HADO Essay

Planned manuscript for an April issue of a monthly magazine "HADO"

The following is a manuscript by Masaru Emoto planned to be put on a April issue of a monthly magazine "HADO" (written in Japanese) and to be published at the beginning of April. Here we will put it on this home page for our readers (YN).

Visit to Israel

When you are reading this article, I will be in Israel. This is to give my lecture there and discuss with the people there about our plan of ceremony on July 25. Of course it is the first time for me to come to Israel. I am going to enter Israel from the Tel-Aviv Airport. According to Yasuyuki Nemoto, Secretary-General of the Project of Love and Thanks to Water, he was really tired by the strict inspection at the airport which he experienced last autumn when he visited Israel to prepare for the ceremony. He got his baggage and his body checked so thoroughly even at that time.

It might get worse depending upon the attitude of the US one month from now on. Even it would be possible that foreign people were prohibited from entering the country.

To tell the truth, it is a little heavy for me to go to the country. I am a little afraid. Yet, I need to go. Many people are waiting for me, and more than anything, a Hebrew version of "Message from Water" will have been finished and waiting for me there.

Please think about this. It is so exciting to me, as an author of "Message from Water", that this book is going to be published in a Hebrew language, the same language in which the Old Testament was written. How many Japanese books have been translated into Hebrew so far? I think very few except the religious books on Zen and esoteric Buddhism and books on arts such as Kabuki, tea ceremony and ukiyoes.

Yet I am just an ordinary Japanese citizen. I remember that, seeing my book for the first time, somebody told me "This is the Bible of the 21 century." I am so idle that I have never read the Bible, but I know that it begins with "At the beginning there was a word. God created the universe with the word." And probably, its essence will be "Love and Thanks". I am sure that it is the same as what I would like to tell the people most in "Message from Water".

Invited by the people there, I am visiting Israel, which is in a sense a starting point of my talk, with my photograph collection. I could not be happier. And now I am going to visit a country that holds a key to open the way to the world peace. If I could appeal "Love and Thanks", which is also the essence of the Bible, to the DNA of the people there visually, I would not regret anything at all.


I have come to California to see a newly completed vibrational technology. It is called a Sound Energy System, and it was introduced into Japan for the first time by a medical doctor, Naoki Shibuya, of Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan 7 to 8 years ago. I bought one about 4 years ago. Yet, as there was no Japanese version, it was difficult to spread this technology in Japan. Although its concept was wonderful, I left it alone.

We rented a car at the LA Airport on Thursday, Feb 13, and drove the Ventura highway for his office. On the way, I found that I had been driving this highway many times. Yes, 16 years ago, I was driving the same way to go to an office of Mr. Ronald Weinstock (his whereabouts are unknown for these 5 years), the inventor of MRA (Magnetic Resonance Analyzer). After that, my destiny greatly changed. About 30 min from the exit to Ron's office, there was an office of Mr. Robert Lloy, our new friend. Feeling that history repeats itself, I started to listen to his explanation on his newly established technology with much expectation.

The result was much more than we expected. As for this new technology, my assistant and travel companion Yasuyuki Nemoto will make a detailed report later. Robert got this technology by inspiration, and it had started since 35 years ago. As he got a very good computer programmer recently, the technology has been completed. It was 4 years ago when I met him for the first time, but since then, he has been waiting for me as a result. We enthusiastically talked that this technology should be used for the peace of the world and resonated with each other. I intuitively realized that this technology is indispensable for "The Project of Love and Thanks to Water" that we are now promoting extensively.

We promised to meet again at the Hotel New Otani of Los Angels on Feb 17, and headed to the Hotel. There would be no schedule on Feb 14 to 16. While thinking that I would take time and write some manuscripts at the hotel, I arrived at the hotel. Good news was waiting for me.

First, I got a call telling that our friends living in LA would hold a small party for me on the evening of Feb 17, which made me very happy. Next, there was a call from Mrs. Koinuma who lives in San Francisco. She said that one of her friends, Adam, would like to meet me on the evening of Feb 14. It is so good timing! Adam is the one who is going to publish a Polish version of "Message from Water. Furthermore, there was a call from Tokyo. A scenario writer, Peter, who lives in Vancouver, Canada, and has made a contact with me as for a business on a movie, would like to meet me since he would just happen to be in LA on Feb 15 and 16. So for a very short time, I made several appointments with such positive people whom I eagerly wanted to meet.

Now, it is the evening of Feb 16, after we had a happy dinner and interview with Adam and Peter. Tomorrow, we are going to meet Robert again, and in the evening, we will get together with the friends in LA after a long time. On Feb 18, we will leave here to go back to Japan. A very hard schedule is waiting for me from Feb 20. My feeling now is not easy to describe, but at least I would like to try.

As a result, all the people whom we met this time are our comrades. All of them are thinking towards the world peace. Although the professional areas are different from each other, I wonder why all of us are thinking the same way. It cannot be just a coincidence, not by chance. I have never got any inspiration on how to make a coil as Robert did, but the dreams we had resemble very much, dreams that the world would come to an end and that we were flying freely in the sky.

Adam told us, from the beginning, that he would like to get the rights to publish my book from my daughter who lives in the Netherlands. The sister entrusted this matter to her brother who is working with us in Japan. At that time, we had already a person who wanted to get the rights to publish the book in Poland, and we had decided to ask him already. However, while the brother was communicating with Adam via e-mail, he liked him very much. Mrs. Koinuma who lives in San Francisco and is an good old friend of Adam recommended Adam to us very much. In addition, the person whom we had decided already would not send us any official contract although the promised date passed already. With my son's strong advise, we had just shifted to Adam recently.

When I asked Adam why he was in America, he replied that it was to meet an American producer to make a musical from a famous novel "The Alchemist". And very recently, he met the author Paulo Coelho and talked about me. I had met Paulo for about 5 minutes when he visited Japan last March, and gave my photograph collection. Apparently, he remembered me.

Peter was also sending his e-mail to my daughter in the Netherlands at the beginning. I got his e-mail transferred from my daughter and I liked its content very much. So I asked one of my staff to make a contact with him. Information flew very smoothly. He got to know from Tokyo that I would be in LA at this time, and the meeting had been realized.

His idea was very romantic and to make a big SF movie. He had been nursing his script for 8 years, and he decided his final plan when he encountered "Message from Water". He ordered from Tokyo a video version of "Message from Water", and he asked a friend of his, who is a Japanese lady and a translator, to translate the video into English for him. He explained to us that, while they were watching the video, the lady started to cry because she got so moved. My heart got warm when I heard this episode from him.

Like this, wherever I visit, thanks to "Message from Water", I always meet friends who have wonderful talents with the same heart as mine, as if it were already destined in a divine plan. I feel my mission and role more and more strongly clearly. I have become more confident, seeing more light, towards the realization of world peace through meeting such persons. It would be so, even if a very sad conflict started again in the Middle East.

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