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World Meditation Focus for the Safeguard of Water

Here is a beautiful project for 4 November 2003.

After voicing the idea of a meditation focus for the safeguard of water in the beginning of 2002 and after a first experience in last July on the Jordan River in Israel, Dr Masaru EMOTO will give another major lecture during the gala night of the third GENEVA FORUM, on 4 November, 8-10pm local time.

Water is an all-important element for life in and our lives; some governments have just started realizing it while for many peoples, it is as precious as it is rare. Let us not wait, once again, for water shortage before we acknowledge the power and beauty of what we are offered in abundance.

What can we do concretely?

Water is the most powerful energetic and spiritual mediator on Earth. Electric power, sounds and electromagnetic waves circulate better in water than in the air or underground. Beside, this element is present in all form of life on Earth; acting for the safeguard of water can therefore trigger huge chain reactions. As of today, ethical companies have managed to charge water in positive energy and get impressive results on agriculture and health. In the same way as our actions can have effects on water, water has effects on us.

Concentration focus on the future of water on Earth

  • Tuesday, 4 November
    • 8 pm Swiss local time (Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid)
    • 7 pm in London and Kinshasa
    • 10 pm in Moscow
    • 2 pm in New York city, Montreal
    • 4 pm in Buenos Aires
    • 11 am in Los Angeles
  • Wednesday, 5 November
    • 0:30 am in New Delhi
    • 3 am in Beijing, Shanghai and Honk Kong
    • 4 am in Tokyo
    • 6 am in Sydney

To think? To meditate?

It is up to you to do what you deem the most efficient. More and more scientific articles report the beneficial effects of prayers when it is practised with focus. These beneficial effects are linked to the calm that settles in the body, including the brain. Thus relaxed, your energetic system is in-between activity and sleep and is able to connect with "angels", "souls", "aether" or "energies", according to your spiritual culture.

Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Taoist, Animist or Buddhist, your philosophy of life commits you to practise prayer and to focus.

On Tuesday, 4 November, several hundred people will gather in Geneva to celebrate the messages delivered by water during a very stimulating lecture by Dr EMOTO. The many images he will present are so forceful that intellectual communion will be made possible on the stakes of his discoveries. In the audience, many will understand what this implies in their professional lives and will undoubtedly start acting differently in their companies, associations, NGOs or research labs.

At the very same moment, you will be several thousands, thinking about the same topic [Geneva and Water]. Your "angels", "souls", "aether" or "energies" will conduct your hopes and wishes toward Geneva and will sustain the ongoing action for the sageguard of water. Dr EMOTO will put a glass of water on the lectern. If you visualize the lectern and glass of water, your energy will focus on it more easily.

After Dr EMOTO's lecture on the messages of water, The Foundation, that invited him to the GENEVA FORUM, will officially launch its programme "Water for Everyone" in order to federate all the people of good will around concrete actions. Industrialists, investors and scientists present in the audience will have an opportunity to commit themselves to the programme very soon in order to make it all the more efficient and a real must.

The positive spreading of such an action for the future of water and, through chain reactions, that of mankind, will be more effective still with your support, even at distance.

If you are in any way close to the final objective of this project, please circulate this message as widely as possible so that other people join us during this world meditation focus.

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