you build a house. However wonderful the blueprint might be, you could not build a house only by that. You need a carpenter, a furnisher, a roof-builder, a plasterer, a painter, a carpet-dealer, a joiner and so on, who will do much work for you. You need money to pay them and time to spend for the construction. The bigger the house will be, the more time and money you will need to build it. Therefore, the person who originally got an idea to build a house has to keep firmly the intention to finish the process. Based on this, the house can be built. If he/she is out of luck, a storm might visit and tear apart the house completely or a flood might sweep the house away. However, if he/she continues to keep the intention to complete the house no matter what difficulty he might encounter, the house will be built sooner or later.”

You understand what I mean already. We are the person who wants to build a house of World Peace. We have to keep our wish and deliver our messages continuously. And then, our house of World Peace could be built.

The blueprint of our house of World Peace has been just created. Each one of us who participated in the collaborative planning of this house is now going to play an important role. For this, I would like to address my proposal here to you about how we should continue this Project of Love and Thanks to Water from now on.

Plan until July 25, 2004

Where should we build our house of World Peace? -- It is where you are living now.

How should we continue this movement? -- Let us send our Love and Thanks everyday to water at our kitchen, water from a well, mineral water that we bought, water in our bath-tub, water of our lavatory and so on. If you have a river, a pond, a lake or an ocean in the neighborhood, let us visit there with your family and friends on Sundays and holidays and dedicate our Love and Thanks to the water. If you find garbage there, collect it and clean the place.

What should we do on July 25, 2003? -- Nothing special. Yet, I would go some place, which I would be told about some time later. Please come to that place if you are near it. If you live far from it, please pray together with us. I would make an announcement about the place at this site.

You need a center or a core for anything, which is actually some place and person. I myself continue to send such energy to you through this site. On your side, the center would be where you are right now and the core would be you yourself. Let us send our vision to create a house of World Peace continuously to ourselves, our family members, our communities and so on.

On July 25 next year, please feel a sense of solidarity no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing and think about where I am even momentarily. Please send Love and Thanks to the water of the place where I will be at that time through the water near you. Let meet again somewhere. I will continue to walk.

Masaru Emoto
President of Love and Thanks to Water

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